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My Hero: Girlfriend
Episode 2, Season 2

Promises must be honoured.
Janet and George are shocked with his betrothed Ultron wife, Xil arrives, an old custom means he cannot break the bond, and Mrs Raven wants a moped.

I really did enjoy this, the quirkiest episode so far, the perfect mix of funny and crazy, lots of laughs again coming from Mrs Raven. You just knew she had a last trick up her sleeve.

The alien-ness was well played and capitalised upon. Not a script that could work on any other show.

Amy Robbins is absolutely brilliant here as Xil, and true enough, she really is a goddess, fabulous, so good, loaded with charisma, she really did suit that costume.

Good fun, 7/10.

My Hero: Parents
Episode 1, Season 2

Very funny.
Tired of her parents putting George down, Janet spills his identity, with major consequences.

Here we get an insight into what life would be like for Thermoman, should his secret get out, favourite episode of the show so far, super funny. Great one liners and physically very funny also.

Loved the jokes about model train sets, and seeing George in his hideous brown cardigan.

At times it really does feel as though the writers borrowed a little from Doctor Who, there are so many scenes where you just think, two hearts eight hundred odd years of age, at a time where Dr Who was in hiatus, were they having fun?

Geraldine McNulty steals this one for me, Mrs Raven has been growing as a character, and here she really does steal the show, first off tormenting the poor lad with acne, and secondly as a the blond bombshell.


Hidden: Episode #3.2
Episode 2, Season 3

Quite a heavy episode, good watch though.
Cadi begins to look for suspects, those close to Ifan, she also has an important decision to make about her future.

An interesting episode, but one that definitely does suffer with pacing issues. It is very intense and atmospheric, and as much as I love those qualities, it did seem as if rather little actually happened here.

Cadi, I really like her, she's a career woman, but a go getter, someone that just gets on with things, sadly she seems to get no support from anyone, family, partner, they all want to hold her back.

I liked the story surrounding Dafydd, he's an interesting character, as is Shaun. Best of all, I want to know what that Vicar is up to.


Hidden: Episode #3.1
Episode 1, Season 3

Back with another bleak mystery.
Cadi and Vaughan are called in when the body of Ifan Williams is found by the side of a river.

First off, in this age of budget cuts and financial restraints, I am so glad to see a show like Hidden back on our screens.

Hidden is back, so expect the following tick list, gorgeous Welsh scenery, subtitles, hideous rooms and smouldering Welshmen. All of the usual elements in place, it's not perhaps as deep and engaging as previous episodes, but it's a decent start, I am intrigued by Ifan's loved ones.

I'd forgotten how stressful Cadi's family life was, her sister is still a bit of a nightmare. I bet she'll be glad to distance herself there.

A solid start, that offers a degree of intrigue, 7/10.

Meet Marry Murder: Episode #1.7
Episode 7, Season 1

A chilling story of abuse and murder.
Hannegret Donnelly is arrested on suspicion of murdering her husband Christopher. Police uncover a history of physical and mental abuse.

This rates as the most bizarre story of the series so far, not because it's a story of a woman abusing a man, it's the way that she callously relays events, it's almost as if she isn't human, something pretty terrifying about her.

The interviews are intriguing and shocking, that side of things is what's been missing throughout this series so far, seeing Hannegret somehow makes it all feel real.

I do find it strange when people remove themselves from society and reality, it's clear that it suited her shocking way of life.

A chilling story, 8/10.

Meet Marry Murder: Episode #1.6
Episode 6, Season 1

Such a sad story, so many lives ruined.
With his marriage little troubled, Anthony Anastasi moves his Mistress Jacqueline Riggs into the family home, devastated by his actions, wife Ann Marie devises a cruel plan to deal with them both.

One thing I've found pretty astonishing, is the lack of sense shown by some of the perpetrators, Ann Marie is no exception, I can't imagine how on Earth she thought she'd get away with things, it didn't seem like the moat organised or well planned crime.

Deplorable behaviour once again, from all of them to be honest, the husband committed the most awful act, moving Riggs in, it cost him his life, so many lives ruined by her anger and jealousy, it's a very sad story. For once I'm in full agreement with all of the speakers.

I'm finding it a little distracting, that the lady psychologist is sat at a really bizarre angle, facing away from the camera, looking away, it's really strange.

Very sad 7/10.

Meet Marry Murder: Episode #1.5
Episode 5, Season 1

A shocking case.
Stephen Searle, a UKIP Councillor and former Marine, kills his wife, and claims that he acted in self defence.

