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The Spy

Great Mini Series on Eli Cohen
Great series on the life of Eli Cohen and what I loved is how the social and political environment of both sides was portrayed. Great acting by Sasha Cohen and others. The series brings the thrill of spy, human side of being a spy and its consequences and effect on others very well. Must watch.

Apocalypse Now

A movie like no other
A masterwork of cinema. Heart of Darkness is one of my favourite books and a movie filmed on the same concept but on a different place and time won me over. The film raises some severe philosophical issues - but in a brutal and realistic way. Everything is so chaotic in the movie it scares you. It might cause a kind of shell-shock for a viewer after first taking it all in, but it has some of the purest, most rewarding bits of cinema.

The Prestige

The final reveal in a magic trick is the most thrilling experience. So is that of this movie. The Prestige is a masterful exercise in storytelling with superb direction and powerful performances. I was floored by the deftness of how Nolan weaved and juxtaposed the non linear narrative so flawlessly. What makes this movie so incredible is that while it is indeed a movie about magicians (or illusionists) it is also a complex character study about how self destructive obsessions are with a sideline love story and a sci-fi twist - very unique.

The Hurt Locker

Best War Movie on Iraq
Largely character-driven war movie - showing the lives of a bomb squad. Realistic yet poetic. The story is deeply emotional, depicting a thoroughly disturbed individual's life in hell. Jeremy Renner gives an incredibly powerful performance. Kathryn Bigelow deserves every award she won for this movie. What separates this film from the bulk of mainstream cinema that has tackled the Iraqi situation is that it doesn't simply exist as a political polemic, or even a reminder of the humanitarian horrors that plague the Iraqi people.


A true story that one should watch
An eye opening account of what went on in Czechoslovakia during the period of Nazi rule. A classic war movie that's tense, tough and gory both physically and emotionally. A superb tribute to the Czech resistance and those that died during this time. A retelling of such a historically prominent story requires the right perspective, right tone and also should capture the emotions right to strike a chord with the audience and thus as a WWII film fan, I truly recommend this movie - this is a great work

Manchester by the Sea

Melancholic Art
It's a beautiful, quiet picture portraying trauma, guilt, redemption and bonds. This was a very moving film. It is deceptively simple with a powerful emotion at its core. Ben Affleck was superb. The film in a poignant way and approach explains the importance of family, community, sacrifice and adjusting to life after so much has been taken from a person. But it is not for all. You need to appreciate the melancholic art that is here in this movie. A regular free for all action fan would perhaps not like it - but a real film lover would.


Chernobyl is one of those rare creation which was able to put the reality on to the reels in a perfect way. Watching the show was like feeling to live through the entire event. Very authentic - cinematography is great and you can feel being in the 1980's Ukraine. HBO has created a masterpeice, and I'm glad more people will realize what Chernobyl is.


One of the top mob films!
The language of the movie is excellent. Great portrayal of characters. The story is well held together. The film had trademark atmospheric photography and very good acting. The action lacked a bit of reality though. De Niro shines in the film. The film follows Henry Hill as he is brought into the mob life at a young age and how it brings him down at the end. The movie is just amazing to watch as it is like watching a documentary on the what is like to be in the mob.

La La Land

A Visual Treat!!
Hypnotic. Unashamedly romantic. Musical. Defies genre. A masterpiece. Charming. An art itself. La La Land, like the title itself, is like being awake during a wondrous dream, there is something unique and magical about the movie. I really haven't seen anything like this in a very long time.

Game of Thrones

A Rare 4 rating among superlative ratings
I liked GOT was not blown away as the rest of the world. Graphically, in terms of cinematography it is great. But I found the buck stops there. Cliche characters, cliche thrills, and a series that is made for audience to get thrills and has no respect for the story and characters. A series where the story was made solely on reason on how to make the audience gasp and make hype. It was like a melodrama with superlative graphics and actions.

Black Mirror

The Best!!
Perhaps the best TV Show that will be for a long time. From "Be Right Back" to "Smithereens" to "White Christmas" - every episode was a learning experience along with thrilling dramas and story lines. Very evoking, mind boggling. This must be watched.

A Star Is Born

An OK movie
I liked the movie but found it to be quite melodramatic in places. Lacked to portray the struggle which it wanted to portray. Once can say it is a Its a good looking movie - but not so much deep. The emotional palette was not just great.

Das Leben der Anderen

What a film!!
Five years before its downfall the GDR seeks to maintain its power with the help of a merciless system of control and observation. Gerd Wiesler is instructed to spy upon a famous writer his girlfriend who is a famous actress. What Wiesler did not expect: the intimate view on the world of the ones he's observing changes himself as well. Looking at "the life of the others" makes him aware of the hollowness in his own life and enables access to a so far unknown world of love, free thinking and speaking he is hardly able to elude. Not only does this film represent a riveting thriller, but it provides a powerful political message.


A film that must be experienced
Amazing movie, great performances from actors. A movie for positivity, inspiration, humanity and friendship. A film about great friendship between two so different persons who are able to go beyond prejudices and stereotypes. It's not a sad movie at all.

Green Book

The subtlety in this movie is exceptional - and it has so many layers - family, culture, honesty, dignity, genius, respect, acceptance, racism, music and friendship. A wonderful socially-conscious film. There are many films about racism but Green Book had a different perspective than the rest of them. The Green Book is a film about honesty, human dignity, true friendship and mutual support between people. Enjoyed it thoroughly.


One should learn to appreciate a movie like Roma
There are movies which takes a realistic piece of life and places it on reels. Roma is that kind of movies. Starting from the pace of the movie, the location, the people, the events - everything is so realistic that you can really relate to it. The mundane actions that occurs day to day is as real as in this real world. One would feel that it is boring or it leaves something out - but that is because of the realism. Once you get it, you wpi;d find it to be a deep immersive film, perfectly capturing the time period and drawing you in. Roma is a slow and patient drama that you just can't take your eyes off.

Fight Club

A must watch!!
This film was a milestone. A raw energy in itself. One of the most unique films. It is confrontational and a brutal satire that entertains as well as enlightens. There is something much more in this movie than meets the eye - a splendid craftsmanship. Fight Club is not just a movie, but a wake up call to a disenfranchised generation sick of being told by advertising what to drive, wear, buy, smoke, drink and eat in order to be cool. Fight Club is still today a definitive film, a statement.

True Detective

Perhaps one of the best detective series ever made.
Fantastic character driven detective series. The atmosphere they created along with the drama and the thrill aspect is top notch. I loved the season 1 and season 3. Season 2 is good but not as good as 1. Nevertheless - a must watch!!

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