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The Fixer

A Great & Poignant Movie that I have been trying to "Purchase" for years. "Sources for obtaining this would be appreciated".
In 1969 while in Basic Training at Fort ORD, California our Company viewed this movie. Being 1969 and all that was happening at that time and as basic trainees, in an infantry company, 18 to 21 years of age, most destined for Vietnam, most had few things in our minds beyond our survival in the months to come. The strength, determination and courage in the face of oppression, constant disappointment and the insurmountable odds of survival unified all 120+ of us to a standing ovation of applause and cheering at the end. We all came from such different backgrounds, Watts, Oklahoma, East LA, Salt Lake City, Montana and Chicago. We were all of different ethnic backgrounds, Hispanic, Black, Irish, Catholic etc. None of us knew of Jewish life in Tzarist Russian. All felt a bond with "The Fixer", a victim of times, prejudice and "The System".

For many of us, the move, "The Fixer" did more than just occupy an afternoon away from military training. It connected us with a spirit, a humanness to deal with and hopefully survive adversity. To this day the other message I carry is that every act we do is a political statement. Even the act of being, "Apolitical" is a statement of politics.

A Great & Poignant Movie that should be included in everyones film experiences!

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