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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

So cringy, you can't stop watching
It is incredibly cliched, cringy dialogue, bad writing, continuity errors and goofs, dumb dialogue, unrealistic storylines.

Like who takes their daughter to work day in a prison to interview a serial killer, ahahaha, I laughed so hard there :-).


It is ok, but...
I mean, he goes into the bank and asks for a bathroom for customers and the guard takes him to the bathroom while passing by the most secure vault.

Teleportation feels more realistic than that.


Good movie with weird end
I liked the movie as a whole and the story is a good one. Actors are great.

There are too many dark scenes and the speaking parts are way too quiet, I barely understood what the characters are saying.

There's a discrepancy in the scenography and the time we live in. It might be compelling visually but kids that go on swimming classes don't live in such homes. If say it is an exception, because yes some people live that way, the scenery is drastic. It feels like the story is set in 1994 just with smartphones and instagram.

The ending feels rushed and incomplete.

The Happiness Effect

Wonderful movie
I went to see it in the cinema and was really pleasantly surprised.

The movie explores death and the inivetibality of death, but also happiness as the title says and the role of sexuality.

The dialogue feels a bit stale in some moments and some of the characters are missing real connection and chemistry, but as an ensemble is complete and supporting the storyline.

The cinematography is really good and the music makes it complete throughout the movie.

Really worth a watch, strongly recommend.

Cloud Atlas

It is a great movie in so many ways
Checking in 9 years after the release, I am really happy to see the score of this movie.

First, comparison with the book, I don't remember if I read the book first and I will give a provisional "the book was better", but on the other hand it wqs som much easier in the movie to follow the different incarnations of each character.

It is an epic exploration of the human soul on am individual level, but also the humanity in humans as a species throughout many epochs, including the future.

You really need to keep an open mind and don't expect to discover the meaning of life while watching the movie.

Read the book too.

The cast is wonderful, although it is noticeable when an imcarnation does not work well for some of the actors.

Recommended for sure.

Mare of Easttown

Not impressed as other reviewers seem to be
The show promises good acting skills, it will not disappoint in that department, however the story is all over the place, so much character development and for a single finale moment that barely fits the rest of the story.

The personal drama is way too much, that the actual murder is completely sidelined and not only the murder, but also the kidnappings.

Not sure how it looks from someone else's perspective, but imagine this, you live in a town where there is a serial girls kidnapper/rapists that keeps them locked. Meanwhile, your drug addicted son kills himself and you need to take care of his son while his drug addicted girlfriend and mother of his son is in a recovery center. All the while the husband of you best friend is having an incestuous affair with his niece (daughter of his cousin) and their son kills the niece. The child of that affair is being taken care of some other woman who thinks is the childs grandmother. All the while another grandmother (while on chemotherapy) takes care of the son of her missing (kidnapped) daughter.

Another thing is, you don't want to give up your grandson to his mother who apparently is doing well in recovery and is looking for custody over her son, SO, you, a state detective steal two packs of heroin from evidence room, temper with the logs and plant the heroin in your grandson's mothers car. The punishment is "administrative leave", and after you find the kidnapped girls (and getting your partner killed and you are not even on duty) you are all forgiven and you get to get back as a detective, no one needs to know about this, it is all fine. This was the most ridiculous part of the series.

Your best friend in order to protect her son who killed the girl, is lying that his uncle killed the girl.

But lets throw in a writer, who has absolutely no consequence to the story or character development and a priest, with a shady past, who barely affects the story in any way.

Exactly two times there are comedic moments in the entire series, feels really wrong watching that, considering what these people are going through. It is amazing that they are not all in therapy, psychiatric and heavily medicated.

The finale was so-so.

Lost in Space

Horrible writing
Just started season 2 and the writing has not improved one bit. All that budget and great production value wasted on silly plots and dialogues. All the time you're watching you're asking yourself why, why, why. And the villain, played by Parker Posey, again why would someone keep so close by someone who has tried to kill you so many times. Suspense of disbelief works for the sci-fi parts of the show, not for how stupid people can be.


