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Tomb Raider

why the rush ?
Movie's ok nothing noteworthy but for a better character development and storyline, they should've waited for shadow of the tomb raider to be released THEN make a tomb raider movie. the whole thing feels incomplete.

i have nothing against Alicia Vikander she's a great and talented actress, but a touch of realism and continuity could've been added to the movie if Camilla Luddington was to portray Lara, just like in the video game trilogy reboot.

Den of Thieves

striking resemblance to HEAT (1995)
I think the source of inspiration for this movie stems from HEAT (1995) because it bears a striking resemblance to that movie at least for the first 15 minutes. watch closely the first quarter hour and you'll know what i'm talking about. other than that the movie is great.

Olympus Has Fallen

RIDICULOUS copy of die hard
this ridiculous attempt of a film is trying to be something and succeeds big time and that is a ridiculous copy of die hard. what it fails terribly at, is actually portraying the real thing called die hard, and even more, surpass it. what were the film makers trying to do? copy die hard only on a grander, more apocalyptic and exaggerated scale? apparently so. it's just one of those movies (and there are a lot of those these days, sadly) where the trailer is awesome but the real thing sucks big time. this is policy nowadays in the movie industry, (especially the so called horror pictures where nothing happens for 70 minutes and in the last 20 minutes, they cram all the action and the gore in... pathetic) in that is, to show a top-notch trailer only to lure the viewers into theaters, and take their money for watching an (exagerrated) idea (in this case) of America gone to hell or in general, an idea and characters that could have been developed a lot better had the time and interest been spent more wisely and more responsibly. this film may very well stand as inspiration to the bad guys that actually might have something up their sleeves in terms of (future acts of)terrorism. i mean what are the film makers trying to do by showing this film to the world? give terrorists ideas on how to attack America? God forbid. Then again, sadly, the possibility is there. damn shame. a ridiculous copy of die hard which doesn't even stand up to it. 2 hours of my life gone down the drain. i really tried to like this movie, but i found nothing that could make me care for any of the characters, not to mention Morgan Freeman's talent wasted on a 2-hour ridiculous so called call to arms. he can do better than that, that i'm sure of and examples are quite a few, e.g Shawshank Redemption just to name one, and the list goes on. the film started out nice, pompous and all, but just like a balloon after the first half hour mark, it started to show clichés after clichés, only to fall flat on its a** by the end, and with a bang. you want a good action flick? watch die hard, at least the idea in it is original, and not inspired or copied with slight modifications here and there. in conclusion: a lot of potential wasted on a flick reeled out on cue in a hurry only for the purpose of cash flowing like water from a waterfall and with little regard to the audience's needs in terms of appreciation.

Qi jian

betrayal, love, deceit, 3 deadly ingredients that feed the mind, body and soul
In the mid-1600s, the Manchurians have taken over sovereignty of China and established the Qing Dynasty. While many nationalist revolts still brew within the martial artists' community, the newly set-up government immediately imposes a Martial Arts Ban, forbidding the practice of martial arts altogether in order to gain control and order. Wind Fire, a surrendered military official from the previous dynasty, sees this as an opportunity to make a fortune for himself by helping to execute the new law. Greedy, cruel, and immoral, Wind Fire ravages the North-western China, and his next goal is to attack the final frontier, Martial Village.

Fu Qingzhu, a retired executioner from the previous dynasty, feels the need to put a stop to this brutality and sets out to save Bowei Fortress. He brings Wu Yuanyin and Han Zhiban from the village with him to the Heaven Mountains to seek help from Master Shadow-Glow, a hermit who is a master of swords and leads a group of disciples of great swordsmanship.

Master Shadow-Glow agrees to help, and orders his four disciples to go. Together with Chu Zhaonan, Yang Yunchong, Mulong, and Xin Longzi, the "Seven Swords" is formed and their heroic journey begins.

The heroes return to Martial Village just in time to foil Wind Fire's attack. In order to buy more time for the villagers to conduct their harvest and prepare for an exodus, the heroes advance to Wind Fire's own outpost. Fu, accompanied by Han and Wu, stages a negotiation with Wind Fire while the remaining heroes cause disarray within the fort by destroying supplies. During the raid, Chu comes across Green Pearl, discovering that she is a slave from Korea, just as he was. So begins their romance. While Chu is fluent in both Chinese and Korean, Green Pearl only speaks Korean. After Chu brings her to join the refugees of Martial Village, the refugees are distrustful of her because she is unable to communicate.

