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Butterfly Kisses

Fake NEGATIVE reviews
I don't get how some of us here get accused of creating fake reviews. If the accusers here aren't familiar with how reviews are done including NOT agreeing with their negative opinions then there's nothing anyone can do towards these ignorant stubborn people. I found this film to be quite fresh among found footage films and it really creeped me out throughout its duration. Perhaps the end wasn't that conclusive but that's OK considering the film couldn't have ended better. Solid acting, great camera work to give this eerie feeling of old early 2000 feeling. And best of all, the story of this director which was pretty much going downhill and I seemingly enjoyed it as it wasn't predictable that much. Overall a really creepy film that will satisfy horror fans.


Fantastic real action remake
What is up with the reviews here and some of them leaving a negative reviews based on the trailer shame on you for coming all the way to dismiss this film without watching it. The rest must've watched something else as I walked out being absolutely mesmerised by the colours, the songs and the acting. It was a great time without being a rip off to the original. Will Smith, Naomi and Mena were all great especially Smith as the genie. I grew up with the original and this one brought a smile to my face all the way through. There was action, humour and magic throughout and there was absolutely no dull moment. The haters are being too fussy and way too nostalgic. Remember this is a live action it's supposed to have 'real feel' what did anyone expect? This couldn't have been made better. And finally Jaffar was menacing acting like a psycho rather than a total copy of the original. Even if they brought someone who looked remotely close to the animation people would still complain. Put a sock on it. Watch in HD and you'll see how enjoyable this experience was.

The War of the Worlds

What happened to the lead
This has PC rubbish written all over it. If you're interested in that then please watch all 3 episodes and if not then spare yourself from some mind numbing propaganda. This made me rewatch Tom Cruise/Spielberg's version of WOTW. But kudos to the Edwardian era setting as that was done well.

The Rezort

Good Zombie story since many years
This is a little gem hidden on Netflix and I'm glad I found it. Personally I'm incredibly tired of the zombie genre and did not want to watch it at first but read some reviews and I was surprised once started watching it. The acting is pretty solid from most of the actors and the dialogue hits a tiny bit of depth in the midst of the film however sadly it doesn't delve into that depth and begins the adventure of killing spree. Having said that, it is not boring either and I loved the idea of this island as many have compared it here to Jurassic Park. It's not exactly the same but the island is reminiscent of the latter. Still worth a watch and quite enjoyable. The very end scene was lame though.

Stranger Things

Season 3 was a disaster
Stranger Things season 1 was absolutely brilliant spot on the money. Then came Season 2 and it was less. Now we have season 3 and it is with all regret absolutely terrible. Where should one start? Let's bullet point:

*Russian propaganda done horribly wrong. *New characters added did not help the plot but made it worse and cheesier. *The main kids have inevitably grown up which reduces the magic of 1st season and 2nd. *The adults/parents are cartoonish and retarded. *Political correctness added (LGBT approved) which is totally irrelevant considering the 80s theme. *The upside down world reduced to ashes (mimicking). *El's character is just a fighting machine and did not contribute to the plot or made sense later. (Oh wait apparently these zombies are doing it all for her or to eat her!?) *How these random people went through a Russian secret base is beyond me. And then the code was cracked by a little girl. *Winona Ryder was screaming with hysteria throughout the show making her look like a child. *Finn's character is only rolling his head and eyes and being helpless. *Last scene of last episode was a wtf one in a negative way since it made no sense whatsoever. Lastly to conclude unfortunately and quite frankly this season was atrocious on many levels. There were no similarities to season 1 and many of the things happening in S1 and S2 were not followed up as if the producers dropped them without explanation. We have been waiting for 2 years and now we get this. Of course the cinematography was amazing including the soundtrack but the rest fell flat.

Danur: I Can See Ghosts

Goofy disappointment.
I always look forward foreign horror flicks and when I saw this came on Netflix I thought this must be good since it was commercially successful in Indonesia. Sadly I was wrong. There was nothing remotely scary in this film and there's no background to the story, we're simply expected to watch and get scared. There are plenty of jump scares and boy are they loud. I'm not sure I understood anything other than ghosts running around. I suppose for Indonesian audiences this is a good horror attempt. But for us horror enthusiasts, this is a total waste of time. Thank me later.

