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Is this available on film or DVD?
Trackdown, Wanted Dead or Alive, Gunsmoke, and Have Gun, Will Travel were my favorite television westerns during the 1950s. I have the DVDs of the last three but can no record of Trackdown being available?

Hoby Gillman is as an important part of my memory as Josh Randall, Matt Dillon, and Paladin. I remember being glued in front of the television set on Saturday night with my family all around, turning the rabbit ears in JUST the right direction to get the least amount of "snow". A bowl full of popcorn and a bottle of Dr.Pepper by my side, I rode the range with all of my idols. Through the miracle of cable and a DVD player I can experience this feeling once again and it's wonderful! Trackdown was on for three seasons, as I recall. Does anyone know if it's available?

Return to Sender

Another Hollywood message movie but done well
First of all, I liked this movie. Connie Nielsen, Adain Quinn and Kelly Preston are all terrific actors (especially Nielsen, who's been a favorite of mine since Gladiator) and all do supreme justice to their roles. That said, I didn't know much about this movie (nothing actually) when I rented it and was very disappointed to find that it was just another message movie which told us, the ignorant, just how evil capital punishment really is. The crowds at the prison just before the execution were all stupid redneck types shouting obscene comments. Nowhere did you see a Mike Ferrell type and his equally moronic crazies. Also, many of the comments made by the actors were about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I wish Hollywood would go back to making movies that tell a story and quit trying to sell their left-wing agendas.


A great, great baseball movie
I loved this movie! Billy Crystal idolized Mickey Mantle (as I did in my youth) and was probably rooting against Roger Maris not to break Babe Ruth's record but he, obviously (as did I), came to realize what a fantastic year 1961 was and what a remarkable achievement Roger Maris accomplished in, not only breaking Ruth's record, but standing up against the tremendous pressure and negativism that surrounded him. Barry Pepper and Thomas Jane, if neither ever made another movie (which I know that have), really cemented a place in my heart for their performances. Truly outstanding! Even more outstanding is Billy Crystal direction. Are you aware that Barry Pepper was a real athlete in school but Thomas Jane had never had a bat in his hand before this movie? Also, did you know that Roger Maris still holds the North Dakota high school for scoring 12 touchdowns in a single football game and that he won the MVP not only in 1961 but also in 1962? Why isn't he in the Hall of Fame?

Honor Thy Mother

I read the book "Blood Games" long before I saw this made for TV movie and was interested in how the writers would handle the facts. Would they stick to the facts or would they "Hollywoodize" it? I was surprised that they were pretty right-on as to the Dungeon & Dragons aspect, the drugs and the actions of these college idiots who conspired to murder the parents of one of them. Anyone who minimizes the effect that Dungeons & Dragons had in this tragic event should read "Blood Games". Unfortunately, the movie was not that well-acted and the dialog left something to be desired but, overall, not bad.

Pennies from Heaven

A Remarkable and very unappreciated film
This is definitely one of my favorite film musicals of all time. Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters are both terrific, the Busby Berkeley-like dance scenes alone are worth the price of the movie and to see Christopher Walken sing and dance is, well, amazing. I can't understand why PENNIES FROM HEAVEN is unavailable on DVD.

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