How utterly repellant, for Stephen to have been having an affair with his own wife's partner, utterly sickening, and alone worthy of contempt, but for him to have done what he did, just deplorable.

How bad to think that this man had a public standing, someone who had a hand in shaping this country's very future, shocking. Why did nobody stop him, or spot his worrying behaviour.

Once again, it's a well balanced episode, I felt the arguments from Stephen Junior were valid, when he talked about how it would have felt having to testify against his own father in court, that really did make you think and wonder.

It was a case that was of course very newsworthy, and for good reason.

Shocking story, 8/10.

Meet Marry Murder: Episode #1.4
Episode 4, Season 1

Real life story of The Widower.
Malcolm Webster meets and marries Claire, a wealthy woman, as soon as they marry, her health takes a turn for the worse, and he's taken out ten insurance policies on his new bride.

I remember this story very well, it really is a chilling watch. I think this is the best episode of this series so far, it's very well put together, with some intriguing interviews.

I urge you to seek out drama The Widower, made by ITV, starring Rees Shearsmith, it's a dramatisation of this story, and well worth seeing, it's brilliant.

Malcolm Webster must surely be one of the cruelest, most calculating killers of all, truly a monster, with no respect for human life, just an obsession for greed and money.

A chilling watch, 9/10.

My Hero: Comic Relief Special: My Super Hero
Episode 0, Season 2

A sweet segment.
Clearing up all crimes, helping all the sick, things become a little tough for The BBC when there's no crime and no problems.

If only some of those shows had been axed, I think we'd have all been much happier. Vets in Practice, was there ever a more agonising watch.

I did laugh at Anne Robinson's segment, and it was really lovely to see the late great, Mo Mowlam, how lovely that she got a segment here.

Michael Burke, not known for his acting skills, but it was for charity, I did like the sincerity of the news article about Thermoman.


My Hero: My Hero Christmas
Episode 7, Season 1

A well meaning Christmas special.
It's the first Christmas for George and Janet as a couple, George misunderstands a conversation, and invited all and sundry round for dinner.

It's a very sweet episode, I don't think it's a particularly funny watch, but it delivers a sweet, cost message about Christmas, families and friends etc.

The characters are all so well rounded, I've gotten used to all of them now, I love the dynamic between Tyler and Mrs Raven.

It's a far cry from the Christmas specials from One foot in The Grave, Only fools etc, but it was still a fun watch.

Considering that George's father was on Earth, and he's been there for some time, his knowledge of Christmas is surprisingly lacking.


My Hero: The Party's Over
Episode 6, Season 1

Nice end to the first series.
It's Janet's thirtieth birthday, and George struggles with the concept, not even getting a present, a hooker gives him a few ideas.

It's a fun, lively end to the series, a very original episode, one where Janet gets to experience some of George's wider aspects of life.

Good fun once again, with some amusing jokes, again it's her mother who makes me laugh. I'm loving Mrs Raven, the pair shared some funny scenes.

I'm reminded of Not Going out a little bit, there's always the closing scene where Lee and Lucy are in bed chatting about the events of the day, that's similar here.


DI Ray

A moving and powerful series.
DI Ray disarms a man with a knife, recognised for her bravery, the powers that be move her to head up a murder case.

I was very impressed by this four part series, it's complex, it's deep, it's incredibly well paced, don't expect endless meandering, Ray is thrown straight into the action.

Very well made, it looks and sounds great, it's a cut above your regular drama series.

Line of Duty vibes, which isn't really surprising, it's not as complex or heavy, but it has similar tones and vibes, the usual level of corruption.

How utterly refreshing to see a predominantly British Asian fast for a change, about time and great to see, and every player here is excellent.

Parminder Nagra is just so good as the lead, she steals the show, and truly develops with each episode, you witness some of the deliberate, and not so deliberate racism that she, and many others must feel.

Please let there be a second series of this, there deserves to be!


DI Ray: Part Four
Episode 4, Season 1

Close to home, very enjoyable conclusion.
DI Ray continues to hunt for the criminal parties, her digging unearths new evidence, and a shocking revelation.

Ray has yet another death to investigate, only now she has more support from her team.

I really did enjoy it, I thought it was a fast paced, intense and gritty final episode, it flew by, and ended pretty well I thought.

The acting has been the best element of this four part series for me, and Parminder Nagra has been outstanding from start to finish, she has delivered the goods.

