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José Rizal

NOT for school and reaction papers
The movie Jose Rizal is a great interpretation of the Philippines's tragic history. I believe it got all it's facts right which would help a lot in studying this quarter's lesson. It also shows patriotism and heroism in a peaceful way. It also is an accurate and colourful biography of Jose Rizal's full life. However, there were a lot of points where it was very difficult to understand what Jose Rizal was saying because it was usually in Spanish, and although they were really speaking in Spanish, I could tell Cesar Montano was having difficulties in reciting his Spanish lines. It only shows how he lacked practice and coaching with these parts. It is also rather confusing to watch because there were too many flashbacks and you won't know if he was still in Spain or what. If you are a person who is easily confused, do not watch this movie because all you would do is gape at the screen and be befuddled by these flashbacks. Of course, if you can cope with the weird scene-cuttings, well, there isn't a problem with watching it at all. I would also encourage you to watch it again after the first time to understand it more clearly. I would not recommend this movie to students' grade 5 and below. Apparently, the movie has its own complexity and some scenes of violence. There are also some scenes wherein it's very inappropriate for young children such as the nude and bed scene in the first part. Although the scene shows how abusive the friars are with their power which would include raping Filipino women, the scenes are very disturbing, even for us. There is also some times wherein Jose Rizal has somewhat a mad glint in his eye as if he seemed frustrated which is quite disturbing to look at. It only shows the desperation of Jose Rizal through body language; however, this was excellently portrayed in some scenes. Although based on true fact, I believe that the fact that Jose Rizal did have a love affair with his cousin should not have been shown in the movie because it gives Jose Rizal a new and bad light after he kissed Leanor Rivera, his cousin. Maybe they could have showed that Jose Rizal did have a love affair with his cousin in a more custom way, but it should not have been portrayed in a sexual way. This would completely disgrace Filipino culture because our culture is very conservative, and kissing in a clinic is very far from what I would say conservativeness of the Filipinos. Other love affairs of Jose Rizal such as the one with Josephine Bracken publicly showed that they had a child together, but it died during birth. It was also mention several times that they had a child. This would not only disgrace the name of Jose Rizal but also the Filipino people. Although he wasn't exactly what you would call a teenager at that time, a pre-marital baby is not what you would be proud to this day, and I guess in those days, you would reach the point of being disowned by your own family. And even though we all know that Jose Rizal was really a womaniser, you wouldn't want to know that our national hero actually was a very kinky man after all. Overall, I half-enjoyed and was also half-disturbed by the movie. This would certainly help in understanding the life of Rizal, but I really don't think it's appropriate for small kids. I would recommend this movie to people who would like to know more about the history of the Philippines, but personally, if you are not interested and you are not required to watch this at school, do not watch it because as I have said, it's very disturbing.

This is a copy of my reaction paper for this movie in History class and i'm 13 years old and we're REQUIRED to submit one.

Chakushin ari final

A Good Horror Film, yet a confusing Plot
it was definitely a good film with all the effects and like the extremely gross twisting things.

What I don't understand is the plot of the movie. For example, i thought they stopped the whole thing from killing people, however, it's still got to kill another person?? I don't know if it's just all because of wrong subtitle or whatever, but it certainly is confusing.

it's a really good horror film, and just come to think of it, it was just revenge what the girl was after.

PS: did you realize everything used in this film from plot to props, were all on electronics stuff?

Snakes on a Plane

A Stupid Movie To Begin With
It was a terrible movie, to tell you the truth. I cannot believe that people thought this was nice, when in fact, it's a pure piece of crap. You must admit that the plot of this movie is entirely impossible thus, making is corny and very fake.

First of all, why all the profanity? I think it would have a cleaner image when they made the language better and stuff because the even tagline is pure of curse words. a bit of that stuff just shows what normal scenario it is in, but the swearing just makes it entirely fake. I would suggest that they lessen the NUDE scenes and the cursing, and it would help the crap of a movie a lot.

I would also like to comment about the plot of the whole thing. Honestly, I doubt that you could get a thousand snakes on a plane. By all the strict inspections before flight, it is highly unlikely that this would happen thus, making it again very unnatural.

The acting was also terrible, and they could have gotten better people, but apparently, they had a very low budget on the movie, so everything was so fake from the effects, to the snake themselves.

Also, i don't know why people found the movie exciting and all when the whole thing was very predictable and typical bad movie these days. I don't understand why most of the voters thought it was nice when the whole thing was entirely corny.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Mixed Feelings
When I heard that the next movie will be coming out in a few weeks, I was really excited. I'd wait week by week until the movie came. And finally, I was going to watch it! While I was watching the movie, i understood it fairly well, but my friends who haven't read the book kept on asking me questions.

The only things I could say about this movie is that it is truly awesome on the visuals. Honestly, i was really waiting for this movie for months, and I felt that the waiting was worth while anyway.

I must say, I was really impressed with the movie. This movie has got the nice humorous part that brings the little laughs in the theater. I just feel that this movie has got everything that could have been thought of. It's a good weekend movie to begin with.

However, the content of the movie makes the book look bad! I mean i love the books, but this one is the most disappointing on the story part of it. If you haven't read the book, you will not understand what on earth they are talking about. For example, people would know what a gryndilow is!!! I think the script was a bit flawed.

I would also like to point out that Daniel Radcliffe looks absolutely older than the original harry potter. The hair was absolutely terrible! I would suggest he kept it like the one in the third movie because it fits best for the scruffy hair. I'm also wondering why they do not wear their uniforms anymore? well, they hardly wore it anyway. Plus, the long hair really made them look older that what they were supposed to look like. I also don't know how Harry had that muscles when in the book, they said he looked really "peaky"? Unless Uncle Vernon actually made him work out in summer, there's no way he could achieve those. I guess Daniel Radcliffe just worked out, but it really shows.

