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Austenland - laugh out loud funny!
I haven't written a review on here for ages but after seeing the little publicised "Austenland" I felt the need to add my views into the pot. I went to see this with a friend yesterday and was honestly expecting an overly cheesy and sloppy romantic movie but hey, as an Austen fan there's nothing wrong with that! However, I was thoroughly impressed with the movie as it was so funny and well scripted. I actually laughed out loud all the way through. I have been to West Wycombe where it is filmed and have read all of Austen's books which of course is an added bonus but even someone who doesn't know the stories to be able to pick up the puns, innuendo etc would still appreciate this film as it's so funny. There are many rubbish comedies produced that have so much PR and marketing around them I think that it's a shame that a film like this that is actually really enjoyable will be seen by few as it has not been promoted. In summary, if you want to see a fun and enjoyable movie and go expecting humour rather than culture, go see this. It won't win any Oscars but is an enjoyable 1 1/2 hours :)

Ocean's Thirteen

Great fun!
Oceans 11 was a great remake (and that being said by a Rat Pack fan!) but Oceans 12 slightly let the side down. Although the sequel was very funny the story was seriously lacking. So, when it was announced that a 3rd would be made I was quite sceptical. I heard mixed reviews but went to see it last week with an open mind.

The movie is thankfully based in Las Vegas again and is actually really good. It's funny and clever and back to the Oceans 11 chemistry. It's not going to win any awards for best actor but it's not trying to be an Oscar winning movie. It's 2 hours of great entertainment and hey, with all the terrible things that go on in the world it's good to have some feel good escapism....And don't forget you get to see George, Matt and Brad!!

The Pleasure of Your Company

Not great!
I was very disappointed in this movie as I was really looking forward to seeing it. I liked Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers and am a big fan of American Pie so the pairing of Isla Fisher and Jason Biggs I thought would be great. However, I was sorely mistaken. The film has tried to re-invent American Pie but with a much odder sense of humour.

There are some funny moments in the movie but it goes so far beyond humour it becomes ridiculous. Admitedly it is a comedy and you don't expect a completely realistic movie but some realism would be good. Most of the characters are camp and over the top so it is hard to find any of them particularly likable.

The film becomes a silly farce which is a real shame as the premise was good and if the script wasn't so ridiculous it could have been a good movie. Let's just hope that Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher choose better scripts next time around?!

Harsh Times

Do not watch this movie!
Well, I've just seen Harsh Times with a friend and we were both so disappointed. Christian Bale is a brilliant actor but what an earth was he thinking playing this role. Admittedly his acting is excellent as is Freddy Rodriguez, but there is no story. Nothing happens until about an hour and 15 minutes in to the film. I've read a few reviews that compare this film to Training Day which is a complete insult as Training Day is a brilliant (Oscar Winning) film with amazing performances and most importantly...a good plot line. It's such a shame that the 3 lead actors (Eva Longoria also stars) chose to star in such a dull film. Another opinion that I read is that it is edge of your seat thrilling, but there is nothing in it that makes it tense or interesting. When a film actually makes you want people to start killing each other so as to have something of interest to watch, it shows how bad it really is! The highlight of the film is a very funny line of "I see dumb people"!! Very amusing...

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