Shades of Line of Duty in terms of tone and twists, which isn't hugely surprising I guess when you see who the writer is, respect!

Let's hope there's a second series!


DI Ray: Part Three
Episode 3, Season 1

Oh boy this was good.
Having made the tragic discovery, Ray is keen to speak to the one survivor, but he's placed into an induced coma.

I thoroughly enjoyed it once again, a complex story, with very interesting characters, plenty of action, and a couple of lighter moments too. That ending though, off the scale.

The scene in the pub between Ray and Tony, absolutely loved it, we've seen the horrible side of racism and ignorance, and there's some here, however that scene was heart warming.

Parminder Nagra is incredibly good here as DI Ray, so impressed with her acting, I love the complexity of her character, I love the tension that exists between her and her boss.

How utterly brilliant is Maanuv Thiara, who plays Tony, for my shame I've not seen much of him acting, but he's now on the radar, I am already a massive fan, he's awesome.

Loving it, 9/10.

My Hero: Old Man Riverdance
Episode 5, Season 1

This time we meet George's dad.
George's dad Seamus arrives, and instantly disapproves of his son seeing Earth woman Janet, he demands the relationship comes to an end.

Not a bad episode, a few fun moments, we only just had a meet the parents episode, and here we've got another. Seamus is bonkers, we can see where George gets is from.

Peadar Lamb was funny as dad Seamus, and I doubt it's the last we'll see of him, I'm sure he'll be back causing mayhem again.

Avril really is a funny little thing, loved Moya Brady in The Bill. I'm glad to see he's selling Solgar vitamins in his shop.

Not bad this one, 6/10.

My Hero: Thermoman's Greatest Challenge
Episode 4, Season 1

Best so far.
George has a nightmare about Janet dying, this heightens his anxiety, and causes him to become somewhat overbearing and overprotective.

Perhaps this was the funniest episode of this first series so far, there were laughs from start to finish, and Mrs Raven really did come into her own, she was hilarious here, and bagged the best laughs.

Loved the scene where Janet's mum spied George in the shower, she definitely has a thing for him.

So unusual to see Philip Whitchurch playing a comedy role, I've always been so used to seeing him in villainous roles, I had no idea be was so funny.

I thought this was doing to be a little limited, if anything it's getting better with every episode, 8/10.

My Hero: Mission Impossible
Episode 3, Season 1

Grimsby faces imminent destruction.
Grimsby is on the verge of destruction, as janet has unwittingly washed Thermoman's suit in biological washing up liquid.

I really rather enjoyed this, wonderfully silly from start to finish, I had to check to see what time and day this was transmitted, I had wondered if it was part of the teenage scheduling, alas not. However it was funny, and this one sees the biological differences between Thermoman and Janet at play.

I like that we get to see the real side of Dr Crispin, or Dr Crippen, he really is a nasty piece of work, his interview is hilarious though, is his TV career in tatters, or is he going to bounce back?

I love how Janet's mum seems so taken with George, and who wouldn't be!


My Hero: Guess Who's Coming to Lunch
Episode 2, Season 1

George tries to behave normally, with amusing consequences.
It's time for George to meet the parents, so Janet arranges a dinner evening, but is worried what Stanley and Ella will make of Thermoman.

I liked the first episode, this second one though, was a winner, this was as quirky and zany as the first, but this was funny.

Plenty of fun moments here, the dinner was the show's best scene so far, loved George's efforts to behave normally, and what's better, is that you can truly see a lovely on screen relationship between the two leads. Ardal and Emily clearly had some fun making this.

Lill Roughley is great as Janet's mum, I always think of her roles with Victoria Wood, and in Mulberry, she's excellent, so funny.

Enjoyed this, 7/10.

My Hero: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

An amusing enough start.
Earth's very own superhero, Thermoman, aka George, saves the life of Nurse Janet Dawkins, and falls in love with her.

I'll be honest, this show did pass me by during its original run, so I'm watching this completely fresh as it were. So my first impressions of this pilot episode, it's a sweet and amusing start.

I'm finding it hard to see past the character of Dougal here, even in the opening scenes, I genuinely thought it was a Father Ted crossover. I'm sure I'll be won over in an episode or two.

A few amusing moments, I liked the surgery secretary, the scene in the restaurant was funny as well.

Dr. Piers Crispin was an interesting character, I liked the backstory they gave him, and I'd forgotten just how handsome Dennis was back in the day.