As they lead the entire village to the road of a safer place, they begin to encounter mysterious confusion. Food and water are poisoned, and trails of escape are marked with signs leading the enemy to them. They soon realize that there is an undercover spy, and the Seven Swords must identify him/her before Wind Fire's army gets to them. Between this narrow gap of life and death, the situation is further complicated by the blossoms of love.

As the heroes begin to notice that it will take too long to find the spy, they decide to go to Wind Fire's military base where they engaged in a battle with him and his army.

Ye yan

Stunning visuals as if ripped out of a fantasy yet it follows Shakespeare's masterpiece very closely
to summarize it real quick :

Artfully made, beautifully staged, and ultimately rather cold. Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet gets the artifice right, delivering a visual experience that's predictably elaborate and beautiful. However, the characters and emotions never seem to soar. Aesthetically, this is a better film than most, but looks aren't everything.

now for the full comment :

another highly-regarded Mainland Chinese director goes for international acclaim with The Banquet, a lavish costume drama set in 10th century Ancient China. For his first attempt at this genre, Feng Xiaogang enlists the world's most popular Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi, plus he adds the required dose of flying martial arts, courtesy of master choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping. Feng also calls upon composer Tan Dun and art director Tim Yip, both veterans of a little movie called Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. With these sort of people attached to the film, Feng has created what amounts to a cinema guarantee. The Banquet promises high-quality spectacle, and indeed, expectations have been enormous from salivating cineastes and drooling Zhang Ziyi fanboys alike. Feng delivers on the spectacle; The Banquet is a feast for the eyes, and features impressive sets, costumes, and atmosphere. But for an actual time at the movies, perhaps even The Promise may be more entertaining.

Zhang Ziyi stars as the young Empress Wan, who once upon a time was in love with Crown Prince Wu Luan (Daniel Wu). However, instead of marrying the Prince, Wan became betrothed to his father, The Emperor, who subsequently died under mysterious circumstances. The culprit is reportedly his brother, Li (Ge You), who inherits the throne and his hot young wife - and he seems to enjoy both pretty heavily, especially during the much-publicized massage sequences featuring Zhang Ziyi's famously uncredited body double. Li is threatened by Wu Luan, who's off hanging with a white-masked theater troupe, and sends a bunch of royal assassins to off him before he can attempt to reclaim the throne. But Wan is concerned for her former love/former stepson/current nephew, and sends warriors to protect him; during the ensuing actor bloodbath, the warriors do just enough to help Wu Luan escape.

Wu Luan returns to the palace, where he reunites with his former girlfriend/former stepmother/current aunt, and sees firsthand that his uncle has usurped his father's place. Wu Luan also meets up with his current flame Qing (Zhou Xun), a pure sweetheart who doesn't mind that her true love is eternally moody over his crappy family dynamics. Predictably, Li is upset that Wu Luan has returned, and shows it by trying to kill him during a staged duel, attempting to exile him again, and just acting mean to him in an offhand, high-handed manner. But Li has other problems; some of his subjects think that he's an usurper, and some even plot against him. Meanwhile, Wan's place in all of this is unknown. Is she still enamored of Wu Luan, and is she grooming him to reclaim the throne? Or is there something more self-serving and sinister going on in her devious little head? And will Wu Luan ever do more than just brood?

Wu Luan never really does more than just act upset, pace moodily, or display his ire through indirect means - which is fine, because he's Hamlet. The Banquet is a loose adaptation of the classic William Shakespeare play, and Hamlet is supposed to be a melancholy, borderline wishy-washy person with almost no forward momentum. Daniel Wu does a decent job of brooding, but Wu Luan never registers that deeply, probably because he's not even the film's central character. It's Empress Wan who takes on the central role in this web of deceit, lust, and potential betrayal - which is fine, because it puts Zhang Ziyi and her impressive bone structure front and center. Still, Empress Wan comes off as distant and undeveloped, and Zhang struggles to carry the film. One reason for this may be Zhang's age. A coolly conniving character like Empress Wan needs an actress with a bit more seasoning, and Zhang Ziyi is still a very young-seeming twenty-seven years of age.

