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Nancy Drew

Stink-A-Roo = HORRIBLE MOVIE !!!
this movie was so childish.

watch the old 1940's nancy drew movies, they are much much much better.

the girl in the movie looks and acts like she's 13. nothing she does is believable.

they took a series of good mystery books and turned it into a movie for 10 year olds who probably never even read her books.

this movie was a insult to the nancy drew series.

they need to make nancy like 19-21, and have more serious stuff.

watch it if its free, and nothing else on.

i rate it a 3 on a stink-a-roo meter

The Land That Time Forgot

Stink-A-Roo = HORRIBLE MOVIE !!!
I just watched it, absolutely awful.

This movie had terrible acting, dumb situations, and just... well....

Hardly any action, 1 boring dinosaur used twice, lol, well, other than 2 dead ones and a quickie underwater one, and 1 flying pterodactyl.

C. Thomas Howell and Bottoms acting were just bad.

They should be ashamed of themselves for not putting in more dinosaurs and cool stuff. I saw more action in the 1970's TV show land of the lost.

Watch the old 1960's version, way better.

Watch this version only if free and every other channel has infomercials on.

Land of the Lost

NOTHING like original, childish, but its worth a watch
if your expecting anything like the TV series, forget it.

heck, marshal will and holly aren't even related in this movie.

no kids under 13 should watch.

if your looking for anything serious, forget it.

if you don't like stupid, silly and childish humor forget it.

so much was fake and unrealistic, and dangerous situations were just left as unexplained, like how'd they get away from sleestacks in pylan, and how'd will get away unseen from 2 tyrannasouraus when in limo?

the bad language wasn't funny, and totally not needed.

i was very disappointed in the movie, but it was worth $1 from redbox.

but...... the graphics were good. it had some funny scenes.

it's worth a buck or 2 but only if you like 16 year old humor with not 1 ounce of reality

Cougar Town

Stink-A-Roo = it wont last a year
watched a few episodes, i didn't find it funny.

it has no laugh track, and without one you better be funny. cougar town is just boring.

i see no chemistry between any of the characters.

no one is really likable, they are all quite boring.

courtney cox plays her stereotype neurotic self just like she did in friends.

christa miller is awful and boring. i thought i was done seeing her facelifted tight face in scrubs but here she is again. her face is so tight she can't even smile.

ian gomez is the only likable character to me. he's a good character actor.

the rest of the cast are forgettable. they are mostly just pretty faces

if it lasts 1 season i'd be surprised.

The Middle

Stink-A-Roo = it wont last a year
Saw 3 episodes, nothing funny at all.

when you have no laugh track, you better be funny, and this show lacks both.

i see no chemistry between the family, and they are all boring, including the kids.

the family is depressing and a bunch of rejects. there is nothing likable or endearing in any of them.

patricia as a car saleswoman made me cringe every scene.

the youngest kid who whispers and repeats himself is kinda scary. its annoying, not funny.

i give it 1 season if they don't get more humor.

The Cry

Stink-A-Roo...... boring garbage
wow, was this film awful....

$1 rental at redbox wasted.

the only reason i watched the whole thing is because i'm paralyzed and when in bed i couldn't shut it off myself, lol.

every scene was long and drawn out with boring camera scenes.

the flashbacks were long and boring and very predictable.

nothing was interesting or scary.

you could cut out 45 minutes of this film and not lose anything to the story.

the cast was awful, and i wanted the spirit to kill everyone just so movie would end.

i'd watch my mother the car reruns before this film, hehe.

the only thing the writer should feel proud of is she found a sucker to finance it.

Stink-A-Roo don't waste your time.

Knocked Up

i watched 2 years after film, - Stink-A-Roo
This movie was a 5, average.

I found no one likable in this film. wait = Harold Ramas, ben's dad's 5 minute cameo was likable.

The movie wasn't too funny. sure parts were, but it was very childish.

