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This Is Not My Life

Can you say the prisoner?
Can you say the prisoner? The prisoner was also released this year but the similarities are uncanny and the prisoner to others and myself was a major flop. I love international shows its great to be able to see life in different counties as I don't travel much

Don't get me wrong although there are major similarities "This is not my life" is so far well done and intriguing, its got my attention. The acting is what makes this show as the characters are believable unlike The prisoner I will continue to follow this series before I give it a rating as it would be unfair to all who read my comments if I rate it as it wouldn't be accurate after 1 episode. However I will say that the comments I read about the show are very accurate. I'll update my comments after I have viewed more because its so far got a hook in me and I'm nibbling at it

The Gates

Why is TV getting worse and worse every year
What is it with the vampire bandwagon that just about every TV networks are jumping on these days? Give it up all ready I'm sick and tired of watching leeches almost every day of the week while great ORIGINAL shows like Legend of the Seeker, Happy Town and some get canceled immediately after airing 4 or 5 episodes. First came reality shows then talent shows, Prime time cartoons and now the in thing to do is Vampires Bram Stoker must be rolling around in his grave right now with all the vampire crap that's on right now.

The first comment from "it's sick" hit the nail on the head with is comments when he said bad acting. He at least watched it all, I myself changed the channel after the first bite. Heed the first writers warning stop watch so that the network can put on something ORIGINAL on. I think I'll start watching reruns of Cricket matches I might start making myself like it better than the trash that's on now

Happy Town

What a great thriller/mystery
This is a great thriller/mystery who done it that takes time to develop, its so good that by the 4th episode I knew right away it was just a matter of time before ABC would cancel it. Why do you ask? because it slow(giving you tiny tidbits weekly that keeps you guessing) people are too impatient these days, its also too complicated for the simple minded people who prefer romance, cartoons and reality shows where they don't have to use their brains because they can't or won't.

Its the same reason Harper Island, Flashforeword and Damages to name a few shows that have been now been officially canceled, if you have watched those shows you know what they have in common they all keep you guessing waiting to watch the following week. Unlike show like Glee, Pretty little liars, Entourage and many more that are all romanced based eye candy shows that are all aimed for female viewers or cartoons for the kid minded Adult.

Don't get me started on Reality trash which I avoid like the plague they are on only to save Networks money from paying great actors and actresses. If like like those types of shows then TV as we know it is bound for doom and gloom

Strike Back

It gets my vote from this side of the ocean
After reading all 3 comments so far I can't understand why your complaining about clichés when many shows if not all use them but to hate a show based on them is nuts, especially after you watched 2 episodes. I have watch 4 episodes and yes there are still clichés but this show is far from bad if fact I find it rather entertaining.

Strike Back episodes so far have been action filled and like usual Richard Armitage doesn't disappoint us, this show is on equal footing with many great, TV shows such as Ultimate Force, The Unit and Over There. Which all should of never been cancelled in my opinion and have seen many shows "reality especially" that should be cancelled yet they continue to bore a good majority of people. If I had to choose this show up against any reality garbage out there this show would win hands down.

I not a huge fan of Chris Ryan novels and I have read a few and is a good writer but to be honest I prefer Andy McNab's work. I gave this show a 9 only because 1 person who wrote a comment under rated it because it deserves more than a 5 rating. It's well acted well written the only thing that is bad is that its only 6 episodes. I would of loved to see more than 6 episodes, and for those who have yet to see a single episode, yes I do recommend you watch it if your a action TV show fan.

The Pacific

The worst war depiction I have ever seen
The worst war depiction I have ever seen and I have seen just about every WWII movie ever produced, its lacks direction, action and especially individual courage that many were known to have shown in the Pacific. I don't know if there were too many Egos who wrote, directed and produced but some thing went wrong from the start and at the rate its going it can't recover seeing were 6 episodes in.

