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Lída Baarová

Why are Hitler and Goebbels not talking German?
When they made the actress Lída talk in German during the filming of her German movies but couldn't let her keep that German whenever she spoke to Hitler and Goebbels. If they can make her talk German in some scenes of course it would make sense for her to talk in German to Goebbels and Hitler, afterwards too. So I skipped most of the movie. But after reading another review about the awful "sex scene" between the Lída character and Goebbels I had to fast forward to watch it. At least it was so bad that it was funny and made me laugh! But yes, it makes more sense that Hitler and Goebbels would speak German and if Lída has already spoken in German (there is even a pointless scene where she is learning to speak and pronounce perfect German by a female teacher) then why not make her speak German whenever she speaks to Hitler and Goebbels and other Germans? Makes no sense that the Germans would all speak her language when she is in G.E.R.M.A.N.Y. The acting is also flat that I wasn't sure if all the actors just hated each other on set or not and I have done a good deal of acting myself to recognize when it's horribly done. There was absolutely no chemistry between the leads, except awkward cringeworthy "I-have-to-smile-and-pretend-to-like-this-person-because-I-am-in-a movie-and-my-character-in-this-movie-is supposed-to-like-this-person". Usually I love movies about the old school nazi's, Hitler, the holocaust and WWII, (no I am not a neonazi just really interested in that historic period) but this crap was very easy to skip. If you want a good laugh you can fastforward to the "sex scene by the fireplace" between Lída and Goebbels but otherwise you should avoid this trash all together!

Let Me In

It's a remake!
I don't have to watch this movie. Because I don't want to. Basically because it's a copy of the original Swedish movie called "Let the right one in". I'll bet the director and the producer of this film didn't even ask to buy the rights for this movie... Good enough though, the original movie has got more votes that this one. Actually 10 out of 10.(If you don't believe me you can search it up!) But I just wanted people to know, because I don't think that there are so many people out there who actually knew this. "MTV at the movies" didn't know..or at least they didn't mentioned in when they mentioned this movie. I recommend people to see the Swedish one. To support the original script and the original movie. Why can't Hollywood and the Americans just leave the original movies alone? Especially Swedish ones, since they are also remaking the Swedish Millennium Thriology: "The Girl with the dragon tattoo" "The girl who played with fire" and the other one, which I of course forgot the English name of. Do Hollywod actually think that Americans are that stupid? That they are not be able to read English subtitles? That they HAVE TO make an American version, to get Americans, British and non Nordic audience to see the movie? Stupid! Just plain stupid!

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