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Mil gritos tiene la noche

Funniest horror movie ever
Ok, i've seen this movie countless amounts of times and it makes me crack up each time. The kills are so gory and unnecessarily violent while the dialogue and characters are just as absurd. My favorite part would have to be when Willard (Paul L. Smith) is seen near the chainsaw and attacks all of the police officers unprovoked! The guy's completely innocent yet he feels the need to brutally assault all the cops and even Kendall's vicious 2 X 4 beatings can't stop him. Another classic moment is the random ninja who attacks the woman cop and of course is best buds with Kendall. Classic cinema!


It wasn't that bad!
Ok, I went to see Crossroads on opening night with my two friends mainly as a joke. I think Britney is a fox and I wanted to see her in skimpy clothes, but thats besides the point. We're all 17 year old guys who mainly listen to death metal so don't think we're fans. But i actually didn't think the movie was too bad. Britney looked great in it and could actually act. I only gave it a 4 but thats good for my ratings. The only down points in the movie were when they would incorporate her music into the movie, such as the karaoke scene and her boyfriend writing "im not a girl". that was just stupid. but i would recommend this movie to any britney fan and especially to any guys who want to see her wearing skimpy underwear. it was sweet.

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