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Gli esecutori

Great car chases with REAL STUNTS not Computer Gen Crap
Thin plot about some Italian mobsters...watch this movie for the spectacular car chases through Sausalito and San Francisco in the mid 70's when it was still pretty, open and not the tourist trap it is now. THESE WERE REAL STUNTS people not the garbage computer generated pablum they pass off to millennials in current movies. Movies now are like cartoons. This was real action and believable not the over the top tripe they make now geared towards horny 14 year olds.

For Singles Only

God Awful Tripe Not Even Bad Enough to Be Campy or Funny
Has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I love anything made in the 1960s due to the cars, clothes music etc. But this doesn't even have much of any of those.

Lana Wood is pretty, so is Chris Noel who plays a tramp pretty well. But Ann Elders is just abysmal. Her acting abilities were shown to their full extent on Laugh In or maybe a 2 minute sketch on "Love American Style" but her constant mugging and looking off in weird directions is distracting here.

John Saxon is hot as always Peter Mark Richman plays a degenerate sleazebag well as he has done in other movies like "House on Greenapple Road".

Even the music in this sucked. The only musical segment that had a groovy beat was prior to Lana getting raped. You always know a rape is looming when you hear a buzz guitar...LMFAO!

Not much plot in this turkey just about a bunch of singles living in an apartment complex and the various goings on. Part of the problem with this movie is that it fluctuates bizarrely between comedy and drama and doesn't do either one very well.

Watch at your own risk you may need brain surgery after.

Just Go with It

Unfunny Abysmal Movie!
I had the misfortune of sitting through this movie with an elderly patient and his wife. NO ONE laughed much in the entire theater.

The jokes were obviously written either by a 12 year old boy or someone with brain damage.

Why does Jennifer Aniston keep playing the SAME character over and over? Adam Sandler is supposed to be a plastic surgeon and Aniston his assistant. Their unprofessional behavior would have me running from this office. Jokes were stupid and crude. Sandler fakes being married to pick up women because he was hurt years ago at his wedding. Stupid premise to begin with and it just got worse and worse.

Nicole Kidman did nothing to liven up this dreary mess.

Avoid this like the plague unless you are into sadomasochism.

Paranormal Activity 2

Abysmal Non-Scary Rehash
I was not scared one iota. This sequel was not above the original (which was also not scary) and I kept hearing how much better this was which prompted me to see it.

Sister of character in original apparently has a son the Demon wants due to some bizarre story about her dead ancestor making a deal with a Demon for wealth or some other nonsense. Then just like in the original weird things happen at night. Blah blah...

Just one long boring scene after another follows none of which generated any thrills for me.

Paramount is laughing all the way to the bank.

Hawaii Five-0

Abysmal !!
Every cliché in town (or should I say island) was in this. Actors all lacked charisma which is what made the original so good. Sadly there are also no great roster of TV Character actors which the original used liberally.

I'm really sick of the shaky camera to make things look like more is happening than what really is. Even the opening credits were cut in half timewise. I lost interest after 20 minutes.

I was hoping for a better show, better acting and more charm but this is what passes for entertainment these days folks. I'll stick to the DVD's of the original.

Bewitched: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Episode 6, Season 5

William Asher makes an obscene Cameo !!!
Great episode where Endora turns Darrin into a vain self centered oaf. Lots of great 60's fashions in this one. Liz never looked more sexy than she does in a Silver sequined mini dress. Darrin resembles Elvis in a gold lame suit and sideburns. What a pity Dick York was in severe pain as he would have been great to finish the last 4 years of this series, I do love Dick Sargent as he was more snide and mean towards Endora. Apples and Oranges.

William Asher (Liz's husband at the time and director of the show) makes a cameo as a driver honking at Darrin while he preens in his car mirror. If you look close William mouths an obscenity (inaudible) while honking his car horn at Darrin. Liz and Bill were known for their risqué humor and this proves it.

Top 10 favorite episodes of Bewtiched.

