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Wind River

Heavy hitting film
This movie is well acted and directed. A very worthy production. Highly recommended. A bit heavy on the gravity of the characters but mostly warranted. Ironically you will feel your compassion increase for most if not 'almost' all of the characters by the end of the film. I'm thankful that writers didn't end the Movie in the typical Hollywood way where the bad guy crawls into the lion's den to hide even though it would have been a fitting end for him. Bring a blanket for this one.


Crocodile Dumbee Movie
Whatever these guys are taking to be healed from their knife and bullet wounds so quickly, can I have some? Good grief! I would say if you are 30 or older don't watch this movie. It's strictly for consumption by the undeveloped brain. Yet it was nice to see that Nick Nolte is still kicking, and if J-Lo keeps up on her acting lessons she should be in the running for an academy award in 40 or 50 years.

Steel Country

Sanitation guy goes above the call of duty
This was a very interesting 90 minute movie that seemed to last 3 hours. I suggest watchIng it on a lazy afternoon so you don't fall asleep. Good subject matter and fairly good acting throughout. The dialog was difficult to make out early on but got better toward the midpoint. I'm not a fan of the f_word or blasphemous language and this kind of film would deservedly reach a wider audience if the filmmakers could realize that. Overall It's worth taking the time to watch this movie which depicts some difficult subject matter.


A really good thriller! All you need to do is turn off your brain and keep your finger away from the stop button on your DVD player. This reminds me a lot of the 1973 TV movie Runaway! starring Ben Johnson and Ben Murphy. Don't miss it if you like runaway train movies where the bystanders like to see the action up close...of course nothing bad could happen to people who are just curious of what is going on. Actually the acting in Unstoppable is good and the movie is enjoyable. The only thing missing is a tunnel so that the helicopters could crash into a mountain. Oh well.

Hang 'Em High

Hang em a little lower
This movie is a classic Clint Eastwood performance. I fail to see how anyone can say that It was boring to watch Eastwood take care of business. That would be like falling asleep on a roller coaster. Not gonna happen. I understand the view that the romance scenes got a bit off track and slow, but even a law man needs some down time to lick his wounds. It kind of comes with the territory. The acting was superb, especially well done by Pat Hingle. Ed Begley also portrays his normal dramatic roll fabulously. I was hoping that the Skipper would make it to the gallows just to see if the rope would take the strain, but no dice, he couldn't wait that long to die. Inger Stevens was also magnificent. Apart from some of the editing flaws, this one is well worth watching. Enjoy.

This Property Is Condemned

This Movie is Condemned
I appreciate that some folks like this movie and find it entertaining but I am not one of them. It was torture to sit through this movie! I am a huge Charles Bronson fan but he was a complete miscast here. Redford performed beautifully in his standard 'pose much but say little' style but I don't much fancy looking at him while he says nothing. Natalie Wood was superb in a most annoying role as a fanciful town floozy. The only likable character in the entire movie is Mary Badham as little sister Hazel. The scenery is interesting and the performances and direction are good but the story is awful, pathetic, and boring. That is just my opinion for what it's worth.

Road House

Very Disappointing...
My honest opinion is that this movie is a waste of time. I am a Widmark and Wilde fan but I thought the casting didn't fit the portrayal of the characters in this film. They seemed unable to recognize the most obvious of circumstances and they behaved like adolescent teenagers. The screen play and direction were very poor even though the filming and art direction were excellent. Yawn...

Something of Value

Interesting but not satisfying
This movie kept me interested but not satisfied.The cast is made up of good actors but they lacked the chemistry needed to make the film enjoyable. I usually love Sidney Poitier's acting but this performance seemed a bit contrived. Worth viewing if the subject matter interests you but don't expect to be moved by it.

Barn Red

An Oscar worthy performance by Ernest Borgnine.
Ernest Borgnine's performance in this film was perfect! I was raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm in the 60's and 70's and through this movie I was constantly reminded of my late friends and relatives and their manner of thinking and speaking from the heart and how they related with people both friend and foe. If you want an accurate understanding of the American family farmer you will get it from this film. Here Ernest Borgnine proved that he is an American treasure.


A Very Entertaining Safari!
This film will not disappoint the viewing family. It is chocked full of beautiful scenery, awesome wildlife, good acting, and of course Victor Mature, a man's man on a mission. It comes included with Janet Leigh taking an ill advised ride in a tiny rubber raft down a crocodile infested river complete with rapids and a water fall, not to mention any number of hippos. If you are a husband who has grown weary of saving your wife from self induced harm, you will enjoy this scene immensely. Recommended viewing for all.


Maybe Irving Pichel was just having a bad day when he made this movie
Direction and screenplay are below average in this movie. The script is clunky, the music distracting, and the acting so-so. While the subject is interesting and the plot is superb it falls short. Alan Ladd is great even when he doesn't try to act well and the other actors do their best, but I think they were held hostage by bad direction. Maybe Irving Pichel was just having a bad day when he made this movie. Worth watching if you appreciate the courage and sacrifices of a past generation that allow us to live free.

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