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Thank you for the memories, you are an inspiration
The true feelings and the heart warming friendships that you built between yourselves in these years became so visible and the reason why this was so much more than just a series.

Thank you for the memories and the positive energy. Thank you for the small lessons you taught us, the real-life atmosphere, and the constant analogy to the modern workplace. Thank you for the inspiration and support for friendship, love, family, and trust. Thank you for the words Harvey said at the end, that will follow me from now on.

Congratulations to the cast, the writers, the producers, everyone who played a part and contributed to the amazing result.

All the best!

Suits: One Last Con
Episode 10, Season 9

THANK YOU for the memories, hopefully we'll see you soon
I never imagined that the final season and episode would be the absolute apogee, the climax of the entire series. I hope we will be seeing the team again soon.

All the best!

Mayday at 40,000 Feet!

Another airborne adventure...
This film is of the typical disaster films of the 70's; aircrafts that almost crash, hijacks, engine failures, terrorist acts and so on. The amazing thing about them is the great performances by great actors; in such films, we saw actors like Charlton Heston, George Kennedy, Jack Lemmon, Alain Delon, Christopher Lee and so on...

In this film, David Janssen in a great performance (one more time), as a man in his 40's that has his own problems in his life, and apart from that, he has a rendez-vous with the bullet of a prisoner that wants to escape. The film script limits the abilities of the actor to perform; however, the film is a pleasant adventure/drama.

5 out of 10.

Indecent Proposal

Money vs love
Even though the main story is about something that is not very likely to happen, this film has a strange way to approach real life and bring it so realistic to the screen. What we see in the film is the everyday life of a couple that has to work in order to live. And they do, and they are happy, until the day they experience an 'earthquake' in their relationship. The earthquake is Robert Redford's indecent proposal.

Apart from bringing in an incredibly realistic way the dilemma they have in front of them, the film also shows many ways in which a person can express love to another person; it can be done by fighting, by talking, by understanding, by appreciating, by thinking. But, what about money; and, especially when we are talking about people who live without lots of it.

When you see this film and the story ends, you will find yourself thinking. I cannot predict what you'll be thinking, but I am sure that after you see the end of the film, you'll think about it for some time.

Hart's War

Nothing special
Nice film, good atmosphere, but a plot rather far away from what really was happening in the German concentration camps of the WWII: Incredible heroisms and really nice attitude from the Germans, make up a film that is easily forgettable.

The Blair Witch Project

The idea is smart. Oh yes, really smart. The result is a film that becomes scarier than you imagine many times and frequently. It is totally unprofessional (this is not a mistake; the filmmakers never meant it to be a professional-looking film). The characters are incredibly realistic; in fact, while watching the movie, you may find yourself having forgotten that it's a movie and not the truth. But the story never ends.

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