This is more like a daytime soap opera or a Documentary than a made for TV epic series as described because the only thing epic about it is how much its boring. Never have I fell sleep watching a war movie except for this one and not only once did I fall asleep but it happened 3 times already.

Had they made just a long movie without all the extra garbage it would of had a chance to be good like the movie Patton which I watched Yesterday again for over 50 times. Yet The Pacific can't even be used in the same sentence as P.....

I rated it 2 stars only because I am a war movie buff and it has warlike similarities whomever rates this a 10 has to be a chick after all it is a soap more than a war mini series. This should be in the negatives numbers for all I care.

Yes I will watch until the last episode I'm a sucker for punishment but I will never watch it ever again, its too painful to watch it more than once.

Well here we are episode 8 another episode I fell asleep to "yawn" is the deception I would give this whole series. Its a poor man Hollywoodized drivel. This could have easily been summed up in a 1 1/2 hour made for TV movie about Sgt. John Basilone, instead of a 10 hour snore fest. After re-watching episode 8 from where I fell a sleep, Tom Hanks and company managed to show me 10 minutes of war about Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima was a very important battle in which left 6,821 Americans dead and 19,217 wounded and yet the writers made it look like just another day at the beach.Iwo Jima was also the only U.S. Marine battle that American casualties exceeded the Japanese in the Pacific war even though Japanese combat deaths were three times as many American. Tom Hanks and company should be ashamed for disgracing all the men who died there or were seriously wounded.

As I said had it been a short movie on a war hero and his friends it might of passed but this is just plain garbage and for all of you who thinks this is great and give it a 10. I have 2 questions for you are you sure your watching the same show as the 5 and less ratings or are you a chick voting because you think they're cute guys and romance? It has to be one or the other I can't see no other reason for this being even near an 8 let alone a perfect 10

Well I decided to watch the last episode praying it would be better than episode 8 I thought heck it couldn't get any worse. To my surprise it was and after the part where Leckie was on a date I just turned of the TV and went to bed my sleep was so much better than the lost half hour that I won't ever get back.

People say not to compare it to Band of Brothers well you have to seeing it was the same people who did this junk. I feel very embarrassed for all the soldiers who thought they would finally get recognition they truly deserve, but all they got was just plain crap. This series was a waste of $200 million dollars that it cost to make. The money would have been better served just giving it to all the veterans of WWII Pacific Theater that are left

Past Life

Just plain boring, dull and repetitive
Once you see one episode you basically seen them all. First of all ever incarnations (3 episodes worth) just happen to be found in the United States what are the odds of the people being reincarnated in the exact same place when the worlds population is around 6,692,030,277. Now if they would travel to different locations around the world it would be a tad more believable even though its science fiction The acting is so boring because as I said its all the same except for the fact its different scenarios. I give this show 3 stars only because its original as far as I can tell. The writers should have just made a movie because it would of made room for much better shows to keep us entertained but then again it seems that bad shows last and great shows such as Jericho, Kyle XY and The Listener ( to name a few) have gotten the axe.

Hopefully for all of us it won't last more than 6 episodes I for one have watch my last episode unless I can't sleep then I'll use it as a sleep aid

John Doe

The first error was airing it on FOX
Who else other than the FOX network would cancel good programming time and time again and replace it with the typical FOX trash that they always seem to keep If there is anything I have found out watch the FOX network is, if there is a good new show that FOX airs don't watch it because only thing is certain it will only last one season 100% guaranteed This show should of been grated a second season hands down it had everything a viewer could ask for such as conspiracy, intrigue, hard to solve crimes, excellent acting and writing that kept you wanting more and more.