Mondo Mod

Watch for the L.A. Locales Only
Far from a great documentary but fun to watch for the various Los Angeles locations. Weird mix of titillation and anti-drug messages. I couldn't tell whether this was pro or anti teens and LSD. I was a kid in the 60's and this was fun to watch for the clothes, cars and music but incoherent story and at times looked like the director was on acid. Curio piece just take it too seriously. The interviews look stilted and awkward, what little acting this had was very bad. The Whiskey a Go-Go scenes were my favorite and really took me back to that era when my Dad would take me to places that had live music.

How they got LA DJ Humble Harv to narrate this is beyond me..they must have thrown some serious cash his way.

The Big Bounce

Lushly Filmed Trash. I Mean That in a Good Way.
Most of the other comments on here are pretty accurate. This movie really showed the loosening up of Hollywood as far as female nudity went. We get to see the beautiful Leigh Taylor-Young in various stages of nudity and looking good dressed too. Ryan never looked better. Lee Grant perfected the role of a perpetually uptight woman in Valley of The Dolls and this seems to be a continuation. The only actress in this movie that really shined was Cindy Eilbacher who could act rings around any other child actor of this or later era. Her few scenes really stand out and almost seem to be from another movie. Loved the cars, the clothes, the great character actors and YES I did love the music but it was all wrong for this movie. I think this music was meant for Dean Martin's last Matt Helm movie with Sharon Tate that never got made. It was lush orchestrated loungy pop music but was all wrong for a crime-noir movie. It really threw me off but I enjoyed hearing it from another room when I wasn't watching the screen. This also has some really great campy lines mainly from Van Heflin calling Leigh a "Quiff" in one scene and various other vague vulgarities. I really enjoyed watching Van go near the edge of camp and then pull back a bit. James Daly was perfect as a high class sleazebag. Look for Ryan's brother Kevin as the passenger in the dune buggy scene.

Overall much better than the horrendous remake, especially if you like movies that are so bad they are good.

Solid Gold

Schlocky, Campy show only should be viewed for Nostalgia
Well, this show was probably the campiest thing on TV in the early 80's. My dancer and nightclub entertainer friends used to always reference this show whenever they saw someone over-doing it on the dance floor. Yes, the dancing on this show was over the top and a bit pretentious and yes the singers were always lip syncing so they didn't mess up their hair or makeup. Yes, Andy Gibb was usually high on cocaine, Dionne Warwick slurred her speech and Marilyn McCoo was just too nice and perky but if you want to see some really horrendous 80's clothes and hair then by all means tune in. However, I would keep a syringe filled with some insulin nearby. Probably one of the few TV shows of the 80's that was just too 1980's even when it was currently being filmed. Harmless bit of fluff that wasn't taken seriously by any REAL dancer I knew but I'm sure they ate it up in the Midwest.

The Sex Symbol

Cheap sets, overacting by all !!! But Connie looks stunning!
I saw this when it first aired as a 13 year old, and I just viewed it again on a bootleg DVD. I loved most TV Movie's of the week as this was. Most were great little well produced dramas however this one sadly was not one of them. Thinly based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, Connie Stevens spends most of the time screeching out her dialogue to the point you almost want her to commit suicide so you don't have to hear her whining. Shelly Winters who I ALWAYS find fascinating to watch even in bad movies is just dreadful here. Her performance is just so bland and not even bad enough to be funny. SHe plays a Hedda Hopper type who is so jealous of Connie she continually insults her not just to her face but on her TV Gosspi show as well. You want to put a bullet in her head she is such a bitch. William Smith is gorgeous as always but has little to do here playing a "Joe Dimaggio" type character. I couldn't believe how bad the sets and costumes were. The sets looked like they recycled them a year later for Happy Days and the 70's clothes were odd for a movie set in the 50's. Of course Happy Days did that too, had 70's hair on a show set in the 50's. was hoping this movie would get bad enough to be funny but it didn't even go there. A major disappointment, but if you love Connie then watch it in orgasmic delight because she does look beautiful here.