Don't Tell Her It's Me

A throwback to the mistakes of 1990
Steve Guttenberg could've turned his career around if he'd chosen better serious roles as he was clearly capable of delivering great performances. Unfortunately, he'd rather stick to this kind of light romcom and other similar films resulting to an early 'retirement' in showbiz. Please note that the comedy aspect in this film was very little. The beginning was promising including a recovering cancer patient (considering not many cancer related films were produced back then) showing some realism in the main character making the viewer sympathise and think of post cancer life. That's all good until the film turns the other way round into a goofy silly story revolving this shallow woman and the need to please her through Gus's (Steve Guttenberg character) new appearance. This is an insult to post cancer patients who continue struggling with depression and heavy medication for a quite some time. Add to that, Gus's silly 'cartoonish character' of a sister who's an absolute nightmare on screen. Overall, the film was 100% predictable and a nuisance.

Kyaputen Tsubasa

Best football anime to date (1st season 1983)
This review will focus on the first season from 1983 which in my opinion is the best season of all. The show is about a primary school boy the skilled Tsubasa who moves in to a new area where he joins a lousy football club and turns it into a better one. He inspires many people along the way and create a positive atmosphere wherever he goes. The football is not only a ball he plays with but also a best friend that he's attached to in an extraordinary way. There's a reason why this tv show has inspired the likes of Neymar (Brazil), Zidane (France), Messi (Argentina) and other great footballers. The creator of the show makes the hero grounded and humble: a person that inspires people of all ages through his great characteristics and FAIR game. Tsubasa is passionate about football and he's determined to win but also accepts defeat in order to become a better player. He becomes friends with his rivals and all players learn from each other quality lessons that extends outside football. The show even focuses on the players private lives and the harsh environment they live in yet their determination to play football despite their situation. I cannot praise the show enough for its inspirational stories, witty characters and tactics in game. Sure, the anime quality is not great but it's been more than 35 yrs since then. Kids of today can learn a thing or two from this great show and it's available on YouTube with English subtitles in HD. I highly recommend it.


Dreadful cheap and degrading
Avoid at all costs. It's porn on Netflix for 15+. Now teenagers can enjoy porn on Netflix how crazy is that. Young women degrading themselves in front of the camera, the director trying to make the viewer believe it's an ordinary job for these girls etc and the ending is one of the worst I've ever seen even if this perverted director is trying to make a point about social media. That point could've been made better without the p$%#y flashing and titties. Very interesting though how critics LOVE this movie that it's no 2 on Rotten Tomatoes top horror movies of the year. What happened to Me2 movement? Lol bunch of Bull.


Good but doesn't satisfy
The idea is great and it has been explored before in other horror films but in different ways. The acting is actually quite good but gets repetitive from one particular actor namely the policeman. There's one fantastic scene in the second act (it involves a child) which was absolutely terrifying and deserves to be in the top 10 most shocking scenes in horror films. That alone deserves a proper watch. The final act was a bit of a let down as there was no explanations to certain events or occurrences therefore leaving one guessing what is happening. In fact, those 3 scientists/people of authority were totally useless in the film. At least one of them could've been useful but they were all sadly wasted in a plot hole. The very end was ok. But overall it's a worth a watch and good attempt.

Our House

Needs more work but good
I didn't expect anything from this film but was pleasantly surprised with the idea and all. The main character looks like a young Justin Long, same expressions same size but less of an actor. The rest of the casts served their purpose ok in this film. Some scenes dragged a little making it boring at times but otherwise good pace throughout the film. It's not particularly scary but there's some well done intense scenes. Also, I would've loved to know more about this 'energy' idea but unfortunately perhaps the director and producers were too afraid to venture into something that intelligent so they chose the easy cliche way out. Love the song at the end. Overall good watch.