Almost each week a piece fell into place and kept you guessing, the last episode was a hurried one probably because they knew how FOX operates. FOX looks for low budgets crap like reality TV and animations, they love their animation so much so that prime time Sundays that all they air. Problem is the attention span of FOX is that of a pea. Which is why the writers should have never agreed to let FOX air this jewel as FOX viewers don't have what it takes for such a complex show as this

24: Day 5: 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.
Episode 24, Season 5

This show does nothing for me
This show does nothing for me, if you have seen the first season then you have seen them all, instead of nuke the use chemical weapons. There is always someone who has infiltrated CTU in each season, no government can be immune to people getting on the inside but every season is that all this writer can come up with? I really can't believe people are actually going nuts over this show, its the same basic plot over and over again the only thing different is the actors because they get killed off, they get killed off because either they're KIA or because Jack the wonder boy kills them. I only person immune from certain death is Jack, he's been arrested and released, got shot, stabbed even blown up this season twice yet he heals instantly, he gets captured he get away soon after. Which to me makes this show so phony and unbelievable, Super Jack fly's planes and Helicopters and soon god help us all if he does be able to sail an aircraft carrier all by himself.

This show is so bad on so many levels, yes their lots of action but that is all this show has going for it and nothing else. Watch the British shows "Spooks" never is one season is the same and the star actually dies to let a new star be written in the script and has been running for longer than Jack Bauer show I mean 24. So many better shows have been canceled like the "Unit", yet this trash keeps on going and its isn't well written. All 24 does is stretch the episodes with Presidential Pardons,deals and conspiracies theories to make it last 24 hour when really the show should last 6 to 12 hours maybe then it would be a little bit more believable.

The season 5 finale last scene has Jack Bauer being captured and abducted,then we last see him being held somewhere already beaten to a pulp..The last clip we see a cargo ship that has already out to sea, this all in a time span of 7 minutes. It takes longer than 7 minutes just to untie a ship let alone being already out to sea at what looked like full speed. Yet we are lead to believe this show happens all in a 24 hour period. This show is more like 1 month and not 24hrs because of all the time gaps such as the final scene. I would of rated this show of 0 but I can't go that low

24: Day 3: 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.
Episode 24, Season 3

Season 4 can't be possible
Season 4 can't be possible for 1 reason and 1 reason only and that would be to kick a heroin habit cold turkey, I know this first hand. Being disabled and living with chronic daily I used to be on 80mg a day of Methadone which is a synthetic form of heroin when I tried quitting cold turkey because the medicine was no longer relieving me of pain. My doctor thought it would be best to to go to the detox clinic his way they could monitor me and help me cope with the withdrawals symptoms I would of experiencing plus they could monitor my new pain medicine at the same time which is now Morphine, but I declined. I thought it would be a piece of cake and doing it myself boy was I wrong.

I spent the first 4 days shaking like there was no tomorrow, sweating bullets all the while I couldn't get warm enough I really thought I was dying. So for Jack Bauer to pretend that you can still function properly after quitting a 6 month habit in 24 hours is an complete nonsense and is insult to all the addicts who wish to quit but fear what will happen to them while they get clean. They have every right to fear because its the hardest thing I have ever done in my 47 year of living and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Yet Heroin is so much stronger than methadone which methadone is used to detox a heroin addict.

For that and that only I give this whole season 4 a 1 star had Kiefer Sutherland talked about Heroin addiction as not an easy drug to quit either before or after the season ended I would have given this a 10. To give people struggling with addictions false hope is seriously wrong and reflects badly on him and the up coming seasons. Shame on him


learn never to watch shows of this concept on FOX
To all of you out there if you haven't learned by now that serious dramas on Fox will be yanked within the first season. To avoid further disappointments in the future just Boycott Fox unless your into Reality shows or Cartoons. which is all they show more than one season even though people don't want to Adults don't want to watch cartoons or Reality shows anymore.

I don't buy the excuse that Gale Harlod was the tipping point to people not watching this show. After watching this great show once again I can't see any reason why it should have had a second season because the suspense was very good and trying to figure out who was a bad guy or a good guy added to the thrill of this show.

Had this show been picked up by HBO instead of Fox I am 100% sure it would have gone much further. I for one would rather have a show like The Unit or Vanished on the air rather than Grey's Anatomy, House, Mercy, ER,Trauma or any other of The numerous medical shows out there.