Bewitched: The Eight Year Itch Witch
Episode 12, Season 8

Julie Newmar looks great but has little to do
Done towards the end of the series the writers apathy is beginning to show. Endora tries to test Darrin's marital fidelity by changing a cat into a woman. The woman is Ophelia (Julie Newmar) who normally I love but she seems a bit stilted in this episode. It is ironic that late last year (Aug 2007) I spotted her walking in the neighborhood of one of my elderly patients I care for in a nice area of LA. I stopped and chatted with Julie. I mentioned this episode and she said Bill Asher killed all the comedy in this episode. She wouldn't elaborate but did say she liked Elizabeth. If you watch this Julie does seem like there is a lack of energy on everyone's part. I like Bill Asher but I've heard he can be a taskmaster and wants things his way. Who knows, but this is not the best episode of the last season. Although Liz and Julie both look great. I wish they had Julie's hair down instead of up in a bun most of the time, she looks stunning with her hair down. Liz had her hair up too which was a rarity for her. She on the other hand looks great with her hair on top of her head. It is just with her you never saw it before. Not in this style anyway.

The Honeymoon Killers

Bad Acting, Bad Directing & Horrible Editing!
Why this movie has received so many praises is beyond me! I thought I was watching one of John Water's early attempts at high camp! The acting is beyond camp and not even funny enough to be camp. It's also not in the so bad it's good category! Just bad start to finish. The sound was awful and barely audible in places, the directing was non-existent. After watching an hour of this I wanted to put a gun to my head to stop the throbbing! Why anyone found anything redeeming in this dud boggles my mind. And a B&W movie made in 1970? That alone should have told me I was watching a movie with a budget of $1.98

Doris Roberts is cute as an older woman but her speech impediment here was annoying. Everyone in this movie seemed to be acting like this was a high school play. Every actor in this was either overacting or making strange faces and to make it worse the director zoomed in on some really bad teeth & face shots on faces that should be viewed from across the street!

Bewitched: Hippie, Hippie, Hooray
Episode 21, Season 4

Only episode with NO LAUGH TRACK
Interestingly this is the only episode that contains NO laugh track. Also weird episode where Serena has blonde hair whereas all the others she was a brunette unless impersonating Samantha. Serena's outfit in this episode also made the cover of that week's TV Guide. Great go-go tunes "Iffan Song" and Rock-a-bye-baby sung by Liz herself.

Silly plot on this one about Hippies causing riots and Serena being on the front page of the paper involved in a Love-in. Sam & Darrin are worried about the Tate's thinking Sam has gone Hippie. Great clothes and music but that's it on this episode. Not one of the funnier episodes but highly memorable on other levels.

One of Serena's outfit can also be seen in the 1978 TV Movie of the week "A Question of Guilt". Tuesday Weld wears this same outfit, I guess they needed a 60's outfit for Tuesday and dove into the wardrobe dept at Columbia-Lorimar where they found this relic. Guess Liz and Tuesday were the same size.

The Black Dahlia

Horrendous piece of crap
Nothing stays buried forever, not even bad acting. Josh Hartnett bored the hell out of me with that 40 year old hound dog face, and Scarlett's blank stares and Hilary Swank's uneven accent ruined this movie. Only saving grace was Fiona Shaws "Bette Davis" Baby Jane histrionics! This movie had nothing to do with the Black Dahlia and was an insult to her memory.

The audience I saw this with laughed out loud at intended scenes of high drama. This movie will rank up there with Valley of the Dolls, Showgirls and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane for camp appeal. Too bad, I was expecting a lot more from Brian DePalma.

Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!

Phyllis Diller got the wrong Egg Beater!
This movie is a campfest. Elke Sommer plays a temperamental star who ends up on the run from her studio. She inadvertently gets hooked up with married man Bobe Hope who tries to conceal her from the police and his wife Marjorie Lord. Phyllis Diller steals the show as Bobe Hope's maid. Very subtle risqué humor permeates this movie. If you listen very carefully you can hear some very suggestive dialogue between Bobe Hope and Phyllis. While Phyllis is eavesdropping on Bobe & Elke's phone call she is shown peeling a banana. When she hears a vaguely sexual remark she squeezes the bottom and the banana pops out of it's skin and onto the floor! Very subtle but VERY suggestive which is what I loved about the 60's, nothing is as blatant as today. Light fluff of a movie but lots of fun. I guess some previous viewers are so bombarded with in your face grossness these days in most movies they didn't see or appreciate the innocence of this flick.