Love it, but way too violent
Just finished season one only, I love the show but it is overindulging in long blood thirst fights and shoot outs. It is just too much.

Nevermind the fact that after a point during a fight it is not believable anymore (because they've handled this very good and it looks believable), it honestly causes anxiety.

And the plot just piles on one misfortune on top of the other. A bit too much.

Otherwise everything about the show is likeable amd nicely done. It is a must watch.

It really focuses on the story instead of pushing characters just because they are credited as main cast.

Will update review when I finish all seasons.

The Queen's Gambit

Not enough substance
There isn't a lot going on to keep the story spread over several episodes.

While visually it is absolutely stunning, after a while you get tired of the close ups if the main actress.

Beautiful to look at, but cohld have been a great 2 hour movie instead an average mini series.

Uncle Frank

Not all that great
I suppose it is an interesting story, but it is not told in a very interesting way. You cannot connect with the characters for some reason. I kept dozing off and checking my phone.

The Boys

Diabolicaly good
The series is original in most ways considering it dealts with super heroes.

The show is an alegory of today's society and the division of society between the regular people and the untouchables so to say.

In second season this is way more aparent, along with the influence of social media, influencers and political influencers, what does democracy mean etc.

To be honest it gets a bit overly political in season 2 with Trump at its core. Did not appreciate that tone but the show managed to keep it relevant in all aspects and no matter the time period.

What I liked: the cast, the storyline, the plot twists, the humour, the dialogue and pacing. Also Frenchie and Kimiko.

What I didn't like is specific:
  • The Deep is really sidelined for a main cast character, but that really reflects the character as well, so I guess it goes really meta there. Its like they made a contracy with the actor and had to keep him in the show, his storyline is barely relevant to the main story.
-not that I did not like it, but Jack Quiad character is often referred to as "the kid", he is only 28 and somehow they made him look 40. If you check his Instagram acc, he really does not look as old as in the show.

A must watch.

Wonder Woman

It is an average movie
The only reason why this movie looks way better then it is, is because it is the first decent DCEU movie.

They managed to make an appealing plot, hold a coherent storyline. Acting is okay, but that doesn't mean it is an extra special movie worthy of 10 stars.

It is worth the watch though, it would be just like watching any Marvel movie.

The Emoji Movie

Not nearly as bad as the ratings
The plot is not exactly stellar, however the performances are good and the jokes are funny and smart. It is relevant to the present, even though not exaclty easy to relate to the characters. The message of the movie is also a nice one, inspirational and motivational. In any case the movie does not have any serious flaws rhat would make it a 3.3 stars movie, it hds the storyline together and coherent, as said it is smart and funny. If you came across on this movie on TV do not chnage the chanel, it is worth the watch.

CSI: Miami

It is way to pretentious
The cinematography is interesting, it has a somewhat HDR-like effect to all indoor scenes and some outdoors. You need to like the style of the show to like it. It is too stiff in all departments.

Standard crime procedural show.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Brainwashing military propaganda
You will find all war crimes approvals and justification, from drone bombing to water boarding.

Apart from that, the acting is weak, plots are silly dialogues are childish.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

Appropriate for kids ages 6 to 12
It just doesn't does it for adults.

The dialogue is way too clichéd. It feels lime every line was taken from another movie.

The performances are too dry, maybe it is due to the animation.

It is based on a real events dogs and people.

Kids might enjoy it more.

Sidney Hall

Great story powerful
It is an excellent movie, nicely told.

The storyline is bot chronological however the bits and pieces through time are beautifully connected.

It seems to cover a period of about 7 to 10 years.

At some point you will find yourself thinking that Logan Lerman is too young for the role, but his character Sidney Hall is just as young.

Music is wonderfully tied to the scenes.

It's not exactly a story that might be relatable, but you will feel it close, for sure.

It is a must watch.