Having MS and back problems for 18 years and counting and having to see doctors weekly, I don't need to watch doctor shows 24/7. I live with it every day and I am sure many in my position feel the same way. Shows like Vanished give us a break from what we have to live with until we die.

I gave this show a 10 because it was the first of it's kind in 2006 before the writers strike before shows like 24 and Lost which copied it style. If those shows where a hit but I have boycotted since they played on Fox and I didn't want to be disappointed again. Yes I know Lost plays on ABC but they too have a bad habit of pulling shows I like

Kyle XY

Time to boycott TV networks that cancel good shows
I've said this in one of my comments about either Carnivàle or Eureka that I am not a fan of Sci-fi shows yet once again like those 2 shows I just mentioned comes yet another great Sci-fi show. Like Carnivàle it was canceled this time it was ABC turn to disappoint its audience.

What I don't get is Kyle XY hit record viewers in it's 3rd season even the users rating on here was 8.6 yet ABC boring Dancing with the Star has been on a serious decline and this site users rating is 5.2 yet that useless show wasn't axed and still boring us as we speak almost daily. Then there is Carnivàle this site rating was 9.0 and it still got axed, I'm certain that Eureka (seeing I love the show) will get the same treatment very soon as Kyle XY and Carnivàle It just goes to show you that the TV network just don't care about its viewers anymore and its getting worse every season, all they care about is reality TV shows so that they can save a buck. Its up to US the viewer to protest networks when they show us crappy Reality TV shows. When a reality show comes on just change the channel, maybe then WE the viewers will get our shows back.

I for one sorely miss the days of quality TV, Kyle XY was was very good, it had a great story line to it and it had great acting. Its shows like that that I miss instead they are showing US CSI,s and Law and order from every city in the US, they are showing us trash people it's time to wake up and take a stand and that time is now. If not you will be watching Jay Leno 24/7 if it keeps going, sure I like Jay but this new format just plain sucks especially as a prime time show.

Everwood: Where the Heart Is
Episode 22, Season 3

Finally season 3 is over
Finally season 3 is over, when I thought this show after season 2 couldn't get any worse it fools me and it did. I'm shocked even speechless but I feel compelled to write this for anyone who is thinking at buying the DVD or watching this series online, please heed my warning.

First of all how can a show go totally off script from the first to the second was beyond me, the first season focuses on a doctor and his family moving to a new town and setting up a medical practise. It also focuses on the different medical emergencies in a small town throw in another doctor who competes for patients and you have a very good family show. There is also the new relationships that are formed but its not the shows priority mission.

Next comes season 2 a total disaster if you ask me because it's a little less about the patients and it generally focuses on relationships. There is however there are medical emergencies in almost every episodes, boring but for the season finale which makes up for the whole seasons failures.

Now this is were it gets worse there are only 3 or 4 real medical emergencies throughout the whole season, with the main character being a Doctor rarely goes to work anymore. The 3rd season is all about relationships so much so it makes General Hospital worth watching. The third season is so bad I won't be watching season 4 because there won't even be doctors anymore.

I just can't believe this show got a 4th season after having 2 awful seasons in a row, if I wanted to watch a soap operas I would only watch daytime soaps, but I don't. Personally this show should of been cancel after the second season knowing how bad the 3rd was. To have a 4th is just adding to the boredom besides the 3rd season is so phony it makes Alice in Wonderland seem like it could be possible.

It's a desperate housewives for teen's, it went from a possible adult situations to teenage farce. A 4th season save me from a certain death from boredom it's as bad as One tree hill, 90210 and all the other teenager shows out there.

Everwood: The Day Is Done
Episode 22, Season 2

I usually keep my comments until I have seen every episode but...
I usually keep my comments until I have seen every episode but... I just had to comment on this season finale because it was just that good. However it was the only thing that was really good about it and if there is more mediocre episodes in season 3 I might not watch season 4.

