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The unbiased review
Let start with the positives: 1) jung hae in element of mystery is too amazing. It keeps you hooked about who is he and what is his purpose 2) Actress jisoo debut. She might not be the best actress but for a rookie actress she sure packs a punch 3) though there aren't many scenes yet of yoo in na but she also adds a mystery element. In the first episode she is smoking hot and in the second episode she is a doctor ( a cute one) .

3) jeong yoo jin as detective is amazing. She has a past with the fellow officer but her grit and madness attracts me. I have watched her in romance is a bonus book and this is quite refreshing to watch her essay a role which is a little wild 4) what is the past of the headmistress of the dorm .

Now coming to the negative: The drama is a bit illogical. If I was a student and I find someone injured in my room I sure as hell would notify my supervisor.

Other than that I don't fine anything wrong and though I don't know if it distorts history but I can say that till now there is no such incident. I have absolutely loved every second of the drama caz it is fast paced and keeps me hooked and on the edge.

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