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Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach

Seann William Scott Saves This Movie From Bouncing Out of Bounds
When I first approached this movie, I thought from most of the reviews and comment that it was going to be horrible. The truth was that the script and dialog was absolutely horrible. I felt like I was being dragged through a bunch of kindergarten jokes. The story was unbelievable and either not satirical enough or too satirical. Most of the comedy was not like anything I had seen before, like Napoleon Dynamite meets The Office. It's like the writer was waiting for me to laugh, but I never did.

On the rare occasions that I did laugh, it was caused by Seann William Scott's acting or Danny Leiner amazing way of saving this film. Perfect timing on some of the sequences and just the right angles resulted in a some what funnier film than that would have just been the script. Seann William Scott's awkward and unusual play at Gary makes for an interesting look, yet sometimes I wondered if even Scott knew what Gary was going to do next.

Overall, I enjoyed this film besides the overkill of homophobia humor. I thought it was a new take on Tennis, and made me laugh at certain points. It was great to see Danny Leiner direct a comedy that didn't include two guys and a car. I don't recommend it, unless you have some free time or are a fan of Seann William Scott, but it wasn't the worst of them all.

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