As you can tell I haven't watched much TV until now only because of a work related accident has left me permanently disable making the easiest of task feel like I worked a whole entire day without a break. Now all I time is time to waste or to catch up on old shows and watch new ones. That said I was never one for shows about relationships I'm more the A team kind of guy, but watching the first couple of episodes of season one I was hook.

Season 1 was intense in an emotional kind of way add in the Abbott's and you get a little bit of lighter sides of things. Then came season 2 so now being hooked we learn the fate of Collin but to put blame on a Doctor for what happened is petty. It was a disappointing turn for the worst and the rest of the season was just so depressing to watch. Sure their was Madison and Linda which eventually grew on me a little but this guy Tommy talk about a complete U-turn in what was once a great show.

The ending however was so good that I had almost looked forward to another season that was until Madison walked into Doctor Brown's office bearing (Pun intended) news. For one the writers could of either waited until season 3 or they could of not even touched the topic as far as I was concerned.

The only reason why I liked the finale was because of the new partnership that was made and seeing the air-plane scene. The was really the feel good moment of the entire season. Believe me it was a pleasant moment, after all whether it's movies or TV its really why we watch. We are hoping that things turn out good for the main actors especially in this type of Drama anyways.

That is really why I thought this episode was an 8 and not a ten, take away the Madison part and it would of been a sure 10. Bagel's anyone? lol

Everwood: Episode 20
Episode 21, Season 1

Great episode, Too bad Americans think this topic is so taboo
Sorry but I just have to comment on this episode and on the trivia that stated Many WB Affiliates opted not to air this episode, due to the subject matter of teenage pregnancy and abortion combined.

First of all I am appalled at why WB Affiliates wouldn't show this very important topic because how the topic is so still so taboo in the USA. Especially as a fact Each year, almost 750,000 women aged 15-19 become pregnant. Overall, 75 pregnancies occur every year per 1,000 women aged 15-19; this rate has declined 36% since its peak in 1990. This study doesn't include the women 18 and higher who have unwanted pregnancies, how many women go through to term with pregnancies only to abandon their child or worse abuse or murder them.

So instead of this being a taboo episode this episode should of been used as an educational tool to all who have unprotected sex. So to the people of the US it's time to get your head out of the sand and educate yourself because this is happening now in your own backyard or neighborhood. Maybe if more of these episode were allowed to be shown the rate of pregnancies would decline, that would be less of a stress on social welfare also because the majority of these unwanted pregnancies seek welfare for help as there family abandons them completely.

So bravo to which ever network who had the guts and moral obligation to show this episode, so I vote a 10 just for having the guts for educating Americans. If if the Pope and Religious fanatics like Jerry Falwell didn't want it aired then its a poor reason for it being a taboo topic


One total waste of time, avoid this at all cost
Summary: One total waste of time, avoid this at all cost

After watching the whole series from beginning to the end through a four day period I told myself at the end that I had just wasted 4 good day for nothing. The ending was a total disappointment as I was hoping that Hearst would be shot dead seeing this was a fictional show but it didn't happen that way.

After looking for accounts of each character I've come to know that this was sightly and I mean slightly based on facts. All the characters that were once living were not as portrayed in Deadwood. So my question is why try to rewrite history? The answer to make it a Hollywood as possible and the heck with history. So then why make the viewers think it actually happened the way it did what not just create make believe characters in a make believe town? Only Hollywood could pull of a lie such as this, the acting was some what good but this show seem to go off the rails after the first season that they should of just stopped. Yet they didn't and the lines these actor had to say just to make believe people actually spoke this way is totally false. Most of the people were uneducated so that means that the use of big words were never used.

The scenery was quite good as was the costumes that were used, other than that it was a total waste of time. So I rated this series a 3 when it really should of been a 1 except for a half decent first season the rest was just a total waste of film. Either some people who rated this a ten watch something else or they never really read up on the history of Deadwood before they voted. Had I read the worst comments before watch this trash I would of had a real incite on the show and would of pasted watching it.

