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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

The only word to describe this movie...Beautiful!
Star Wars: Episode 2 was a very beautiful movie. Although in some of the more romantic scenes Natalie Portman seemed a bit...uncomfortable, it was still very nice. The action was mind boggling and Obi-Wan was hilarious! Hayden Christensen did absolutely amazing! I can't wait for Episode 3, if it is anything at all like Episode 2, it will be just wonderful!

Pepper Ann

"No one's cooler than Pepper Ann..." (except maybe Milo)
Pepper Ann is the coolest show. I seriously can't wait if they ever make a movie. Pepper Ann herself is pretty funny, but I think the funniest on the show is Milo. It's a good show not only because it relates to teens, like me, but its got a whole load of jokes for adults, too!

Son of Dracula

Lon Chaney as Dracula?!
I really thought that this movie was horrible. I loved Dracula (1931) and I was really hoping that this movie would have a little more continuity with that movie. Lon Chaney is not a very good Dracula...or even "Son of Dracula." I did not like the fact that Dracula is supposed to be such a sauve, European guy and his son was kind of...(not to be rude, but) oafish. Oh well, I suppose Lon Chaney did the best he could! (He was a better Wolf Man though).

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