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Romeo Is Bleeding

May 1st - December 1st
The ultimate Gary Oldman Film Noir! If you want to see a great thriller that makes you sit on the edge of your seat with out being overly gory, check this movie out!

Big city cop in "It", up to here! Great story and cinematography! Excellent soundtrack, and the weirdest cop story I've ever seen. I have seen it, I don't know how many times, but I never tire of it.

Everyone does a fine job of acting and Lena Olin is one of the most lethal women in a movie I've ever seen. She should been cast as a killer in a "Bond" film by now.

Oldman is great with his New York accent, and makes you feel the pain he feels when he loses a toe, or should I say, when it's taken from him. I won't say how, but he's got some bad friends in low places.

It's a love story that gets all f***ed up. But what an incredible ride through the film. He's up and when he comes down, it's crash and burn all over the place.

Rent it, buy it, just see it. The DVD is here finally, wish there was a commentary on it, but that's how it goes. Ciao 4 now xoxox

We Were Soldiers

One of the best Vietnam War movies ever.
Edge of the seat from start to finish. Not a slow spot in it. It made me see that war is Hell.

I think it blew "Full Metal Jacket" out of the water. Because it didn't blow me away in just the first half. The whole movie blew me away.

It's got "Oscar" all over it. Mel should be up for Best Actor next year. As for Sam Elliot, as Best Supporting Actor. And it should be up for Best Picture next year. It's not just another "War" movie. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but it's a great story about the first time the Air Cav went in to action.

What I thought was very interesting, was the way the film shows both sides of the battle. What was going on from both perspectives. I don't remember any other ...Nam movies doing that. Maybe I haven't seen them all, but the ones I have, never showed what was going on in the tunnels during the battles.

It was a positive movie about the War. It didn't come out with all the BS that happened during the late 60'S. It showed how these guys fought alongside each other. Not against each other.

It always seems to be the goal of every ...Nam film that comes out. Hollywood gives us pictures of American Troops against each other. There is a little pushing and shoving between American pilots, but I got the feeling from this movie that We still thought We were going to win the War.

It wasn't the kind of Vietnam War movie that ends leaving you wondering, "What the Hell was that?" There's a real story here and not a bunch of the depressing Hollywood liberal crap that they insist on putting in all of the films about this war. This one stands above that.

I felt proud about what these men did in that portion of the war. I was too young to know what was going on back in the mid 60'S and early 70'S, but I am not unaware of what went on during those times now. I was in a theatre that had some 25 year olds or teenagers in it. They laughed at some points of this film and don't have a clue about history. This war is old to them and they won't see what we do, until movies about our current campaign against terrorism comes out in the next year or so.

Sure it's a graphic film, but what war flick isn't? Vaporising napalm scenes and a few bloody body parts flying through the air is just how it goes.

Mel's Icon Productions has another winner here. Can't wait for the DVD! Sure to be a big winner a the rental counter too. Ciao


Seen this all before.
It's a wonderfully filmed movie. Great cinematography! It had a couple of jump out of your seat scenes. It is a neat idea for a movie too. But, it's all been done before. And it takes forever to get to where it's going.

This was a slow moving and going nowhere movie. Costner freaks out after his wife's death. His job suffers and his friends. Although he proves to us his actions are not in vain.

It's a sci-fi thriller that I was very much hyped up to see. I was only let down by Kathy Bates playing the same kind of part she's played in 4-5 films before. She's the one who is a shoulder to lean on and the ear to bend. Again.

Costner gets mushy and wishy washy as soon as the film begins. It's like he's in another "baseball" movie. He's got to get out of this rut of lame pics and get it together, soon!

Ever see " 3000 Miles To Graceland" or "A Perfect World"? Or the long version of "Dances With Wolves"? Even "Tin Cup" is some fine work by this awesome actor/director.