Too bad it had a great potential to show real history, but the real story behind Deadwood is rather boring which is why they had to make this a fictional show. They used Characters such as the Earp brothers and Wild Bill Hickok just to lure people to watch it. How desperate is that?

The Inside

Avoid FOX and NBC when it comes to complex shows
Was there any doubt this show would get canceled? After all it had 2 things going against this series from the get go. First and for most it played on FOX which is famous for and that would be keeping cartoons and reality shows for great shows, which is why I avoid the FOX network like the plague.

The 2nd would be it was too sophisticated and required the viewers to actually use their brains more than a 1/2 hour at a time 2 things fox Viewers don't have. They prefer The Simpson's, American dad, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy instead of shows such as The Insiders and Justice I hope many read my comments before you decide next time to watch a complicated shows like the Insiders on FOX, heed my warning steer as clear away of it. That way you won't ever be disappointed when its AXED also while your at it NBC is just as bad as Fox when it comes to yanking great shows off the air that have serious depth to them.

Just a small comment on this show it was a brilliant and it was a well written show that should of lasted more than 13 Episodes. This show makes any of the CSI's look like a poorly written sitcom. This was a show that just had to be watched weekly, few shows can even come close to this one and yet only 13 episodes were made. It such a shame to lose it I'd give it a 20 out of 10 if I could but I can't so I gave it the next best thing, a perfect 10.

Close to Home

One more good show that got canceled too soon
Working 4 to midnight I don't get to watch too many shows and this show was one of them, I'm into police and legal dramas such as this one. Being able to watch prime time shows online that I might of missed when I was at work has been a great plus. Personally I am very disappointed when good shows such as this one get canceled, I wished networks would visit this site and read peoples feedback on shows.

Maybe then networks would have a change of heart when canceling shows that have a cult following and that networks listen to what people like and don't like. They don't and to me its a shame, I know that networks bases for canceling shows is advertising and I fully understand that but sometimes they pull the plug on a show when it's barely has time to develop That said this was one fine show a hidden pearl among a sea of trash, yet it got pulled when it was just had started to get interesting. I would of welcomed watching another season of this show,the reason why it got axed in my opinion it's because the violence was toned down. I see no other reason why anyone in their right frame of mind cancel it other than the fact that they centered the show on the investigations, rather than showing the usual blood and gore.

I really liked this show the beginning of the first season was rather slow but it picked up nicely at the end. What I did find odd who knows maybe it why it got canceled is the addition of new characters and removing others with no explanation what so ever as to why they weren't there. So the beginning of season 2 started a little weird but hang in there because once again the characters develop nicely.

Which is why I find it odd it got yanked, people tend to have loyalties to actors and when they were missing they might have dropped the show. I'm sure had they explained why the characters suddenly vanished people would of warmed up the the show once more.

I rate this show a 9 only because of the relationships that developed and I found Jennifer Finnigan/Annabeth Chase played a very convincing prosecutor. Yet she hasn't had many roles since then

Eli Stone: Help!
Episode 7, Season 2

After the 3episode of season it gone from bad to awful
I can finally see why this show got cancelled for a few obvious reasons, since the great episode unwritten its been on a downward spiral. When Loretta Devine is the best part of the show you know something is not right. It went down hill fast after WPK split had it stayed together I believe it could have managed a 3rd but now the show is just all over the place.

It's dull now, many of the characters that held the show together have become nonresistant and just used to fill in for added time only. If I had to try a follow this show week in week out I'd be lost as to what is happening, in fact I'd be asking myself if I missed and episode or 2. Since that great performance from Victor Garber in the 3rd episode of season 2 it hasn't been the same one bit. It's just too depressing to watch now but see I have come this far I suffer right until the end of the season.