Love and Monsters

Fun movie
It is a fun movie, don't take it too seriously.

Also, it has a nice story, good storyline and it works.

The monsters are also interesting.

The Flight Attendant

Surprisingly entertaining and good
It is a fast paced (slightly too fast) PI story, where the PI is an alcoholic flight attendant. The style is clearly comic-bookish detective story, and it starts to grow on you pretty fast. Visually appealing, however the music dors seem a bit too loud at some moments, which is a bit distracting. I am only 5 episodes in and so far no complaints on the story or character development, pacing is great. Very pleasantly surprised by Kaley Cuoco, not that there is too much to compare to, hence maybe the surpirse, but she does a great job in this one. The rest of the cast has been chosen well too. Can't say that it would win any awards, but it is quality TV entertainment, and it might win some awards what do I know.


Pixar's come back
Wonderful, heartwarming story like Pixar use to do back in their early days.

Animation is standard, great.

The story and characters are nicely developed and relatable.

An originan masterpiece.

The musical score is exceptional.


Beautiful animation
Beautiful animation, not unlike the rest of Tomm Moore animated features.

Comparing it to the Song of the Sea, animation wad not as detailed and symmetrical, still the style is the same and it is absolutely mesmerizing.

The story is mystical, very Celtic and medieval, however for some reason I found it lacking at some parts. Political side of the story was avoided to a degree, which is probably for the better.

The soundtrack is good, but again not as good as the Song of the Sea.

Still a must watch.

Beyond Rangoon

Wonderful and inspirational movie
I saw this movie about 20 years ago, and back then it made me read about Myanmar. Inspirational movie to say the least. Well written script, acting is great and emotional story, all the while the background scenery is beautiful.

20 years after, reading about Myanmar again and the progress they've made on democracy, the movie teaches you about the historical accuracy or inaccuracy of inspirational leaders and democracy.

Never the less, the movie is worth the watch, absolutely.

Wonder Woman 1984

How did they spend the budget of 200 million dollars?
How did they spend 200 million dollars on this?

And the headlines are that Jenkins and Gadot are on the move to make a third one, please don't.

Not only does it overwhelm with 80s memorabilia and styling it also looks like a movie made in the 80s, with the style of directing and action scenes.

The mall scene at the beginning looks like a Spiderman helping people scene in a cartoon.

Gal Gadot as a narrator is horrible, it was the first hint that it will be a bad movie. Her acting does not improve throughout the movie.

The storyline is based on "things happening".

A lot of inconsistencies and plot holes and missed out on some key points to be presented in a cinematic dramatic way.

For example the Asteria golden suit was horribly introduced as an element in the movie to the point where it makes no difference to the plotline. It was just a shining suit for WW to change into. It would not have made any difference if it was not in the movie at all.

The appearance of Steve is somewhat controversial, that is the way he was brought back, you can't help but wonder what's wrong with the writer who came up with it and with the rest of the people who read it and said, ok that's great, let's do that, it's not a rape scene, not at all. But I guess it's how they made movies in the 80s :-)


Incomprehensible and not because of any complex science
The acting is great, in which Robert Pattinson excels in this one. The action sequences are also nice, effects on level, but who'd expect any different.

What's really bad is the storyline, the plot, the pretentious "science" explanations etc. It is impossible to follow when or how or why.

Many reviews here say to watch it second time, now why would I do that??

At one point someone says "everything that existed destroyed", response was "and so is my son". I laughed really hard there :).

It's bad.

The OA

Strangely weird and amazing
It is difficult to pinpoint the genre of The OA, however, that is not important.

The OA has a story to tell and it tells it the best way possible.

There are two moments, one in season 1 and another in season 2 where the series demands a leap of faith...or suspension of disbelief.

In any case, totally watchable.

I did not expect season 2 to be any good, bit I was pleasantly surprised and might I say, it may have been slightly better than season 1.

One more thing, can't believe that Netflix renewed Another Life for second season, but they cancelled OA.

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