Annoying mother
I loved Grave Encounters, so when I saw this movie is from the same creators/producers I immediately wanted to watch it. The first act was kind of slow yet intriguing but the actress playing the mother is incredibly annoying and I was rooting for the father who really looks like Christian Bale. There are dumb moments especially with the baby and his cot. After all the drama why was the baby still left alone in his room? Naturally you would put your baby in your room if there's any signs of danger. But nope baby was alone despite all the facts presented. There were other odd moments that didn't make any sense or added no action to the plot. The acting was good though and quite believable. The villian had little screening time which was another negative point to add. Overall, a very forgettable movie that could've been executed much better.


Unfriended: Dark Web

Similar sequel to the original with 'realistic' elements
The movie was quite similar to be honest since the 'villians' are almost invisible. It got on my nerves because many things are questionable for us who are into tech. But overall it was ok to watch and some scenes were executed well.

Wind Chill

Introduced new concept to genre
Watched this on Netflix the other day having not heard of it before. The film started slow but Emily Blunt was too good for the viewer to look away so I kept watching despite getting bored at times. The other guy was alright and I guess he was vital to the story which is why they kept the dialogue long. But as the film was done in 2007, there was a new concept introduced to the horror genre and without spoiling lets say that many other horror films that was made after this one worked on that concept well and the 'loop' went on. The film was suspenseful at times but wouldn't call it terrifying, this is more of a classic ghost story but acting was superb which was a huge plus. The ending however was somewhat sad yet satisfying so I would say it's worth a watch but not twice.

Summer of 84

Great 80s homage and production
The story reminded me much of Tom Hanks The 'Burbs but with kids. The 80s homage was great much better done than other movies. The kids are not annoying but actually likeable and knew how to act. It was all very exciting from the beginning showing the simple life of the 80s kids, almost wishing I grew up as a kid then. Then the story progresses to something more gritty and by the end, without spoiling, it all gets intense. All in all really enjoyable time in this flick and I'm actually looking forward to watching a sequel. Definitely a surprise movie.

Father of the Year

Couldn't finish it
My God, anything to do with Adam Sandler is utter disaster ie Happy Madison. I knew once I saw that name that this will be a very tiring experience and it was worse as I couldn't even finish this piece of junk. What happened to comedies nowadays? Netflix needs to buy the rights for cinematic comedy features instead of trying to produce an 'original' and ultimately failing. Spade was good in the past but this is too embarrassing to watch. I gave this film another star because of the first pool in car scene which was funny ONLY since it didn't include people talking. The dialogue is atrocious and the acting is forced with a cast that is unbelievably unattractive and unlikable. Beware of the high rating as it seems they must've been paid to give false reviews. Really disappointing.


It's a shame
The start was quite slow almost reminiscent of Total Recall and even some other parts of the film. But then things started to happen and it got interesting. Acting wise both lead roles are extremely stiff and very unlikable, even their neighbours were better in that aspect. Still, the story was intriguing so it was worth to continue watching. Unfortunately this is where things go extremely horrible. The first revelation in the movie was very clever and could've headed somewhere nice in terms of entertaining some conspiracy theories out there but sadly by the time the 2nd revelation or twist showed up, the film became boring and uninteresting. And that concludes the entire film as a great disappointment. Cgi was ok but could've been better, and almost the entire film feels dark as I couldn't see clearly what was happening. Anyhow, it's a movie you can certainly skip.

Pay the Ghost

Why not
It's Nicolas Cage and you know he's had his ups and downs in movies but possibly more downs. This one is in the middle. The botton line is it's always fun to see his facial expressions and dedication even to a story like this which is not that bad at all but very familiar. As a horror fan, this one feels ok at times but mostly filled with horror cliches mainly the jump scares. But that's not to say the movie didn't have it's creepy moments as there were a few nice ones that crept here and there and at one point it really reminded me of Sinister so that was a plus. Overall, it's on Netflix so why not give it a watch. The ending however was a bit laughable.