Please say a prayer for me because I have to suffer through 6 more episodes of this to go

Eli Stone: Unwritten
Episode 3, Season 2

The best episode of the series so far
What can I say after my main comment stating that this show was just OK I watch this episode called "Unwritten" even though I believe it should have mild Syfi added as a genre, this show like a good wine gets better all the time.

The real Victor Garber that I have always considered a very good actor showed us why he has become a great convincing actor. In this episode he reminded me so much of the old Ron Trott because he plays the head of a law firm excellently.

I truly hope he does something like Justice again I really miss the intensity he brings to shows about law. if ever this show made a great episode I would have to say this would be it but I can't yet I now feel really compelled to watch this series to the very end

Eli Stone

It's so so
After watching the first 8 episodes I can't honestly see why this got canceled, although at time very serious then it turns funny. To me serious and dry humor just don't mix very well. You can compare the show Justice to Eli Stone as the similarities are uncanny with humor thrown in for good measure Victor Garber plays the exact same part as he did in Justice but Justice was 10 times better then Eli Stone and yet they both got canceled after 2 seasons. The only reason Eli Stone got a second season was the fact people wanted to see what would happen to him and not about the law Speaking of law, Justice it was too complicated for the simple mind because it required lots of thought, which many viewer don't have after a day of work and a few beers in then.

Which is why Eli Stone made it to a second season, its not complicated one bit it's easy to follow. Except Law is very complicated and takes a long long time to fully get a grasp. Even lawyers that have been practicing it for 15 years still fail miserably.

So if you want to watch an easy watching easy understanding of law show then this is the show to watch. However you will be truly disappointed if you like using your head wile watching a show then this isn't really for you. That is the reason why Reality TV has done so well the last 8 years or so and should continue to do so because it requires 0 thought


Another great show to get cancelled
During the time this excellent show was on it was it competition against reality TV shows like Big Brother, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars. Funny even in 2009 reality shows are still king I believe the same ones are still the top shows and yet there trash, what I don't understand is how people can watch that garbage when there are great shows such as this. The only reason I can come up with is they make good office talk other then that there are just that garbage that require not an once of thought.

Just look at Law and Order sure it was good when it first came out then it got boring so what did they do they made one criminal intent and SVU, no imagination needed. They did the exact same thing with CSI, now there's CSI Miami and NY, to keep true to form this season it's NCIS's turn start multiplying there adding Los Angeles.

If the Networks would only give a show a chance to grow instead of moving it time slot after time slot people would give up as easily. Networks don't care about people who are interested in shows other than reality TV they only care about rating if a show doesn't measure up they move it time slot or throw in a special every other week. It gets to the point where people have no choice but to lose interest, that exactly what the networks do. It just not fair to the people who are looking for a good quality show to enjoy.

Had this show been given a fair chance it should of lasted longer then it did just like many good shows that got axed for no valid reason. So wake up people before the networks only show reality TV so they can save a buck. Ask yourself do I want to watch Survivor for the next 5 to 10 years or The Listener. Great TV shows like Sharks don't come along often when they do give it a chance because its said to see them die for no good reason.

Leverage: The Three Days of the Hunter Job
Episode 5, Season 2

Best one yet
By far one of the best "Leverage" of the young season so far, this season to me hadn't lived up to the high quality of the writing and acting of the first season, I was looking so forward to Season 2 because Season 1 was so great that the first 3 episodes kind of let me down or maybe it was me expecting to much too soon.

This episode seem so much better and if it's any indication of how the rest of the season will be then I will be hooked once again. Before this episode I really didn't look forward to the following week but I can say that I am now.

Id give it a 10 out of 10 but I am waiting for to watch the rest of the season to see if there will be an even better episode. Otherwise I would easily give this one a 10, I don't want to reveal what happens in this episode because I don't want to ruin it for everyone. Watch and judge it for yourself, you will just might agree with me about being the best of the young season

The Guard

If you like Drama mixed in with personal problems then have a look
If you like Drama mixed in with personal problems then have a look, I myself love these types of shows Rescue Me The Closer, In Plain sight are a few that come to mind how I would describe The Guard. They really hit the nail on the head on how our Government under funds the Coast Guard, Border Patrol for example.