However, a bigger problem may simply be the film itself, which excels at aesthetically pleasing drama, but doesn't really find a way to convey any real emotion to the audience. The Banquet is presented in a conspicuously confined way, much like its stage-restricted inspiration. The sets and art direction are spectacular, but do little more than dress up each dialogue and gesture-heavy scene with obvious artifice. The Banquet feels very much like an ornate theater drama, where everything is perfectly arranged and everyone impeccably mannered. Even the people with murderous intent conduct themselves politely - to the point where they allow loved ones to die before finally acting with any sort of passion. It's all very beautiful in its restraint, but it's also very artificial and slow. The actors speak in measured tones, and even Yuen Woo-Ping's elaborate action scenes are hampered by an overabundance of slow-motion that makes them seemingly go on forever. The action also feels perfunctory and even unnecessary. Given its themes of desire and deception, The Banquet could have been told without any martial arts whatsoever, much less the flying kung-fu variety. The Banquet doesn't try to be as epic as its contemporaries, but its production is so polished and programmed for international acclaim that it ultimately detracts. The filmmakers follow the genre playbook and go for opulence and elegance, and the result is a film that never seems to surpass its obvious commercial or artistic aspirations. The Banquet is predictably gorgeous, but also somewhat cold.

Yeopgijeogin geunyeo

Silence ! I kill you !!
Does that line sound familiar ? Well, it's the best way i can describe the girl playing the "terrorist" exercising her moves on her newly met friend. There's 3 things that bug me...1: is she acting like this only to test his loyalty to her or, is she doing it just for laughs, or her acting is the result of a bad experience considering the aftermath of her previous relationship ? The movie doesn't answer any of those questions but leaves the viewer's imagination wonder, it gives us the freedom to speculate, freely. The movie portrays an exceptional blend of tragedy and comedy in high doses, one moment you find yourself laughing your a** off and the next you find yourself crying your eyes out. It's like someone's playing with your feelings by setting the rules in opposition while you're jumping from one foot to the next like a jack in the box not knowing what to make of the 2 main characters especially the girl. Or if this were for real, you probably wouldn't know what to make of what's happening around you. Probably. Why did the guy take all that abuse from the girl even though mild in terms of brutality, a couple of slaps here a couple a slaps there, a punch here another one there, one (or more)major hit(s) in the face, i'll never understand, but i can only guess. Anyway, what's keeping this picture together is the acting which is outstandingly done, and what's more it has a rare "scent" to it. I mean how many of us can honestly say that "my girlfriend is this majorly bitch that bullies me whenever she feels like it but i still can't brake up with her" ? It's a simple yet complex story, unique even told on a linear level between 2 people that accidentally as fate has it are destined to meet each other in odd VERY ODD circumstances, only to experience a so-called relationship that apparently doesn't stand on its own and yet its savior is the essence of the story itself as it unfolds. Odd, isn't it ? Watch this wonderful piece of cinematography and you'll likely to get the point. Thank God I don't have a girlfriend like that, but then again...... Solid 10/10

P.S For anyone who is interested in having a copy of the original story as posted on the internet by Ho-Sik kim, the author who experienced it all in reality, there is an on-going translation of the guy's work made by bumfromkorea. He's up to chapter 12 so far out of the 33 in all, and his work is highly appreciated especially for the fact that he's doing it pro-buono. Copy/paste rules :) Thanks bumfromkorea your work is one of a kind. Just look up the user comments and you'll find his translation there.

I would very much appreciate it if the P.S part would be considered as an addition to the original comment instead of a replacement, since i edited it. Thank you.

Chakushin ari final

1 and 2 were great but this one takes the cake.
i watched all 3 of them and the action gradually builds up in the first, (very well done, outstanding even,no negative comments there regarding Chakushin Ari 1) in the second we're treated to a mix of horror-thriller fest, also very well done - i cant understand why Chakushin Ari 2 is so underrated :(- where the story stimulates the adrenalin even more, and now we come to the third one. i cant find anything negative about it, it has all the ingredients a horror-thriller flick needs in order to keep the viewer glued to the screen. nothing overly done as far as the acting goes, very well chosen sets, excellent script, excellent score and in this horror-thriller ride we're even treated to a bit of drama-romance, (keyko and that other guy i forgot his name:P) blended in perfectly with the on-going story. like i said it's the best of the trilogy and it's definitely worth at least a watch if not more. this is not your average slash-and-dash-Friday-night-video. it is a movie very well made, it is clearly visible the crew used their brains wisely when they set out on making it (as for the entire trilogy as well). and on top of all this we get a nice blend of final destination (also a great one, but just the first part for the sake of the originality of the story) touch added in. this is not a commercial film where all that counts is making money, no, this is (and of course money is also a part of the deal)a great treat to 100 % horror-thriller fest and it takes brains and devotion to a project to make it stand out from other "competitors" in the genre. (i'm talking about the entire trilogy, especially the final part) watch it people, you'll be in for the ride of your life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka

