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  • This film is quite simply just a lot of fun, and it's not a guilty pleasure. It's very well directed, written, and acted.
  • This is not a film for everyone, just like Kelly Reichardt films are not for everyone. So if you've seen her films, you kind of know what you're getting into, except this one is more plot-driven than many of her films.
  • Can Elisabeth Moss do any wrong? Not from what I have seen of her, and i have seen much of her film and TV work.
  • This was a well done and surprising Netflix film, way to go in 2019 with animation between this and I Lost My Body
  • This film could have gone further in depth to explore the complexity beyond the superficial issues at hand here, but it's still super entertaining and well acted.
  • This is a really well done film that I definitely recommend to anyone that has a chance to watch it
  • I found this to be a highly original and ambitious foreign film that will no doubt impact many viewers.
  • Overall, this was an enjoyable film, even though it wasn't perfect. It is still recommended.
  • I expected a good film but what I got instead was something OUTSTANDING. It's really disappointing that it seems like this hasn't garnered the passion I feel like it should. For a film like this to come across as completely authentic, genuine, without being cloying and overly sentimental, is an incredible, incredible achievement. The same patience Rogers showed in real life is demonstrated perfectly by Heller. Letting scenes play out without music and letting them breathe the way she did... absolutely perfect. This was the biggest surprise of the year for me.
  • I quite liked this film for what it was, even if it doesn't hit the same heights as the first one.
  • Having seen the new 2019 version, it was great to see this other adaptation of the beloved novel.
  • This was an intense and expertly crafted film, very much worth your time, not just for the effects but for the impressive sound/score/directing.
  • This isn't an easy film to watch at times, but it's definitely one that is crucial and is very well done.
  • Never seen or read any version of this story, but this was a brilliant, brilliant film and highly recommended.
  • This was not a great film, but it was still very enjoyable. Very flawed however, and not as god as the previous two.
  • This was a delightful film, one that I did not expect at all, but one that I very much definitely recommend.
  • This was definitely the kind of film that we needed to see Adam Sandler do and the kind of performance he needed to give to convince us that he is actually capable of greatness.
  • Malick was responsible for one of the decade's best films in The Tree of Life, but since then had struggled to get close to that film's quality. Until this film.
  • The film is pretty much a standard, by-the-numbers biopic, but Renee Zellweger is absolutely incredible.
  • The directing here is great and so is the acting, even when the screenplay sort of falters. Still very much worth it.
  • There are not many films that come around that have the sheer power and beauty of this. For that reason, I highly recommend this.
  • This is definitely not like your average aninated film. The biggest thing that stands out is the amazing music score, one of the best of the year.
  • This film works mostly in a metaphorical context, so it's unlikely you will know much of why things are the way they are, but I believe that's the point.
  • This was not at all everything I expected it to be, being much funnier than you would think for a film of this subject matter. It has an oddness that makes it proudly stand out.
  • I'm in love with this film. I was highly anticipating it after the fantastic trailer, but even I was surprised by the film it turned out to be. Emotionally moving and devastating it surely was, but the technical filmmaking on display here continues to prove that Trey Edward Shults is a director to watch for. I'm also in love with his two prior outings (Krisha and It Comes at Night), but for me this may be his best yet. This could have been made in a more typical straightforward way and still been powerful because of the strong writing and acting at the core, and yet Shults wanted to do more than that. That may mean that he may frustrate viewers and may prove to make his film more divisive, but as far as I'm concerned, the experimental-like cinematography, score (as well as the existing musical pieces) and editing really make this become a near-masterful film. It all culminates to create the most emotionally taxing and moving film I've seen this year.

    As for the acting, wow at Kelvin Harrison Jr. I liked him in It Comes at Night, but it was a role that was almost faded into the background of all of the drama occurring around him. With Luce and now this film, he's proven to be an incredible actor worthy of a long career ahead of him. Sterling K. Brown is, unsurprisingly, fantastic. Taylor Russell gives an incredibly sensitive, restrained and completely captivating turn as well. All three stand out among the finest performances of the year. What a shame that award bodies are going to ignore this film.
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