Solid, 6/10.

DI Ray: Part Two
Episode 2, Season 1

This was a great episode.
DI Ray has another death to investigate, she's battling at work, and has stuff going on in her personal life.

I can't help but wonder if Rachita is unknowingly dealing with an enemy within. There's a lot going on here.

I thought this was brilliant, a very, very strong continuation, fast paced, dramatic, well acted, edge of the seat viewing, with a shocking conclusion.

It's perhaps the case that too much is happening to DI Ray, she's being attacked at home, getting engaged, and facing slurs at every possible corner, the point is being hammered home at every opportunity.

My irritations are minor, I loved it, 9/10.

DI Ray: Part One
Episode 1, Season 1

A very strong start.
After an act of bravery, DI Rachita Ray is moved to homicide, the first case she's involved in is the attack of a Hindu man.

Those opening moments were absolutely brilliant, exciting and dramatic, we learn a lot about DI Ray in those minutes, she's thrown straight into the action.

No pacing issues here, there are no jogging scenes, no scenes of Ray looking lovingly at her children, it's straight into the case, and it's a thought provoking one.

Really liked the character of DI Ray, she's obviously smart and tough, but here we see that she's getting it from all angles, prejudice, racism and ignorance.

I've been looking forward to this, and I wasn't disappointing, this was a strong start, 8/10.

Sister Boniface Mysteries: Lights, Camera, Murder!
Episode 2, Season 1

Bundles of fun.
St Vincent's is used as a location for an action TV series, much to the annoyance of The Reverend Mother, during an action scene a live round is discharged instead of a blank, narrowly missing an actor.

Plenty of fun, a definite homage to the crime, action dramas of the 1960's, Operation QT sounds like the kind of show I'd have loved.

I enjoyed the mystery, I kept on thinking of Agatha Christie's The Mirror crack'd from side to side, similar vibes. I loved the character play, and the original set of characters.

I absolutely loved Sister Peter, what an absolute joy she is! Sister Boniface herself was almost a background player here, definitely not as involved as in the series opener.

Light and fun, 7/10.

Meet Marry Murder: Episode #1.3
Episode 3, Season 1

What a sad story.
After twenty seven years of marriage to his wife Lisa, Thomas Infante kills her, allowing two of their children to discover their mother's dead body.

What an incredibly sad story this is, I'm sure many people can relate to this, sometimes it's possible to just fall out of love with someone, after such a length of time though, it must have been a cruel pill to swallow, no justification for murder, and Thomas's most cruel act of all, was to allow the body to be found by his children, an unimaginably cruel act.

Credit to the son, I admire him for speaking up for both of his parents, he perhaps provided the balance that previous two episodes didn't have.

Very sad, but good, 7/10.

Meet Marry Murder: Episode #1.2
Episode 2, Season 1

A thought provoking, powerful story.
Police are called to the home of Muhammad Amin Miah, who's been brutally killed, prime suspect is his wife, Mahmuda, his bride of just four weeks.

It's another dry documentary, it's a very interesting story, one that is definitely thought provoking, one that will leave you questioning many things.

There is definitely something so bleak about this crime, it's a horrible, brutal, cruel crime, mean and devious. There's something almost Lady Macbeth about the story, a shocking crime.

Mahmuda, again, I wish we could have heard from her. Now I know it's a cultural difference, but the idea of arranged marriage is just so alien to me, how on Earth could you start a life, with someone you don't know, despite suggestions from the commentators, she definitely felt pressured into entering into the marriage, it doesn't seem at all possible that she had the choice of saying no.

I'm not sure about the commentary that Mahmuda and Miah should have had a happy life, there clearly was no spark there. A definite victim of circumstance.

Sad story, 8/10.

Meet Marry Murder: Episode #1.1
Episode 1, Season 1

Interesting start.
Kelly Cochran and her husband Jaon set a pact on their wedding day, that should either take a lover, the other has the right to kill the lover, Chris Regan, known to Kelly, disappears.

It's not a bad start to the series, it's an interesting story, with some insightful interviews, there's always something a little quirky about British shows detailing American crimes, they're more subdued, a little less glitzy, this is quite dry.

A pity we didn't see any of Kelly's interviews, or here from her. Definitely a troubled individual, once again we see the damage caused by drugs.

As always, I enjoyed the narration of Will Hanrahan, he has an unmistakable voice, and does a good job at presenting the information.


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