Kinji Fukasaku's touch is missing in every single aspect :(
i had high hopes for this one, but in the end it turned out to be just another Hollywood war movie. the implemented idea of this film based on the first one, tries so hardly to rise up to it, but unfortunately, fails utterly and it shows in a number of ways : the score is not as adrenaline-packed and triumphant, the story stutters and most of the time drags, most of the dialogs are dull and the film itself is nothing short of a rehearsal, in other words to put it more simply, on a clearly visible scale, let's face it, it drags. as far as the war scenes, the only thing that makes them different from all other war movies is the fact that they involve students...teenagers. now for a war movie it is a genuine idea if we are to analyze it as a stand-alone aspect only and nothing more, but truth be told, it lacks a lot of originality and makes a great effort and even succeeds in reflecting the concept of quantity but no quality. 3 hour-drag? come on!! it could've passed for an hour and a half to a 2-hour outstanding movie at least, if not for a masterpiece, but as we can see the director's experience as a director (kinji's son)is obviously missing. you have to consider that the idea of this movie, in itself, is a follow-up of the original, only on a much more obvious, direct approach, given the scale and quality of the war scenes involved here, though the only thing these war scenes have in common in both movies is the grotesque idea of children slaughtering children. there's one thing to see adults doing it and another to see children involved, even though the treatment at its very core is just as bad. if more effort would have been put into this film and more experience involved, probably the sequel to battle royale could have easily equal if not surpass its predecessor. i rate this one a 6 but mainly due to the idea that the "heart" and "soul" of it resides in its predecessor, whereas this one has none of the above. worth a watch for the sake of curiosity and killing boredom/time. and on one last note the only originality that shows in this movie is the original plan the authorities had regarding the children (students), fails as they turn against them and become allies with Nanahara's army, but unfortunately this idea was badly developed or highly undeveloped if you will.

Batoru rowaiaru

man's true nature and the extent of his capabilities FLAWLESSLY REVEALED !
Among other things, if this were to be for real, GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL !! for we would truly be worthy of extinction and the only way for mankind to realise just how fierce, evil and sadistic it has become would be to have it taught a lesson far more cruel than what anyone of us is capable of. this movie shows the evil nature the animal instinct that lies within everyone of us just waiting for the right "opportunity" to surface, at times hybernating at other times unleashed and this movie proves the latter in a unique way that brings out the darkness inside the human mind. how can adults take revenge on children just because they were, shall we say, out of line ? no matter how bad juveniles can be, nothing justifies what happens here...NOTHING ! think about it...i don't know under what circumstances the parents of those students were notified...maybe they were notified or maybe they were "notified" but if they really were notified of what the sick meaning of the BR Act was, what parent in his right mind would willingly accept to have his child put to death in order to justify or willingly give into some adult sick minds' conception of the gravely misinterpreted and mocked in this case, Darwinian theory of the strong shall survive ? If this were to be for real, and thank God it isn't, but just supppose it were, i would be ashamed to call myself not only a parent but an adult as well. Darwin's theory is part of everyday life in one way or another, but to adapt it to such an evil, grotesque way is just too unnatural, too inhuman. even animals fight for survival but for a good cause: they hunt for food unlike man who fights for supremacy, territorial expansion, greed, or even sport. the feeling of greed and evil is absent from animals but sadly not from man, which is a shame because we can think and implicitly distinguish right from wrong far better than animals can not just by making use of our nature-blessed instincts but on a larger, more complex scale. it's a shame that we have become what this movie is outlining.... savages...killing each other for sport. you don't see animals screwing each other over for a goddamn percentage, unlike us. the message of the movie is really sad, and not only that but sounds the alarm on a possible future outbreak of one of man's darkest, yet "unexplored" side. shame on us as a human race for such atrocities now taken to the next level: willingly accepting the demise of OUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD on a yearly basis! (is pretty obvious the parents of those students were notified, which makes it even more outrageous)which no longer involves grown-ups but even worst. As bad as it may seem on screen the movie is excellent and i mean one of a kind in depicting a possible subliminal message to all those who can "dig" it. The story is absolutely unique, original at its very core, something Hollywood could never muster due to a number of reasons some obvious some not. Highly recommended ! Also watch Battle Royale 2 as well even though i don't recommend it and you will see why in my comment regarding it! Peace and god helps us all !


