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Angry Boys

An unexpected winner
I, like some other reviewers, stumbled upon this little diamond by accident.

Although it is not a new format (mockumentary) Chris Lilly presents us with believable characters that we can learn to "love to cringe" with!

Great fun and with story-lines that usually interlink at some point.

It is clever but with a splash of total silyness but stories that leave you wanting more.

I feel I know the characters already and know this will run and run.

Even though I am from the UK, I have met most of them in one form or another.

Well done Chris!


Brilliant British film
I didn't know what to expect with this film as I'm not a football fan.

I love British films so I thought I'd give it a watch, even though it's not the sort of film I would usually go for.

I'm so glad I did now. It was moving and taught me lots about the Munich disaster (I wasn't even born when it happened).

David Tennant is fantastic (obviously) and all the other actors were brilliant.

My daughter has told me that there has been a lot of controversy about this film but I'm glad I haven't read any of it as it was just a really good film.

Would defiantly recommend it.

The Switch

A surprisingly enjoyable watch
Now I'm not a soppy "predictable-and-it-works-out-in-the-end" type of girl, so I watched this film as a bit of a time filler.

Although I wouldn't admit it in public, I really enjoyed this film.

It was a nice feel good film and even though it was obvious what would happen in the end, I enjoyed the snuggly ride there.

The acting was good (very typical Aniston) and it was nice to watch a film I didn't have to think too much about.

All in all a really nice escape for an hour or so and a great hangover cure!

Oh and the little boy is refreshingly cute without making me feel like I've eaten too much candy floss!

The Resident

Great idea, shame about the film..
I'm really glad that I didn't get to see the photos/media from this film before I watched it as they give away the ONLY good part of the film.

I enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so and settled down to what I expected to be a really good thriller.

I was a little disappointed thereafter.

Even though they did a good job of mixing the normal 'stalker' premiss up a little, I still was left feeling I deserved a bit more.

The flash back scenes were good but I think they could have been more of them and I didn't really get a satisfying "oh that's why he did it moment"

Not a total waste of time but in 2011 I think I need more substance.


I'd rather watch an episode of Perry Mason!
Did I really have to give this awful film a score at all?

I watched this "film" while making a Sunday Roast as I didn't think it would hold up to much and I was soooo right. I found slicing roast beef and checking the veg far more enjoyable than trying not to laugh at the silly story-line and cardboard acting.

I guessed what was coming right from the beginning.

It seemed as if they took the concierge man straight off a hot-dog stand and gave him a part in the film. Either that or it was one of the directors' Grandad!

Unless you have something far more interesting to take your mind off this horror, leave well alone !!!

The Social Network

You don't have to be a Geek to love it!
Firstly I have to admit to being a bit of a geek and I thought this film would be just a bio of the monster that is.... Facebook.

I had no idea that the conception of 'lil old Facebook was so controversial.

I was pleasantly surprised that, although I loved the Geek-isms it also had a great storyline. The actors are well suited to their characters and play them well without the usual over-indulgence when making a movie like this. I swayed between feeling sorry for the creators and envy for the groupies!

Altogether a great film that I would recommend.


Brilliant! No need to say more
...although of course I will!

Clever, surprises around corners and certainly made the watcher think (although my head hurt at times).

At the beginning of the film I was slightly confused, but this just added to my "ahhh I see" moments. I was left wondering how a persons mind can create something like this, although maybe he dreamt it ;-) The acting is brilliant, the pace was perfect and the characters were totally believable. There were times in the film that I didn't think I would be able to keep up but it just grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me along. I think it is genius to make such a visually stunning and trilling film also very touching. The SFX were totally believable and pulled me in.

This one stayed with me for a while.

The Trial

Yawn...Has it finished yet?
How on earth did this get an IMDb rating of 8.7! I had to check a couple of time to make sure that: 1. I had watched the same flick as the other reviewers 2. I hadn't fallen asleep and woken up on a Sunday afternoon in 1980 3. My fondue had not been stolen for the plot and 4. That I hadn't missed a guest appearance from Columbo! I love a good "easy watch" film but this was just boring. I feel the storyline was weak, not knowing whether to follow the tales of woe about the lawyer or the trial of the boy with neither being strong enough to carry the film. The only good thing I can say was that the cast were well suited to the film (although that's like being told you were a good swimmer when everyone else round you are doing the Doggy Paddle) and it made me crave a cheese sandwich. I'm off to cleanse myself with an episode of Perry Mason!

My Family's Secret

Terrible, predictable nonsense. Some "Spoilers" contained.
I want back the hour and a half that I spent watching this film!

After reading the storyline I looked forward to a film that I thought would be reminiscent of Sybil (one of my favourite films of the era) but I was bitterly disappointed. The only similarity is that one character has multiple personalities, oh and for a film made in 2010 there was enough cheese to make a 70's fondue! The story is about a woman's visit to her husbands home-town and his brother to find out more about her husbands past as he has tried to commit suicide. I spent the film waiting for some sort of surprise or twist but there was neither. The acting was truly awful and the actors looked like they were reading from cue cards. Anyway, I'm glad to be home and off to watch another film on DVD to take the bad taste out of my mouth!

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