The Episode Fight or Flight takes a good hard look at the men and women of the guard face, such as a rescue helicopter that doesn't have a hoist or it takes hours to arrive if one is available. People haven't rated this show very high and I can understand why they would it because they aren't from Canada and don't realize how bad the situation is with civil servants. Our Government thinks the people are better serve by having pencil pusher rather than I Helicopter that's 40 to 50 years old and spends more time with the mechanic than actually doing what its suppose to do that would be to "fly".

I sure to some might not believe that this really happens or that I am exaggerating, well I'm sorry but the truth what it is grim. Now the show does show many different situations and I am sure some do happen frequently but I'm also sure there are more days that are quiet then action packed. Just like any civil servant job where human being risk their lives to save someone's else life.

Just for honoring the brave men and women I give this show a 7 because guts the writer have of showing the viewers the truth and isn't afraid to do so. Its also one of the better Canadian made shows that I wouldn't even dare to watch

Dark Blue

How can they show this trash on TV?
How can they show this trash on TV? If this show lasts more than 10 episodes I'll have a heart attack. This has got to be one of the worst shows on TV right now, no doubt it. The only reason I gave it a 2 and not a 1 was because of the pilot was poor and not very bad like the rest of the episodes, after you have watched the pilot you basically seen all 7 episodes. The only the difference is gangsters and how much more corrupt cops they really are nothing else sets these episodes apart.

The acting is not only horrible they just don't fit the parts which makes it so unbelievable and phony, they're basically corrupt cops who are free to do what ever they feel like doing with no fear of reprisals, as if. Sure some Cops are corrupt but not to this extent

Someone mentioned Jeffrey Donovan/Michael Westen as being the wrong actor for his role. I sorry but he plays his part very well and the support cast are perfectly balanced and have great chemistry. This series the actors have zero and I mean zero chemistry how dare someone compare Burn Notice with this trash. Yet great shows like Point Pleasant, Carnivàle for example get axed in the middle of the series without any explanation. I know the didn't play on TNT I'm just making a point that great shows get canceled to make room for trash shows like Dark Blue.

The best thing they could do for us viewers is to have mercy on us and pull the plug on this show today if TNT are to compete with the Big networks they better cancel this before the new fall season starts. I'm sorry if I have offended people with my comments but sometimes the truth hurts, just like this show hurts me to watch it. I gave it a chance to develop but nothing has happened since the pilot even after 6 episodes nothing at all in the way of character building.

The only reason why someone would like this show is because they too believe Police are that corruptible, I can see no other reason why someone would like this show. Your much better served watching real good science fiction like Eureka, then watching this cheap version of fiction like dark blue. Bruckheimer does make good shows clearly this is his worst one to date


As it said in the trivia it ended with so many unanswered questions
I give the show a 9 only because of the filming and how it is almost accurate the way they got the 20's right. This is yet another story where if you missed some parts you would be terribly confused as to what is going on.

My personal opinion as to why the show got canceled was because of the lawsuit that was filed June 9, 2005 by Los Angeles writer Jeff Bergquist. This lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice on February 17, 2006 thus leading me to believe that if they followed through with another season writer Jeff Bergquist would have pursued with the lawsuit. I believe this is why it was dismissed and for no other reason the show was canceled The reason behind the suit was copyright infringement as writer Jeff Bergquist claimed the idea was stolen from his book. Had it not been the case they would have showed the new season that had already stared with its filming. With the amount of discontent viewers writing in daily had this not been true the would have showed at least the 3rd season.

If a mediocre TV show Jericho could come back from the dead surely if there was ever a case to bring back a show it would have been the one. This show is and always will be a much better show than Jericho.

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