The biggest part that was actually dumb was the relationship between ben and allison.

sure a hotty might bed a slug like seth rogan, but even after getting pregnant, there's nothing realistic between them.

seth rogan is a shmuck with no feelings, and not even a girl with low self esteem would want him, let alone allison.

the entire cast sucked in this film, even though some are good actors in other stuff.

it's worth a free watch on TV, but don't waste your money.

Hollywood Homicide

Stink-A-Roo = Harrisons worst - Harnett awful = TERRIBLE MOVIE
Stnk - A - Roooooo Hollywood Homicide is pure garbage. The only reason i watched the whole thing is because im paralyzed, and i couldn't switch the channel myself in bed, lol.

This movie shows you that you can create a junky movie with a bunch of big name stars and it will still make money.

I paid $1 at a flea market for it, and i want my money back! ha ha ha Everything about this movie was pure trash. It was too long, filled with boring stuff i didn't even care about.

The acting is awful... everyone was bad except the black cop, i liked his tiny roll.

Every situation was so fake, it was like the writer was in 12th grade.

Harrison Ford reminded me of a old guy trying to act cool. His part was supposed to have comedy, but it was so fake that it just made him look dumb.

Josh Harnette was absolutely awful. He should never trust the guy who wrote his part again. His character was not even likable. I personally would have seen his character killed off in first 5 minutes.

This movie was a waste of time. skip it, watch anything else that looks exciting to you on TV.

I'd give it a 3, just because they spent millions to make it.

The Sasquatch Gang

awful movie
i guess i'm the only guy here who thought this movie sucked.

it was like high school kids made a movie for class.

it wasn't remotely funny. it was like a bad 70's movie they pumped out just to make money.

the acting was terrible. the story was terrible. the filming was terrible.

there was nothing realistic in this movie. nor was it a fantasy type movie.

if you have a choice to watch anything that sounds interesting, pick it over this movie.

One on One

Duane + Flex made the show
i think kelly, the guy who played duane is a underrated actor. i liked him on one on one, in fact kelly was my favorite actor on the show.

i really think he needs another TV show. i know he had under one roof, but the premise storyline wasn't a keeper. But kelly did good job acting.

When he and spirit were let go on one on one, the show went downhill fast. spirit kept interest between the boring briana and arnez saga.

one on ones last season, which excluded flex, duane and spirit, was focused strictly on the teen audience and tried to pump itself as hip, when in fact it was giving itself a bullet to the head. it failed! Duane and flex kept the show neutral in the age brackets, a little for everyone.

Briana alone with arnaz in California was just boring. i knew the writers were gonna break them up 1st episode. Friends ripoff? thanks kelly for the laughs, you got more laughs from me than anyone on show.

my best to you


mindless movie
this movie was made for guys, mainly teen boys.

i enjoy goofy movies, and although beerfest was goofy, i found it rather boring.

the accents were awful and the acting left much to be desired.

cloris leachman as the grandmother 'whore' did good job. the funniest scenes in movie were with leachman and monique slamming a guys nuts, lol from the parkers TV show.

the trick quarters games were funny with the guys. the 2 brothers were boring, but the brainiak and Indian dude were funny.

beerest is worth a watch, but if you have a choice of comedies you might want to pick another.

Wake of Death

This movie was worth a watch, but nothing to brag about.

They tried to make Van Damme into something he's not, a good actor.

Yes it has action, but the scenes of Van Damme trying to be sexy or caring just weren't believable.

The Asian bad guys were really bad, bad to the point of nuts. Killing just to kill in a populated city, and no fear of being caught is just ludicrus.

No real thought put into this movie.

Typical explosions with no cops, yea sure.

Typical B low budget movie.

It's worth a watch though, just be prepared to be bored with van dammes try at emotions.

The Green Mile

A+ Movie - Must See
A Great Movie! Yes i'm writing this 10 years after it was released, but i was compelled to give my opinion.

This movie centers around 1940's death row, and has many interesting characters that center around a head officer and a huge black prisoner. The meek giant has the power to see into people lives and heal the sick.

Now throw in a slew of top notch actors and you have yourself a great cast, well written story, and will keep your interest throughout.

I liked that this movie didn't really show the racism side of life.

