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WCW Monday Nitro

"WAS" great at one time, went down fast....
To the writer who claimed that the Genius Eric Bischoff breathed new life into the stars who were screwed by Vince, Not all of them were "screwed". Sure, Bret was..but his WCW carrer was a joke. He went up & down from face to heel with no explanation. Hogan screwed Vince in 93, when he agreed to do a job to Bret, then said he wouldn't. So Vince didn't want him around anymore. Guys like Savage, Hall & Nash left cuz they wanted more money. So don't go giving ol Eric all the credit. As far as the ratings go, WCW didn't win one damn weeks worth of rating in all of 99 or 2000! The last time they won a Monday nite war was sometime in 98. And trust me, if WCW was so freaking awesome, Vince wouldn't have bought them, they would stiill be around today. The company lost over a Hundred Million Dollars in its last year, and NO one wanted to buy it, thats the only reason Vince picked it up. SO he could bury what was left into the ground.

Anyway, I'm ranting here. I just wanted to let those who "think" WCW could do no wrong, that they, in the end, did Everything wrong, and totally fell apart.

and thats all there is to say about it =)


March 85, Madison Square Garden, Wrestlemania 1 *SPOILERS*
A look at the first Wrestlemania:

Tito Santana vs The Executioner- Worthless match, no reason to even be on the show. Basically just a squash. S.D. Jones vs King Kong Bundy- Match lasts less than 30 seconds. Ricky Steamboat vs Matt Borne- Decent, but totally useless match. No build of any kind here. David Sammartino vs Brutus Beefcake- Brutally boring effort here. Runs nearly 12 mins. Greg Valentine vs JYD- Short & weak match here with a stupid ending. Windham & Rotundo vs Sheik & Volkoff- Fun match. Only goes bout 5 mins though. Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd- Slow & plodding. Andre just beats the crap out of him. Leilani Kai vs Wendi Richter- Ugh. Crappy match as you might expect. Cyndi Lauper is in Wendi's corner. Hogan & Mr. T vs Piper & Orndorff- Longest match of the show, but was a chaotic & not very good brawl. They really should have just done Hogan vs Piper. Final Thoughts: Only real highlights on this show was the annoucing. Gorrilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura were on the top of there game, calling everything as they saw it with no bias. But no good matches make this a pass. First one or not, its not worth the look.


The Best Film of 2002
I just saw Insomnia last nite, and I have to say its with out a doubt...the best film of the year. From Christopher Nolen, the director who brought us the amazing Memento, comes this bleak tale of a cop on the edge trying to bring in a brutal murderer. This film is actually a remake of a 1997 Norwegian film starring Stellen Skarsgard. Where has I haven't seen that version, I doubt it could top the performances & mood that this film gave us. I don't want to give to much away, so I will just give u some thoughts on the films main lead, Al Pacino. Pacino has become one of those actors like Jack Nicholson, it just feels like there rehashing the same old act. For Pacino, the manic & loud type. In this film he looks worn down & seemingly on the edge of crumbling. A truly rewarding mystery, with a cold atmosphere & dark fans can all keep your Star Wars, give me good old fashioned ACTING any day. Rating: 10/10

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