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Pepper Ann

awesome show
I was sick recently and I was looking for something decent to watch on TV because the only thing on was Dora the explorer. so I stumbled upon pepper ann on toon Disney's wild card show. I watched about two episodes and I got hooked. I love this show. I am 13 and I really think that it addresses teenage life, but there is one problem let me show you Nicky- anorexic Milo- manorexic pepper ann- pepper an(n)orexic the German kid-obese that is the only thing, the characters are so skinny it looks like they're all anorexic! with the exception of the German guy, and I am 1/4 German, it make me lose faith, but I still give this show a 10 because it really is cute, and the theme song rocks unlike something else of that time period. but the reason I like it most is that it REALLY addresses teenage life. I look for it a lot and I try to see if I could find it on, too bad my family Tivo isn't hooked up to our IO box...

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