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Supernatural: Moriah
Episode 20, Season 14

Hated the ending. Enjoyed the episode though.
I really hated this ending. I'm scared where this might go. After 14 seasons, I suspect it is difficult to come up with great ideas without jumping the shark. God is the monster? {sigh}


A Good British Whodunit Worth Watching
I enjoyed watching this series. It took me a minute to stop seeing Dexter when I watched Michael C. Hall. Once I did, I enjoyed it even more. The one problem that I had with this was the motivation of Jenny Delaney. Nothing that she did made any sense. You could pin it on youth, but there were plenty other similarly aged characters that made better choices.

Captain Marvel

I loved the cat, but the rest of this movie struggled a bit
This movie had its problems, but it was overall enjoyable. I laughed several time, but I was not amazed like I was with several other Marvel movies. I loved the cat, Goose. I loved the 90s music and technology. Nick Fury's temperament seemed odd. The big problem was Carol Danvers didn't make me feel anything. I didn't believe the big moments. I don't know if it was writing, acting, or directing, but I cared more about the green and blue aliens than I did about the hero.


Idiotic choice after idiotic choice after idiotic choice should have been the name of this show
I like James Patterson, but these writers are seriously out to lunch. These characters continuously make one bad choice after another. Much like Jurassic Park, I started rooting for the animals midway through season 2. Season three was the absolute worst. I see why it was cancelled.

Zoo: Diaspora
Episode 2, Season 3

This is where I stop watching the show
It was a fun episode right until the last big reveal. They jumped the shark.


Canadian TV is on a roll. Sanctuary is a breath of fresh air.
Sanctuary is a fun show to watch. Amanda Tapping and crew do a fine job of telling interesting stories. Many of the story lines came straight from the webisodes. However, the topics were highly compelling, the acting wonderful; especially with all the green screens, and the production may be the wave of the future for most TV series.

I would not be surprised if several of the actors receive awards for their acting. In addition, I expect to see several technical awards for the production of the show.

Christopher Heyerdahl plays a couple of characters that are very different from each other. From the first episode of season one to the last, you get to see his incredible range as an actor.

Most of the time when an actor or actress plays a role for a very long time, the way Amanda Tapping played Samantha Carter, it is can be difficult to remove that image from the audiences mind. In Sanctuary, Amanda Tapping proves yet again what a fine actress she is as Helen Magnus. She created a new entertaining character for her public to care about and support.

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