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An Excellent B-Movie Experience
Many people pick up a film and expect to watch good actors reading a good script. In this movie you will find neither. What you will find is an excellent B-Movie. It has all the good things about any B-movie, action, water, and it doesnt make much sense. If you are looking for some descent action without having to pay attention to the story then this film is perfect.


Dune: An Excellent Adaption of a Wonderful Novel
Before I start talking about "Dune", I'd like to say that this may contain spoilers and to read at your own risk. I thought this was an excellent movie. The thing that really made it stick in my mind was that unlike most science fiction movies, the people all seem to have an accent from their homeworld and everyone's speech is different. Whether this was intentional or accidental it really made my viewing more enjoyable. The pronunciation of the names of places and people differed somewhat, like some people would pronounce "Leto" with a long E and others would not. It is a great thing if you have read the book and have your own opinion on how the names are pronounced. If you haven't read the novel, the story is simple yet complex. Young Paul Atreides must travel with his family to take control of the desert planet Arrakis, or Dune. His father, Duke Leto Atreides, has made an enemy of other houses in the empire and is being plotted against. Paul must learn to survive on the harsh planet and become a great ruler. The story just gets better. A great movie.

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