a cute little girl with a score to settle and outstanding martial arts skills takes revenge on her mother's wrong doers
what we have here are 2 major outlines on opposite poles of each other that best describe the movie. more like the angel on the left shoulder and the devil on the right if you will. the "dark" side of the movie portrayed as the "devil" brings about a negative sort of touch to the movie in terms of the script which is outrageously bad or in milder terms, too simple. the "angel" side of the movie shines in terms of choreography which is one of the best i've seen mostly because it is not repetitious and most of all, the heart of this movie reflects in the choreography's REALISTIC touch in the truest way possible. if you own the DVD version watch the end credits and you will know what i mean. the story is all man army (in this case one-girl army...yes, people you've read correctly not one-woman, but ONE-GIRL ARMY)which sets about to bring justice with a personal touch to the one she loves most...her mother, but the incredible action/fighting scenes are even more complicated given the fact the girl is autistic, and as much as they're complicated they're gracious and extremely well executed especially with the slow-motion camera. after the 30-minute mark, gradually we are introduced in the world of martial arts at its finest, with a gradual build-up of simple moves which later enchant the eyes as they transform in spectacular acrobatics. the last half hour of the movie (besides the main character), is the crown jewel of this flick, as the viewer is treated to a whopping!!!! 20 minutes of non-stop!!!! action sequences and fine acrobatics. all-in-all the summary looks something like this: poorly written script with a story that excels in action/ other words choreography at its finest. the latter makes up big time in terms of what the script is lacking but given these circumstances i think a truly martial arts fan can easily overlook the only big minus of this movie...the script. if the script would've been more complex, this could easily have passed for the perfect movie of its genre, but you cant have them all, can you ? still it is a good one to watch, totally entertaining. and on one last note, the plot says "an autistic woman...." the character is a girl not a woman, there is a major difference between the two. peace all and enjoy this bruce-lee stylized flick.

Nae meorisokui jiwoogae

love is a free for all or none at all
i always used to think that love is a stuck-up bitch that bites you in the ass when you least expect it. this movie made me go back on that belief and think about it twice before going out in a blaze of glory thinking the worst. this one is a real tear jerker by the gallon, goes to show that koreans are far better than indians in my opinion in the gender. i don't usually shed tears when watching a love story but this movie can lighten and bring down on its knees even the most ruthless, cold hearted, insensitive soul. i watched this movie last night and i was tremendously impressed with the story mainly because it is one of those rare stories where something like this can happen. i mean alzheimer, come on, it's pretty damn serious and it's one thing when you have no one to care about you and another when due to the illness lives of your loved ones are practically ruined. i watched the notebook prior to watching a moment to remember in the same day but the effect that the notebook had vs this movie, PALES. A moment to remember will make you cry big time no matter how much you try opposing it no matter how macho and insensitive you think you are, YOU WILL CRY guaranteed. if you don't believe a word i'm saying or if you think this is B.S, watch the movie and when you get to the middle and the beginning of the second half and throughout the end, you will see my point.the story is well developed, not too slow and not too fast, the perfect pace for such a dramatic film, no plot holes at all and excellent acting, which shows the actors took heartedly to the story. it's the kind of story that makes you feel sorry for one of the main character and the kind of fate that you would never wish upon anyone, because it is irreversible. instead of having alzheimer, we'd all be better off dead, no matter how much our loved ones suffer. it's you you have to think of first in such a given situation and not them, no matter how selfish it may or may not seem. peace all !! and

enjoy this wonderful piece of cinematography.


nice little fantasy flick worth the entire running time of 100 minutes
the story evolves around 3 teens that are destined to travel back in time to save a village from a ruthless invader Ong Mien which will stop at nothing to accomplish his miserable goal. The surprise comes after about 20 minutes into the movie, when we see the actual time travelling of these teens as their car makes a spectacular touch-down in the middle of the on-going battle between the siyama villagers trying to defend their village and the ruthless invader (not much of an invader but you will see that as you watch the movie)as their enemy. The special effects are descent, don't expect anything fancy, but the story of the film as well as pretty nice shots the camera caught surely makes up for their fanciness. Also the choreography (the fight scenes) are well done. Overall the movie is made up of some 75 % action pretty well done in terms of choreography (not the kind that keeps you on the edge of your seat, for mostly it is predictable) but still on a B/B- level, some 3 % romance and the rest counts for the story's introduction and of course, the end of the movie which is quite nice.There is one moment in the film where you might expect one thing to happen but due to certain....circumstances the entire story takes on a whole different turn which helps in the outcome of the picture. For obvious reasons I will not reveal what that moment is. Watch the movie and you will see what I mean. I rate this picture an 8/10 mostly because of the overall story and the performances of the characters which i didn't find as being overly-done. They kept true to their roles and took them heartedly.