It's a long movie, 3 hours with commercials, but it's worth watching.

A+ all the way

Our First Christmas

A+ Standing Ovation - GREAT MOVIE
A+ to everyone involved in this Christmas movie.

This is a perfect example of how a family holiday movie should be made. It had every angle covered to keep your interested with a ending that makes you happy and tear.

This movie is about 2 families who each lost a mom/dad who come together in marriage and each side "kids" wanting their own tradition Christmas. Not giving in and sticking by their own "selfish" desires causes tension within the family.

I really liked John Ratzenberger in this movie as the logical calm grandpa. His chemistry between the kids and parents was only over shadowed by his sincerity to Dixie Carter, the mother in law. Ratzenberger is a very good drama actor, a far cry from Cliff on cheers. John, can I have your autograph? hehe

The storyline between the mom and dad's tension was well written, and even better was how everyone intermingled with their own sub-plots. In the end, the entire story was wrapped up perfectly.

SPOILER -- *** When Dixie carter goes home and Ratzenberger goes to get her, WOW, that was so well written i would give a award to John for that alone. The tears rolled from my eyes from there, and my heart made me think of my family until the final climactic ending with grandma walking in living room.

The only thing I would have changed a bit was the ending and families reaction when Dixie walked in. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but they could have did something a little better, maybe a bow around Dixie, lol.... They should have put a dramatic momentary pause in the kids faces when they saw grandma, maybe tears in their eyes before they ran to her.

To me, this movie was Christmas perfection.

It's a MUST SEE for anyone who loves family movies. A+++

MERRY Christmas 2008

Special Delivery

This movie was awful.

When a Asian guy with a bit part playing a retired cop and has only about 10 minutes of air time is the most interesting character, run for the remote and switch channels.

Its the story of a woman hired to bring a girl from Asia back to Hawaii as her parents battle over custody. The fathers a bigwig in business with guys after him to get his money. The mother is a woman who was screwed over by her husbands power. Sounds interesting right? well, everything i just said takes up only about 10 minutes when pieced together.

The plot would have been good if they picked better actors and defined the storyline better. Both main characters, to me, seemed annoying.

The woman carrier wasn't feminine at all most of the film, and even after the makeup attempt by the young girl, her boyish mannuerisms outweight her beauty. Why her ex-husband still loved her i have no idea. I saw no chemistry between any of the characters.

The Asian girl, from TV show zack & cody i think, was just a brat. This girl is the reason people don't have kids, lol. She wasn't funny nor remotely interesting to me.

The story of bad guys after them could have made for fun adventures to make this movie more interesting, but that was left alone after 2 meek attempts at kidnapping.

The bad guys were explained in the end, but it left the viewers hanging with no finale to that plot.

This is a total chick flick.

I give it a 5, and would recommend it only if nothing else was on TV. If you see something else on that peeks your interest in any way, choose that over this made for TV movie.


Shrek the Halls

Stink A Roo
I think this Christmas shrek special was awful.

Maybe i'm just to old to appreciate this cartoon.

I found the main characters OK, but the guests that came in ruined the show. the gingerbread sequence with huge santa was so boring.

The animation was typical shrek, and the story plot about shrek wanting to celebrate with just his family was a good idea, but when the guests arrived unannounced, well......

The guests all went nuts creating total chaos that wasn't funny to me. It was just annoying.

I'm probably just to old to enjoy this movie. I can see why kids like it though

Snow 2: Brain Freeze

Stink- A- Roo
Absolutely awful movie. Just watched last night.

Story about santa losing his memory and he meets a few people as his wife tries to get him to remember. Would be a good plot if the story was written better.

The acting was terrible, and Thomas Cavanagh was literally annoying acting like a hyped up nutjob as santa claus.

There was no chemistry between him and wife Ashly Williams, and the only thing going for her in this film is shes HOT!, lol... Hi ashley, i liked you in good morning Miami, can i have a autograph? The little boy in the movie, Alexander conti was nothing more that a annoying kid through the film. Patrick Fabian, the bad guy, was just a blah boring character.

