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Legend of the Muse

Old Celtic folklore comes to life in this Indy thriller
Cool story. Great ensemble cast. Beautifully shot.... I definitely recommend checking it out. It's on Amazon Prime.

Brother's Keeper

Not another Faith movie. A+
Yes, This movie is about redemption, faith and forgiveness, but it doesn't 'sugar coat' the edges of life with an unrealistic preachy, utopian society. One that ultimately work out their differences, walking hand and hand into the sunset. This is a gritty, period crime drama that reveals the inherent ugliness in human nature... additionally showing how we can overcome that ugliness w love. I highly recommend you watch the movie for the 'story', and don't adopt a preconceived notion of the quality simply bc it's a 'faith' centric project.

Sugar Wars - The Rise of the Cleveland Mafia

Any Mafia enthusiast (or History buff)- IS A MUST SEE
This was a pretty enlightening/educational production. It was a thrill to sit down with key members of the justice department, neighborhood eyewitnesses, "retired" La Cosa Nostra and friends and family of the old Ohio neighborhoods. It was a walk through time and did a tremendous job explaining how the mafia came to power. As well as the damage these historic trials inflicted on the Cleveland and NY Mob.

If you are a mafia enthusiast, history buff or just curious about the inter workings of these "connected' families then please tune in and watch SUGAR WARS. In addition, these historical trials acted as a spring board for Rudy Giuliani's political career.

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