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Nemesis Game

OK kind of movie
To summerize this movie: nice for TV but too small for the theatre. I enjoyed watching this movie at home but I wont watch it a second time. The concept is good, but what ends up in the movie is just a summary. The end had a 'nice' twist but is still unsatisfying. Maybe it was the intention of the director but it wasn't worked out like a it should be. But then again, it's an OK kind of movie.

Out for a Kill

My number one
I'm writing this while I'm watching the movie. After 10 minutes I already had the feeling that we were watching the worst movie of this year. Ten minutes later we knew it for sure. That's when I went to IMDB to see if this movie actually got the rating we were thinking about. At this moment the rating is 3.3 and it's too high. The scene with 'our hero' in the plane and the agents on the ground is ..... I really have no words for it, this is too much for me and the rest. No more Seagal ever again. This is my number one movie, number one on the list of the worst movies of this year.

Vanilla Sky

A more than pleasant surprise
For me this was the most pleasant surprise in the theater of the year 2002. I know it's still early but this will be a film worth remembering. There are great scenes in the movie, it's a superb story (my compliments to the writer), Tom Cruise was surprisingly good and the actresses were not only beautiful but they were also acting great. Too bad that's not what I will remember a year from now. The one thing I will remember from this movie will be that it's another answer to the question of who we are and what's going on around us. It's an answer I would love and hate. The only reason Vanilla Sky isn't going to get a 10 out of 10 is because of the end. Not because of the questions it leaves but the dialogue between David Aames and the psychiatrist McCabe. That's a I want to say about the scene because else I would expose to much of the end. But 9 out of 10 isn't that bad, isn't it?

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