The Devil's Doorway

It was good
The film has its cliches but is nonetheless interesting. I liked some of the priests conversations and questions and it would've been brilliant if they continued that path but the ending was rather wrapped up in the usual church themed cliches hence the rating for this film and the disappointment. The acting was good and believable and some issues regarding these shelters gave me chilling revelations and might as well depict a realistic point of view. Some issues with the film was the camera that's supposed to be from the 60s and that's not really true, there's no way anyone could've possessed a camera as such. But otherwise for horror fans, it's really worth watching. The found footage style was done good and not really a burden to the eyes. Well done Northern Ireland.

How It Ends

This had lots of potential
I really enjoyed the beginning maybe the 2nd act less but it was alright. However, there are many ambiguities is this film like incidents that happened with no explanations and there were many of these. Whitaker was brilliant as usual and the main actor was alright too. The rest just served their purpose but nothing special acting wise. The dialogue is lazy written and there's nothing spectacular about it. The ending however, without spoiling, is a real pisser as it reminds me of another Netflix disaster, Open House. Of course Open House was trillion times worse but the ending had the same feel as if the director literally had to be somewhere else and cut the scene. One could argue that the disasters themselves are self explanatory but in this case it is not done well. We are supposed to watch a movie not play a game of guessing things. In the end, this could've been a fantastic film but the producers, writers and director were very lazy to even attempt making this great.

Aka-chan to boku

Brothery love
This is an early to mid 90s anime tv show which has won awards for its story. I watched this in Arabic and then in Japanese and both audios were brilliant. The character development was incredible and very touching between the brothers and their father. It begins by introducing the small family who've recently lost their mother/wife. Some scenes makes one tearful as it really depicts the grief from each family member including the baby. But especially the 10 year-old boy who matures throughout the story to become an independent self confident reliable individual. This show is very underrated and deserves more attention. It's short, only 33 episodes or so but definitely worth a watch.

Staying Alive

Simple story with great soundtrack
The problem with audiences and critics is that they often hope a sequel will live up to its predecessor. This is certainly not to be expected in this film. The acting was definitely not good but tolerable most of the times and the story is pretty much straight forward; a young man who wants to make a living in Broadway. The dancing was absolutely fine and at times it's extraordinary to think Travolta had those fantastic dancing skills, it's simply great. The actor playing the director was most convincing in his role otherwise the rest of the actors were bland. I have seen this film several times and often because of the soundtrack which features mainly Bee Gees and Stallone's brother. After all, a few of the songs were nominated for well-known awards so that should add credits to this film. I'll recommend watching for the dancing, Travolta moves and most certainly the songs. Otherwise not related much to Saturday night fever.

Ghost Stories

Good but overhyped
I'm a horror fan so I was thrilled to hear about this film without spoiling anything through the trailer. Having watched the movie it left me slightly disappointed wanting more. The acting is great but some scenes are way too long especially the first story honestly I was waiting for something incredible by the end of it only to feel weird and not in a good way. Having said that, there are some new horror elements that I rather enjoyed. But they are a few. Overall the film could've been better and it left one asking more questions as the plot or twist didn't make any sense. It's a shame really.

The Endless

Slow but interesting
This film reminds me a tiny bit of the British film The Ritual in terms of one aspect. To be honest, I was interested to watch this as some viewers stated it was horror mixed with sci-fi. Unfortunately not much horror at all but the sci-fi elements were definitely there. It's a slow built film but eventually things starts to emerge and the picture gets clearer. However, to say that the main questions were answered regarding the main plot is to lie. There were many questions left and mysteries regarding whatever's out there. I liked the ending though but I kind of know how it might disappoint some people. What people want as an ending is what has been shown in many films and it's kind of getting repetitive. Overall, I think the concept is interesting but more is needed.

The Week Of

Yet another Adam Sandler fiasco
Why can't both Adam Sandler and Chris Rock consider doing anything but comedy? It is time for a genre move I think. This movie is way too long and very cringe worthy in most scenes. Having said that, there are a couple of scenes that were genuinely funny but that's as good as it gets. It was nice seeing Beluscini (I know I misspelts his name) and quite refreshing but sadly he wasn't put into much use. In overall the movie had potential but got flushed by Sandler and Rock's performances. Not even worth watching sorry.

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