Reviews (2)

  • I swear to god this drama is not good for my heart. Betrayal left and right. If you haven't watch it you better now. I watch it because of the controversy but now I cannot stop. Its super good!
  • I'm watching because of the controversy. But trust me, controversy or not the drama is so well made. It is not you typical love story. It is like forbidden love mixed together with war setting. So satisfying to watch. Although it is on its 5th episode you will feel like you've been well served. There is no unnecessary scene, no slow plot and no cringe script. It is set in retro era so the way they interact, the situation happen around those era is so refreshing to watch. Trust me when I said the plot is getting thicker and better. 5th episode really did it for me. It delivered so many emotion it made me think this is actually a masterpiece. Watch it if you are bored with kdrama with cheesy love story, slow plot that only get spicy at 12th episode or have repetitive storyline. This is definitely a breath of fresh air. Not to forget the cast are amazing too!