Reviews (3)

  • Star Wars: Episode 2 was a very beautiful movie. Although in some of the more romantic scenes Natalie Portman seemed a bit...uncomfortable, it was still very nice. The action was mind boggling and Obi-Wan was hilarious! Hayden Christensen did absolutely amazing! I can't wait for Episode 3, if it is anything at all like Episode 2, it will be just wonderful!
  • Pepper Ann is the coolest show. I seriously can't wait if they ever make a movie. Pepper Ann herself is pretty funny, but I think the funniest on the show is Milo. It's a good show not only because it relates to teens, like me, but its got a whole load of jokes for adults, too!
  • I really thought that this movie was horrible. I loved Dracula (1931) and I was really hoping that this movie would have a little more continuity with that movie. Lon Chaney is not a very good Dracula...or even "Son of Dracula." I did not like the fact that Dracula is supposed to be such a sauve, European guy and his son was kind of...(not to be rude, but) oafish. Oh well, I suppose Lon Chaney did the best he could! (He was a better Wolf Man though).