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Belle Epoque

A delightful romp filled with great characters....
Somehow we missed this 1992 Oscar winner for best foreign film until Oct. 2002 when it was broadcast on Starz. What a joy! Gorgeously filmed with great scenery, beautiful music score, and lovely character development of an amusing, poignant and totally steamy story of a young and beautiful soldier in 1931 Spain who deserts from the army and takes refuge with an eclectic artist in his farm house - and then his 4 georgous daughters (including Penélope Cruz) come home for a vacation. The ensuing romp is predicable but has lots of humorous twists. Filled with delightful characters, including the artist's zarzuela diva wife who shows up with her cockled manager-lover, this flick is a delight. Oh, did I mention it was steamy?

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