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Strange Magic

truly horrendous
I managed to watch only about 10 minutes of this film, with my jaw hanging the whole time wondering what on earth they were thinking.

Dva khvosta

Ratings manipulation warning
At the time of writing, this movie was rated 6.3 with 279 votes. That's in the league of Pixar movies.

Without a question this rating has been manipulated with fake accounts.

The users who have taken the time to write a review have all voted 1/10 or the generous have given it 2/10.

If IMDB allowed it, I would give this piece of junk a negative number.

Read the other reviews, the "movie" was written and produced by the most untalented amateurs ever to have spent the effort.

Norm of the North

OMG! What a terrible movie!
Love watching these types of movies with my two year old. This one was torture though. It was just really bad in pretty much every aspect except the animation is passable. I couldn't wait for it to be over. The DVD will be in the trash after one showing.

The story was all over the place and made absolutely no sense.

Most of the characters were similarly inconsistent and absurd in a way that is not interesting let alone funny.

I can understand all the one out of tens this thing got - I have no idea how ANYBODY could give this a ten if they actually watched it. I suspect many are mothers who left their kids to watch it and popped their head in every now and then.

The Summit

Interesting story, documentary confusing
This is a story about tragedy caused by complete and utter confusion. From simple mistakes at the beginning of the attempt everything turned into chaos that cost many lives.

So, given that confusion in the subject matter, it would be difficult to remove confusion from the documentary. Sadly, the creators seem to have actually gone out of their way to introduce more confusion. Out of sequence histories, introducing another (related) story, and not attempting to tie everything together.

I'm glad that I watched this movie, I just would have liked it to be better put together.

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