The Mad Room

Excellent Low Budget Thriller with a Great Cast!
Stella Stevens (always great) works for loony bitch Shelly WInters in a huge estate. What Shelly doesn't know is that Stellas siblings are coming to stay and they are just released from a nut house after killing their parents years before. Once they get there weird things start happening. I won't give away the plot, there are some twists. Stella gives an understated performance here, Shelly is over the top as always. Beverly Garland has a memorable cameo here, appearing drunk at a party (she was pregnant in real life) and utters one of the greatest one liners in movie history (I am married to a male whore)! She then creates a bloody mess in the bathroom by slashing her wrists. After talking to Stella a few years ago I found out this movie had director/producer problems and could have been much better. I think it is great the way it is but I see where some of the directing and editing could have been improved upon. I wish they would release this on DVD as Stella never looked more beautiful and Shelly is always fun to watch.

Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole

Susan Hayward's last role is quite memorable!
Unlike other star's of her era, (Bette Davis, Joan Crawford) Susan Hayward's last role is quite memorable and touching even for a TV Movie of the Week. Movie starts off with Susan's character having to watch her husband die in a small plane accident. He is at the controls while having a heart attack and crashes killing him. Movie then follows Susan around as she decides what to do with her life, she is a doctor. She then decides to give something back to the community and works in an inner city clinic. Movie is quite good, Susan is great as usual. Also listen for the haunting and beautiful opening theme by non other than Dusty Springfield. A very fitting and dignified exit for a talented actress like Hayward.

Live Freaky Die Freaky

Unfunny juvenile piece of crap!
True it had some attempt at social satire but failed miserably. I thought this movie was made by 12 year olds for 12 year olds and younger! I was deeply offended at the portrayal of the victims as people that didn't care about society. Truth be told Abigail Folger worked in the ghetto trying to help low income families. Everyone associated with this should hide under a rock the next 25 years.

Tries way to hard to be shocking and just comes across as vulgar! I have no problem with c**k and p**sy jokes but this just wasn't funny at all. If I were a preteen maybe I would have laughed a bit. After renting this I not only wanted my money back I also wanted to walk through a car wash to get the filth off of my soul!

The Unguarded Moment

Who would say no to John Saxon???
Wow, what a great piece of 50's trash! Lush, colorful sets, great old cars and Esther walking around in sexy 50's tight dresses. The plot has already been mentioned above so I won't rehash. One question that sticks out in my mind, who would say no to John Saxon, he is a sex god in this movie, like an hunkier, hornier Sal Mineo! If they had gotten George Nader to take his shirt off more in this it would have been a 50's wet dream! Sexual repression doesn't get any better than this movie! Even Saxon's dad played by Edward Andrews is an old perv..everything was so subtle in this era...Esther Willaims actually was a pretty good actress here, they should have used her in more movies like this!

Certain Fury

Better than you would expect!
Tatum O'Neal and Irene Cara end up in court together. When a shootout in the courtroom cause everyone to flee, Irene and Tatum inadvertently end up running from the bullets and the cops. Pretty fast paced action keeps this B-Movie humming along pretty good. Tatum and Irene believe it or not have good chemistry together. Tatum plays a hardened toughy pretty well and in my opinion makes this movie entertaining. A little far fetched (what Hollywood flick isn't?) but still enjoyable. See it uncut as a TV version will be heavily edited. Peter Fonda makes a cameo as a sleazebag. One thing I learned from this movie is that sewer gas is highly flammable? Who knew?

