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The problem with movies like this...(some spoilers)
...is that the makers try to have it both ways. Adultery is wrong but....you know when a woman is lonely or bored or just wants to spice up her life then it is OK. The cuckold husband comes off as a wimp or befuddled, stupid or whatever. Only in movies where the husband is unfaithful do we get black and white lines drawn. This is terrible, how awful what a monster he is. In the movie the wife has supposedly been affected by her fathers infidelity ( aha!! We knew a man provoked this) but by the films end she condemns his affairs harshly while her own indiscretions go by with out any judgment by herself or open honest admittance by her. 5/10

Alamo Bay

Anti-Vietnam veteran garbage
Notice the stereotypes this movie presents: Vietnamese as courteous, hardworking, church going honorable people. Vietnamese war vets: racist, womanizing drunks. This is one of many films that utterly demonizes Vietnam vets. Madigans character so admires the Vietnamese leader that she declares: "You have to be the last cowboy in Texas".

If you watch most Vietnam war flicks vets are usually (take your pick or all of the below) criminals, drug users or dealers, perverts, rapists, psychologically unbalance, racists. Yet statistics show that VV's are no more prone to this than the rest of the general population. Do not watch this crap.

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