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It's a shame to see the talents of actors like Christopher Lloyd, Theresa Russell and Gary Oldman squandered on such a hideous flick (but then, in my humble opinion, every movie I've seen directed by Nick Roeg is rather bad). I'm a HUGE Theresa Russell fan; she's on my list of the top two most beautiful women I've ever seen, and although I could never tire of just looking at Ms. Russell this movie is so very horrible that I could never sit through it even a second time. Ditto "Aria," another of Nick Roeg's works.

In Old California

not the stereotypical JW movie...
Will begin by saying that I've been a major John Wayne fan all of my life and have seen many many of his movies, and have screened many of those dozens and scores of times. Recently I viewed this title for the first time. Personally, I feel the film was very well done, and in particular is a solid testament to the fact that the Duke had a much better ability to portray different characters than he has often been credited with. Granted, some Wayne movies are superior to others, but this one had tremendous entertainment value and certainly does not deserve the negative reviews I have read of it. The vast majority of John Wayne's movies rate an overall "good" at the very least, and certainly all of them are worth watching once. I highly recommend this one to even the most apathetic, luke-warm John Wayne fans, and even to his most critical detractors as it really was 88 minutes of good entertainment so make some popcorn, snuggle on the couch with your sweetheart and enjoy this unusual John Wayne film...

A Small Town in Texas

"small" town??
Haven't seen this movie for well over 20 years, when I was only about 12. Even at such a young age, I picked up on the fact that the realism of the town depicted is extremely far-fetched; the police department in a town of this size (remember, this is a "Small" Town in Texas) would have a fleet of 6 or 8 vehicles at the most, yet in the big chase scene there are local police cars by the score, probably a hundred plus. That is my #1 memory of the film. A much better flick is "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" with Dennis Quaid. Although the protagonist in "Georgia" is not a native of the town in which the story takes place, the basic plot of "bad-guy lawman tries to bully damsel away from our hero" is very similar to "Small Town in Texas." I recall the Dennis Quaid movie as the better of the two, and that doesn't say much!*!

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