How come they kept on cutting the good parts of the book? Like all the teasing and stuff? Like how cho chang was actually important in the book when in the movie, she looked like this small time girl who harry likes? I believe they should have made more of an impact with this character than the rest of the extra sorts (like viktor, digory)? Cho Chang was the crush of harry potter! and in the next movie, they are going to make out! And in the 6th movie, they are supposed to break up! If they couldn't build up the foundation of Cho Chang, all hopes will be lost for the desired Cho Chang because the people who haven't read the book hardly even remembered her!!!

The Notebook

OK, when you haven't read the book, it must be the most amazing movie ever, but for me, it was really disappointing to watch. when I was about 10, I read this book, and I LOVED it (despite the love parts thing). But anyway, the book was really inspiring. I cannot believe this movie had a high rating when it the book was much better than the movie. Plus, the book shows much more emphasis on how the two actually loved each other. The movie was just too dull for me compared to the book. My advice is, read the book first than watch this movie if you haven't. The book is the most touching love story I have read.

some corrections that I want to say: this movie sort of showed two young lovers who just ran away, and just got lucky with their relationship. It actually makes the movie look bad!!!! first of all, it should have showed how much deeper their love is than making out and stuff that made themselves attracted to each other. If their love is that shallow, it just shows some madly in love teenagers who would break up eventually. Plus, there were a lot of scenes that was totally different from the book. when they make book movies, they must show what the person is thinking even though they can't exactly blurt it out, since it is a film. well, it will be more difficult to do this, but they have to find a way, because everything comes out differently when it is just acting.

Star Trek: Voyager

really corny
as a matter of fact, the shows sucks. Well, I was a able to watch a few episodes myself, before the reruns of CSI Las Vegas. It has these disgusting creatures featured in the movie, and what's worse is that it looks absolutely fake. the bad singing is intolerable, by the way. Plus, the fashion isn't even what you would call cool. it's actually very rubberish and stretchy, i believe. I don't know if this horrible show has ended, but i hope so, because the really fake and out of date gadgets just make it look bad. I'm sure Spike should remove it someday.

I also want to comment on the girl who looks kinda pretty but she isn't??well, she is blond and all. If you look closer, you could clearly see that those 'things' that have been stuck to her head was covered up with concealer, or something plus, don't you realize that she is always holding her breath to keep her stomach from bulging??? it's always in every episode. Believe me, she doesn't look good holding her breath all the time.

High School Musical

the most disappointing Disney movie ever possible.
I was truly disappointed when I watched this movie because my classmate had a friend in the US and he told my classmate what a wonderful movie it was. when it was finally premiered in Canada, I was really anticipating it. But, it was a waste of time to watch a horrible movie like High School Musical. i believe there are better things to watch than crappy movies like this. the lip syncing, and the weird love things they do are totally fake. plus, the character portrayal was terrible. I didn't even know Gabriella was a nerd until she had to join this math competition! I extremely don't like the dreamy expression gabriella has when she looks at troy. Not like it doesn't happen, it's just that she overdoes it all the time. The movie was extremely flawed in many ways.

The love part of it was really bad too. In most Disney movies, there is at least a very juvenile kiss shown, but in this movie, there was none. it was pretty disappointing to find out that things as simple as this was not taken note for.

7th Heaven

this is the most awful series I watched.
honestly, this show is utterly disgusting! well, I never really heard of this show until I went to Vancouver for the summer. but anyway, I was able to watch one episode, since this was oftenly mentioned in the book series, The Princess Diaries. I was deeply disappointed when i watched one episode about the family's aunt being an alchoholic. it was truly weird and fake. an alchoholic, I believe, cannot function properly, plus the family never really realized anything wrong until Simon got hurt in that episode. but anyway, it was really fake and how could they be happy all the time. i also realized that Jessica Biel's acting is really bad. Honestly, it was really the crappiest acting I have ever seen. It was terribly impractical, what they did with the alchoholic aunt. Plus, the younger sister was acting really open with her relationship with that guy she was supposed to have thanksgiving with. but, the guy was terribly ugly as a matter of fact. I believe it is a good thing that this crappy horrible series was ended once and for all, after it's impractical approach on everyday problems. I'd rather read things about those things than watch the horrible show.

PS: the fashion is seriously outdated.


Worst Cartoon
we watched this movie and my dad slept through it. I mean, there are a lot of factual errors. and for a kid's movie, it very inadvisable to watch this with children because, only girl cows have udders??? it's not a joke, it is a mistake and there is nothing funny or whatsoever in that? and, you want to see a literal "party animal?" CORNY!!!

First of all, it is really an ugly cartoon, and really corny to begin with. Plus, they are party animals, literally. the movie also shows the irresponsibility of the other cow and how irresistible drinking and partying is. Basically, that already includes shooting up drugs in other words. it is a good thing the fact of women aren;t there. and, as a parent, you would not want your child to see that part of the world even though that is basically reality. but the partying, the driving under influence, and stealing in the movie is influential material that could lead to more crooks in the world in the future.

A note to the people who think that this movie is nice.

Spider-Man 2

How could this movie suck more??
I totally don't understand why this movie was called a click!I felt that doc oc was a lame villain in the movie, considering he had no genetic power of any sort. there was too much science in the movie that doesn't really go with the original comic book. I feel that it is a good thing that spiderman 3 came and rescued the trilogy (for me).

to tell you the truth, I had very low expectations with the spiderman 3 because of the crappiness of the second one, but as it turns out, I liked the third one. they say that the third didn't have any character dev, but I think that the villain in this movie was too well dev that left me bored. the audience knew the villain too well that didn't leave us curious unlike the spiderman 3. a good example of this is venom with the bell thing.

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