Enjoy everyone.


Only 3 goofs in the entire movie. That IS a record and tells a lot
Hi there ! I just finished watching this movie and in my opinion was very well done in some parts it even topped the 1963 version of Mankiewicz's film. The sets were pretty well made the costumes the same and the dialog was in no way staggering and as for the plot except for a few minor inconsistencies - one of them shown in the Goofs section- was just as the storyline in no way boring. Now with all these having been said i can't figure out for the life in me why so many people don't "agree" with this movie ? Is it because it is a remake and the fact that remakes are generally considered bad ? Why does a remake always have to be considered a - pardon the expression- shitty work ? This mentality seems to have stuck with certain people along the years and it's wrong. Anyway i found this movie - for a TV movie it really is something- to be very good so good that it kept me glued to the screen for the entire 3 hours. And one other thing the actors fit their roles perfectly and took them seriously. I also saw a review that complained about the running time. People, it's an epic it takes a long time to unfold the story of historical events of such proportions, it's supposed to last long. This is not your average slash-and-dash-shoot'em-up Friday-night-video. It takes a lot more time to tell the story of an epic movie than it does that of an action flick. Details have to be considered, historical accounts, facts, etc. I give the movie a 9/10 mostly because of how the main characters played throughout the entire picture and last but not least because someone out there like Frank Roddam had the balls to make a remake of the 1963 version that didn't pale to it and in many ways live up to its significance by making it even better. An on one last note this is the only movie that i've seen here on IMDb that only had 3 THREE goofs in the Goofs section. That ought account for something. Whatever that something is, i think we can all figure it out on our own. Peace all !


Slow story build-up but worth the time - a lesson we should all learn from
Now here's a great director that knows his ABC's when working behind the camera. Good angles, fine continuity, good dialog, great acting from everyone - especially from Sissy Spacek. I gave this movie a shot the first time back in '87 and i was extremely satisfied at the end of the 95 minutes. I think at some point in our lives we'd all wish to be like Carrie, to exact vengeance on those who did us wrong big time but then again we realize Carrie's way is out of our hands and find other ways to compensate for it even if only once. Yes, I can relate to Carrie, being what she was therefore i can understand that what she did to those animals,was well deserved by them not just for mistreating her, but doing it in such a horrible way. The extent of human imagination is sick sometimes and leaves scars that never fade even with time. See, about Carrie, it's like this: you don't screw with me i don't screw with you, but if you're asking for it and i mean ASKING FOR IT, then you got what's coming to you, no excuses. All she wanted was to be left alone but the world around her, the harsh reality of people not being able to understand certain aspects of human behavior, didn't quite "agree" with her and the outcome was major HUMILIATION. And for what? Because she didn't fit in? That's the sorriest excuse I have heard to humiliate someone for.But then again there are people and there are people. Anyway i think and this is just my personal opinion, that Mr. Stephen King thought of all these aspects in a subtle manner when he wrote the novel, and still the subtlety can clearly be seen not only in his book but also and probably even better in the 1976 motion picture directed by Brian De Palma. This movie and the novel as well are a lesson in life that teaches us not to mess with things that are better off left the way they are, alone, in any given situation. To understand this you don't need to read between the lines the action unfolds right before the viewer's eyes. You have to understand that a person can take so much but when you cross the line there's no telling what that person is liable to do, and in Carrie we see - even though fictionalized- the exact extent of what damage a person's rage can do. This rage of course in real life is felt when unleashed in different ways. Hell, i wish i had telekinetic powers:D To sum it up, those losers deserved the wrath of Carrie, they had it coming to them and Brian De Palma did a fine job transferring the story of Stephen King's novel on screen especially for those who didn't have the patience to read the novel. Fine work Mr De Palma and Stephen King as well for if it weren't for his novel the movie wold probably never have seen the light of day.


