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Looking Through Lillian

Plain horrible
Why... that's my only question, why this horrible soundtrack of a garage band with no talent , this cast ( i'm sure in some scenes reading off cards ).... why all the clichees ever seen are all in this flick ALL of them, can you one second fall for any of these caracters or actually believe in this cheezy romance. Plain horrible .. stay very very far from this movie please I beg you. There's so much excellent indie film out there. why

You Stupid Man

love is blind and sometime stupid
I loved it It's real nice how the 3 guys represent the typical kind of love men give, each extremely different but giving advise to one and other trying to understand the women's mind. Milla Jovovich is splendid and so good on screen she practically carried the entire movie by herself (as always), and with Denise Richards around is not a pain to watch. David Krumholtz who I barely knew from a short apparence on The Mexican impressed me a lot with his deeply heartbroken and friendly character. I'd say a must see for romance lovers. I gave it a 9/10

New Port South

a title designer fails completely to be a director
The guy did a lot of title design for a bunch of movies and I guess one day he said; I should pick a cheap scenario, try to put as much title in it as a can ( cause after all i'm a title designer ) and try to persuade people that this is in fact a movie. One of the worst i've even seen that's for sure. If you fell the urge to see nice titles, go check out some posters don't waste your time watching this.

It kinda ironic don't you think, did you saw the poster? the only part of his project that SHOULD had title work done have almost none !


How much of those they'll do before understanding it's over
I like Sylvester Stalone, but I don't know about his last couple of movies and in particular this one

It's another Scream like movie, there's a big bad killer who kill one guy each 10min of the movie and you have to wait until the end to see who it is. I see the movie got a 4.3 rating I think it's not worth more than a 4/10, Stalone with a great scenario would be great .. maybe he got bad luck.

Brigham City

Scream without the cutes girls, very poor, not worth seeing
This movie is not worth seeing, the director did a very poor job not to mention the acting was so bad I mean SOO bad and the camera angles and lightnings were pull out of a first year student's notebook.

Have you seen Scream by Wes Craven ? the plot is about the same and my god I hate to admit it but scream was so good compare to this. Switch the pretty girls with big ugly poor acting loosers, put a Church in the middle try to work some angles without finishing any of them and there you have it, Brigham City

Some may say that there's more to this movie that what I just said don't believe them .. have "faith" in me ! don't watch this

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