Hal Williams, by far the best actor in the movie did a good job as the old man who believes. I like this guy, he's a good actor.

Sure the movies supposed to be fantasy, but it was just way too much dumb scenario's and poor writing and cavanagh as santa was just to nutty.

My advice, if you have a choice of holiday movies, pick something else.


Will You Merry Me?

It's worth watching !! 2 thumbs up
2 THUMBS UP for a TV movie !! I just watched will you merry me last night on Lifetime, or was it Hallmark? lol.. its one of those chick channels.

I found it amusing, humorous, and well written. It's a must see for anyone who likes holiday movies.

I liked it because it wasn't real sappy like many chick flicks. This film moved at a good pace, kept your interest and was funny.

Wendy Malik did a good job as a uppity mom blending into a family she really didn't want any part of. Her transition from tolerance to heartwarming acceptance as a family with a climatic gift she receives is truly well written and acted. Watch wendy's hubby's reaction when this happens.

Sure it went overboard a little with the Christmas mom, but was still fun to watch christians meet the jews, haha.

Can anyone say fiddler on the roof? PRICELESS! Well written to accommodate ever situation, even a death! I won't spill the beans but this death tied into the buildup was funny.

Bravo to Patrick McKenna who did a excellent job at mr Christmas dad. He did a great job at acting neutral in any given situation. I wish i had half his patience and go with the flow attitude.

I would recommend will you merry me to any woman who enjoys Christmas movies, and for the guys, same thing.

p.s. i loved the gnome, shame on her, lol MERRY Christmas EVERYONE 2008, HO HO HO !!

Here Comes the Navy

im a big fan of cagney and i enjoy o'briens work also.

that being said, and it seems i will be the first reviewer to think this film was nothing special. i say this for future people who come to IMDb for a quick overview to see if i want to watch over something else like i do.

granted its a very early film, with good actors and a a few good supporting actors, but that being said, my opinions are based on the acting and script writing parts.

yes cagneys known for the little tough guy, but his character went far beyond tough guy to obnoxious and kinda mean.

cagney in this early movie is not the 'loveable' tough guy he's known for. he is quite annoying and deserves every punch and punishment he gets.

o'brien on the other hand did a great job acting as the fair and respected character.

cagney in blackface is kind of funny posing as a black man, funnier yet is his buddy yelling = way to go chesty = as he is escaping on a turned down leave.

until i read the others reviews, i didn't know the 2 ships used were destroyed in pearl harbor. that i agree is a very historical memory the film offers.

it's worth a watch, but is no highlight of anyones career.

i have to admit i was kinda disappointed in this movie because i am a fan of old cinema, but sadly i just think cagney character wasn't likable, and the movie tried to portray him as such.

How I Met Your Mother

narratings getting old
1st off, i enjoy how i met your mother.

Good story lines and some good twists.

i like the subtle humor it has at times.

that being said, here's some thoughts i got on the show that are negative.

1. barney's awesomes are getting kind of sickening, it's to much.

2. barney's wait for it comments make me cringe, too much.

3. robins character is getting annoying, she went from the 'smart' girl to the neurotic.

4. ted's narrating is old, time to lessen it up.

5. lily's character needs to be expanded to show her world mor.

6. marshall's character also should show more of his work life segments that can tie to story lines.

forget any marriages or kids, they will ruin the show. i think marshall and lily lost sexual chemistry and interest since they got married.

HIMYM is a good show, but beware of the repetitious things that will bore people.

Kath & Kim

It won't last
They tried but failed with this sitcom. I give it one season.

The show lacks comedy, lacks laughs, lacks chemistry between love interests and actually is quite irritating how they act. Stop the movie star references and gossiping, it don't work.

I haven't seen the Australian original series others say this was modeled after, so my opinion is based on what i've seen.

I have seen every episode so far, 5 i think, and have to say i feel it will be cancelled.

Molly Shannon seems like a lousy a mom, and Selma Blair is a absolutely rotten daughter that is so annoying, no one would put up with her.

I have to say i enjoy molly shannons boyfriend character, i like his style.

