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John Carter

Very enjoyable movie
I loved this movie. It keep my attention every second. The special effects were great and the characters where interesting. I've watched it many times and still enjoy every minute. I first saw it in the theater with my son. Who also loved it. I knew I would like it because the pompous critics didn't. If you haven't seen it, watch it.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

No no no, come on
I've gone through two seasons and have started third hoping that the writing had gotten better. But it has not. They show that could be outstanding entertaining is boring and predictable. You can tell what's going to happen two minutes into the episode. We have made The characters annoying and unlikable. Well except for 2 of the characters and I'll let you figure out who they are. It says well as if you were hoping for one of the main characters to get killed off. That's just how annoying they are. Netflix continually destroys the marvel stories. I haven't seen the Marvel series on Netflix that hasn't been incredibly boring poorly written. Well I take that back, the punisher is a great series.

Lost in Space

Wanted more
Like others, I was really looking forward to this series. Unfortunately, the writing is terrible. The writers of made characters unlikable and annoying. The visual effects really well done. The show is very hard to watch and every episode is predictable.

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