Angel's Flight

Bad Writing, Bad acting, Bad Editing - Great Locations!
Well, after seeing this movie over the weekend on a big screen in Hollywood I have to say it's not the worst movie I've ever seen but close! The writing is full of clichés, the editing looks like it was done with a machete and the directing was either non-existent or he was loaded while filming. The lead actress, Indus had maybe two expressions throughout the whole movie. She wandered around the old Bunker Hill section of Los Angeles in a stupor most of the time. Her strip scene was a laugh riot. She was supposed to be looking seductive and instead looked like she was grimacing from a gall stone! There is a nosy old woman who lives in her building who overacted to the point I thought she was auditioning for Halloween Haunted House. Her hair perpetually up in curlers and a face that looked like Peter Lorre IN DRAG! Plot concerns a stripper who gets murderous at the same time she gets aroused. The only thing interesting about this movie was the great seedy locations provided by Bunker Hill, a location that city officials should have been executed for destroying instead of restoring. Great old Victorian Homes that were bulldozed in the late 60's to make way for tall office buildings. Watch this curio piece for that alone. I laughed out loud at the intended high drama!

Eating Out

Worst Piece of $%#* I Think I ever wasted 90 minutes on!
This film has to be one of the worst Gay Cinema train wrecks I've seen in some time. The dialogue is so raunchy it would make a truck driver blush. I won't describe the plot, there really isn't any. One unbelievable scene is where a straight guy lets a gay guy give him oral sex. The nudity was exploitive and it was obvious it was there for titillation and not the plot. I felt bad for the actors in this mess. The only chuckle I got out of this was in the beginning when some blonde actress in a fur trimed bikini top looked like she was doing an impression of Jennifer Coolidge. Even that was probably not intentional. AVOID THIS MOVIE LIKE THE PLAGUE, unless you are a masochist!


Sick Trash!
This could have been a much better film. First of all, the main characters were so annoying you didn't care if they were killed. Then having them scream four letter words at their killers was just plain ridiculous. If someone is swinging a power drill at me I am not going to scream "F**K over and over. It got interesting when they showed why the killers were doing what they did but then they dropped the ball on that aspect and went right back to a silly chase scene.

I was expecting more from Quentin's production team. I guess teenagers like this kind of stuff but I need more than gore and foour letter words to keep me interested. Sorry, I didn't like this film at all.


Excellent Exploitation Flick, good acting by all!
This movie did get a bad rap. Chris Sarandon is excellent as a school teacher who rapes fashion model Margeaux Hemingway. There is lots of tension before the rape and we really see Chris as a big time weirdo who plays really bad music while poor Margeaux tries to make an excuse to leave the room. When he sees this as a way of her dismissing him as a person he goes berserk. The rape scene is actually not as graphic as some of the crap that passes todays censors. For a first time actress I think Margeaux was quite good. Her little sister proves natural acting talent does run in the Hemingway family. She does excel in this role an gives an understated perforamce especially after she herself is raped by the same teacher. The building used in the fashion sequences is not the Beverly Center as mentioned by another IMDb user but actually the Pacific Design Center a few blocks away. The ending is quite good as it shows the hypocrisy of our legal system. Anne Bancroft adds a bit of class to this production and the disco music is dated but it gives this movie a cool 70's feel. The ending is sensational but still believable.

A Killing Affair

A Movie for Liz Montgomery Fan's Only!
Pretty routine TV Movie of the week, watch this for Liz Montgomery and a creepy performance by Dean Stockwell. Otherwise, thin plot about some murder that Liz and O.J. are working on. Liz's character is supposed to be the type that only goes after rich men who drive Jaguars. She ends up falling for the Juice (no pun intended) O.J. Simpson, that is. Trouble is he is married to Rosalind Cash who is the type of wife that probably makes the mice jump on chairs when she walks into the kitchen. I love Liz and think she should have won Emmys for "A Case of Rape" AND "Lizzie Borden" but she is miscast as a cop. Dean Stockwell, however is quite creepy (or at least his hair is here!) as a cold blooded killer. How ironic O.J. leaves his Black wife for a blonde white chick here (just like he did in real life)....for 1977 the clothes are pretty tasteful, just some of those awful oversize sweaters in puky colors. There is some great L.A. location shooting here...not a horrible movie but not as good as some of Liz's previous or later work.

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