Selma blairs husband is OK, but no way would he put up with a wife like her. Selmas characer is way way way to stuck up and witchy for the show.

It needs HUMOR !! simple I'm curious who watches this show faithfully, because i can't see too many gujys watching it, and i'd think woman over 50 crowd wouldn't enjoy.

it's worth a watch if there's nothing else on, but if there's a different comedy sitcom on opposite this show, choose the other.

The Benchwarmers

Benchwarmers is a Awful movie in my opinion.

It has a Great cast for a comedy, but everything about this movie was just plain dumb.

Watching this movie reminded me of the goofy movies they made in the 70's.

Rob schneider did a OK job, only because his character was normal.

David Spade's worst roll ever.

The 3rd retarded kids roll isn't even worthy of me remembering his name, truly awful.

Jon Lovitz did a good job, i thought he was funny in his part, but again, he was a normal guy The story lines just dumb, 3 middle aged guys who play baseball against 10-13 year olds who people look at as hero's? The kids in this movie, well, they were kids, lol.

I found stupid humor that wasn't even funny. oh well.

Absolute WORST movie in their career in my book.

I would only recommend this movie if there was no other movie on and they were running my mother the car on very other station.


Reno 911!

Very Funny Sitcom - Should be Primetime
3 words describe Reno 911 - Funny Funny and Funny.

Inept cops who have child mentality towards life and who should be fired run the law enforcement in Reno.

CLASSIC It's funny, stupid, silly, annoying, and literally begs you to break the law just to see what happens.

The characters all have their own unique quirks, with Weigel just being retarded. That woman just makes me cringe, hehe. The blacked out nudity is always funny.

I'm not sure if it would be successful in primetime, but i'd watch.

You need to enjoy stupid humor and have a guy mentality to appreciate

'Til Death

Great Show - FUNNY
Til Death is a good comedy.

I like the cast, well written story lines, definitely good for a laugh.

Brad and Joely have a unique chemistry, bordering on love and hate, so maybe safe to say tolerable? i see no sexual chemistry at all since this show began, so the characters are just set in stone, but it works for this comedy.

The Woodcock's are funny as neighbors, but the straightlace hubby and hot exciting wife is looking like a divorce waiting to happen My advice for the show, keep and focus a lot of time on character J.B. Smoove as Kenny. This guy is awesome. He could have his own show. Every scene he's in is a guaranteed laugh because of his way of speaking and 'harshness'. I'd love to meet J.B. Smoove, seems like a good guy.

I'd also recommend the show to focus on the funny teachers at the school, especially the fat red-haired guy, he's funny KEEP MAKING EPISODES - TAKE THEM ON VACATIONS AND OFF HOUSE SET, put the cast in situations where w don't see the same house sets, because that gets boring. take them camping, vegas, Florida etc.

if you want to laugh, watch til death, i enjoy it

Nevada Smith

Worth a watch
This was a fairly long movie, with a great cast, and worth a watch if you enjoy westerns.

It's your typical revenge movie, bad guys kill a mom and dad, son seeks revenge by hunting down and killing.

McQueen is supposed to be a halfbreed white/Indian, and many in the film call him a young kid. McQueen was 33 when he filmed this, hardly a kid, hehe. He looked older than 33 to me.

The storyline was OK, and there were a few memorable scenes, 1 being McQueen using a fake name as Karl Malden tries to trick him into falling for his real name, especially by throwing his murdered fathers tobacco bag to McQueen SPOILER -- I disagree with many here on the ending. McQueen kills the first few guys who killed his folks basically by confronting and attacking.

When he chases and shoots karl malden, 1st in hand, then in knee cap, then in other leg, he stops from killing him in cold blood. Others here think Mcqueen learned his lesson about revenge, but to me, i looked at it as more of a sadistic shooting, leaving a guy to die on his own alone slowly is pretty cruel. Sure it was written differently, but thats my thoughts I think they could have cut a good 30 minutes off this film to keep my interest, because they dragged out situations and that bored me good cast, typical plot, worth a watch

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