One major dissapopointment in the film industry spells out "directd by Uwe Boll"
Well, since i commented on the 2nd Bloodrayne movie i felt it only makes sense to comment on the first one as well. I'll try to be short for it would be a waste of time and effort to write a long review for something that's not even worth it. I hadn't heard of director Uwe Boll until until i saw this particular flick. In terms of mockery regarding the continuity of the story of a VG on film, I think even kids could've done a better job than Mr. Uwe Boll did. Mr Uwe Boll, i don't mean to put you down man, but face it, these are the facts, your work leaves a lot to be desired a total waste of time money and effort. If you're so keen on directing movies about vampires related to VG's, and trashing them in an indespicable mocking way. This movie is a big disappointment all across the board, but then again some of us have gotten used to Mr Boll's "stylized" work and know to avoid a movie like the plague whenever we see "Directed by Uwe Boll"

The Rage: Carrie 2

great modernized sequel, genuine might i add with quite a few interesting and at times captivating "ingredients"
First off..i think this movie is HIGHLY UNDERRATED, and i mean HIGHLY. Why do some people have to go around trashing a sequel most of the time just because it isn't consistent with the original ? So what if it doesn't quite follow in detail the book to the letter ? You have to understand it's a MOVIE not a book and in a movie the director may "alter" a few aspects while at the same time being careful not to drift away from the story for sake of creativity. Sure the first Carrie was good, not as gory as the sequel but it has its place in the top notch films, only this one is better and not necessarily because it has more gore in it, though that should count as credit, for after all the story of Carrie is about gore but mainly because not only it follows the plot but adds a few "ingredients" like Carrie's half sister, Rachel, who helps continuing the story where Mr De Palma left off. I suppose the only true opinion we could get about a movie is to ask the author of the book what he thinks of it in this case, Stephen King himself. Yeah Mr Stephen King what is your opinion of the first Carrie movie and the sequel regarding your novel, Carrie ? Unfortunately, slim chances of finding out, i know, but it would've meant something even if just for curiosity's sake. Of course we don't have to agree with it if his opinion were to be known to us for everyone has different tastes, but when you put someone's work down just because you didn't like it it's not the best approach especially if a lot of clues can be seen in the movie regarding the fact that the crew tried their best -which is not the same i could say for the Bloodrayne movies- but that's another story. Getting back to The Rage - Carrie 2 i found the movie to be quite satisfyingly entertaining in terms of love and revenge..nice mix by the way and i will elaborate on both. The love is an interesting add-on that we don't see in the first Carrie - Carrie wasn't loved at all except in her mother's twisted, fanatic and deranged way. Carrie having a boyfriend? Come on, that WOULD be a first, but here in the sequel, we see love building in the chemistry developing between Rachel and Jesse and that's something we can relate to or have related to at some point in our lives undoubtedly. These are new "ingredients" brought to the story, emphasizing the originality of this sequel, "ingredients" not found anywhere in the first Carrie movie. These "add-ons" help the story progress for they revolve around the main characters Jesse and Rachel throughout the entire film in a subtle manner which is even more captivating, at least for me. So, anyway, people, please bare in mind that just because it's a sequel it doesn't necessarily have to be bad, and it isn't. You just have to look beyond certain aspects to understand this and this movie certainly provides them, sometimes not on a silver platter but they're there. And one last thing, it makes perfect sense to name this movie The Rage Carrie 2 since Rachel was Carrie's half sister another genuine idea that brought continuity to the story. And the soundtrack..well... Mr Harvey did a fine work on that one and Ra as well for writing "crazy little voices" exclusively for this movie..that song rocked, man. This film might not deserve a 10/10, but at least an 8, it deserves even if just for the sake of creativity. Still, i give it a 10/10. And whoever doesn't think my vote is fair, that's just too bad. Outstanding movie! Peace all !

BloodRayne II: Deliverance

A complete mockery to the acclaimed video game...Jesse James dhampire of the wild west - reloaded.
You know if i could rate this movie lower than 1, i would gladly do it. I mean come on, is this guy Uwe boll for real ? what was he thinking when he set on directing this piece of trash film that totally MOCKS the video game ?!?! It wasn't bad enough that Bloodrayne 1 the movie came out he had to make a fool of himself by directing the sequel ? i'm no director myself but i know how to distinguish between a good flick and an awful one. And this "movie" fits the profile of the latter. Majesco Games you made one bad move when you sold the license to this guy to direct something like this that totally trashed the reputation of your video game - for those who haven't played the game yet- in the movie industry. Majesco Games, your video game totally rocks especially the sequel but the movie both movies actually leave A LOT TO BE DESIRED and that's to put it mildly. Mr Uwe Boll gets your facts straight before you set on directing another piece of trash moreover if it has to do with a video game that you want to transfer the story to on film, and especially if that video game is high ranked. Other than that, peace. My actual vote is 0/10 because if i give it a 1, i would be praising the... "movie". One last thing: after i'm through with this review i solemnly swear not to write another one regarding any Uwe Boll flick :D The major discontinuity in this flick - and this one's the first one to take the cake- is another actress taking the place of the initial one who played Rayne (maybe Kristanna thought she made a bad move by starring in a Uwe Boll film ? hmmm...)Mr Boll if you started off with a particular actress and wish to continue the story (however bad it may seem) by making a sequel you don't change the main character and the story of the first movie 180 degrees, it just doesn't make any sense, I mean imagine what it would be like if Majesco Games had Lara Croft playing in Bloodrayne 2, they would be the laughing stock of the gaming industry. :)))))))))))) Second discontinuity: since when does the idea of the wild wild west have anything to do with dhampire and vampires ? That's like having a Slayer concert playing at Scala in Milano. You might as well make a movie about Jesse James and turn him into a dhampire and all those he was after into vampires for Pete's sake:))))))))) (won't that be a treat?:D) Or all the same like comparing Beethoven with Metallica or Cannibal Corpse for example. IT JUST DOESN'T MIX. If the first Bloodrayne had a little bit to do with the action in the VG (and which VG did you try to emphasize in these 2 movies ? the first Bloodrayne VG or the second one? or maybe all-in-one?) DELIVERANCE is WAY FAR OUT OF ITS LEAGUE, WAY FAR. And DELIVERANCE from what ? I'm just curious ? Or was "DELIVERANCE" implemented just for kicks? Anyway, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to portray Rayne into a superbi**h wild wild west chick. She's a dhampire, and knows nothing about showdowns at sundown. (She hates the sun, btw). I will not write another comment about any of Boll's movies ever again until he gets his facts straight about directing.


When you put your heart into doing something memorable, people will remember your name
You know back in 1987 when i first watched this movie on VHS - later i watched the uncut version - i was at first reluctant at giving it a shot but then i said what the hell might as well go for it and let me tell you i was more than impressed i was awed this movie was THAT good. I thought of it as the best sci-fi flick ever at the time and still do 20 years later. I mean you gotta look at this movie not only from the crew's perspective but also from the audience's. And that perspective scores very high all across the board mainly because from the very beginning the crew was set on making a sci-fi futuristic movie that continued the story from "ALIEN" but added new unique elements to the story. Everything is great about "ALIENS" the plot the storyline fine continuity and not only it follows where Riddley Scott left off but adds something unique to the gender. And the way the story unfolds gradually building up the tension while at the same time treading on that fine line between dark and light, good and evil, is just amazing how that was done in terms of sentimentality Ripley ,missed her daughter's birthday because fate was cruel to her given the circumstances of her floating out into space for 57 years, after she escaped from the Nostramo, and now she sees in Newt the one and only child who could possibly make up for the hole left in her soul once she found out her daughter was gone only 2 years prior to her rescue and here is her chance to make up for it. The way this chemistry between Newt and Ripley develops can clearly be seen throughout the movie little at first but as the movie advances, their relationship grows ever stronger and culminates at the end when Newt calls Ripley "mommy". It's clear that James Cameron and all his crew had their hearts set on making a movie not just for the money but also for providing high quality action to the viewer blended with that feeling that despite all the evil around us, despite all the risks we take all the compromises we might make, love conquers all in the end from start to finish while at the same time making us relate in some way to anyone of the characters..I mean you gotta understand that love, sentimentality and aliens, the story of the movie don't quite mix generally speaking, but by bringing Newt into the picture as the orphan child, the way the chemistry between the main character and the little kid develops, is just something unique and you don't get to see this a lot in movies of this gender at least not a lot. I just watched not long ago "ALIENS, THE MAKING OF - BONUS DVD ONLY and i was just amazed with all the hard work and soul James Cameron and his entire crew put in, in order to give the audience a final product that i'm sure will be remembered for generations to come. And to sum it up that's what this movie is all about...something that revolutionized the sci-fi gender. Of course Riddley Scott did a fine job to with "ALIEN" only James did better. Way to go James! A masterpiece! And one other gotta keep in mind they used 80's technology as far as the equipment used is concerned - the spaceship just to name one, the atmosphere processor, etc- but looking at this movie 20 years later you still cant tell the technology is just amazing how they've accomplished something like this and only with an 18-million dollar budget at the time. This just goes to show that if you as a director and crew as well have your heart set on making something memorable, everyone will remember your name. And last but not least, the soundtrack rocked, man, especially given that James Horner had little time to implement it into the movie. Good work James! My vote 10/10

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