I might get it on DVD depending on the extras that come with it. But overall I couldn't wait for it to end and that don't happen to me. Well not too often. What a bummer. Ciao

Collateral Damage

Should have given it back to Harrison Ford.
Ford was the pick for the lead in this flick, or so I have read in a few mags. If that's the case, the Arnold should have stayed out of the way. The article also stated that Maria got the script for him to read and might have pressured him to do it. I hope he uses a little more discretion next time.

I don't feel this movie is riding on the coat tails of patriotism. It was finished before the 9-11-01 tragedy. But it is uncanny how he just happens to be cast as a L.A. Fire fighter. If the part had been a New York Fire fighter, that might have been a little spooky. I look at the movie as if 9-11-01 hadn't happened. Then it's just a movie with no politics involved, or any hurt feelings.

This movie didn't glorify terrorism. It didn't show any planes or jets flying into buildings. It did have an explosion on a roof top that looked not unlike that surreal tuesday morning.

I don't think it should have been held up for release. It had nothing to do with 9-11 and wasn't even about Afgahnastan. It may have been a bigger hit at the box office if it had come out when it was originally scheduled.

It's just a low action flick that had me remembering "Predator" and "Commando". It wasn't the big over the top larger than life guy Arnold plays most of the time. Maybe that's what I was wanting to see.

It had a few tense moments and is a good movie. I didn't rate it too high, but I told a everyone to go see it. It's worth the price of admission and some popcorn. It's not "Raw Deal" or "Total Recall", but it's ARNOLD!!! Ciao

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

A movie that will last for infamy! Not!!
Now fair is fair, I'm a Big Kiss fan, this was great on tv in 78. And it's still fun to watch just to see how young they were and the "Scooby-Doo" music really adds to the humour of the picture. I didn't take this one too seriously then and I don't now. You think this is bad? Well The Beatles did a worse film called "Magical Mystery Tour". Now that's a bad flick.

The acting on all sides is way over the top, they were musicians and not actors. Even the vets are over doing it. It's a comic book with live action. The only thing missing is the occasional "Booms" or "Pows" in big print on the screen like the Batman series.

With Hanna-Barbara at the controls, we're lucky more cartoon music didn't work it's way into the backround.

The band looks great, sleek and in top shape. They look healthy. And they look to be enjoying themselves. There aren't too many weak scenes in the movie, everyone did a pretty good job acting for all the preporation they had, which wasn't much. It's pure bubble-gum and that's all it was meant to be.

I saw this on that fateful sunday night in 78. I hadn't seen it for a few years, then I noticed it was available on VHS as an import from Japan. That was in 88. I sent away for it and got an english speaking version with japanese sub-titles. Now that makes watching this movie even weirder than usual. I've had collectors offer me $500. for this rare version of the movie. It goes up in price every year and I keep hanging on to it. That's one good thing I can say about this film. The day I sell it, it'll be a sad day.

If you read the comics that came out with the band in them back then, you got this movie right away. If you weren't a fan you didn't. Either way they're just human, and they learned their lesson. They got better at acting, ever see the episode of "Millenium" that they appear in? That was pretty good.

I am waiting for the DVD to come out. I want some behind the scenes stuff too. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a B-movie night with some friends. It'll keep your attention just to see what happens next, the younger fans who have never seen it before will get a kick out of it.

One little note: I remember Ace Frehley saying in the rock mags of the day, he did all his own stunts in the movie. I believed him then. I was twelve when it came out. Now I know better. Ace can't walk a straight line much less do backflips in those boots. But he does have some great lines in the movie. I thank you. Ciao

Detroit Rock City

Who writes that stuff?
I am a Kiss fan, have been since 1974. I know how to play every song on my guitar and they were my main reason for wanting to pick one up. I've stood by them through thick and thick all those years ago, even in the early 80's when they were going nowhere here in the states.

But this movie... (and I love movies!) it's a nightmare and embarrassment to see. I went to the theatre to see it and walked out afterwards, I was lucky, no one saw me leaving. I bought the DVD. Gene talks about himself as usual and promotes upcoming toys and ventures that he's working on. I know he likes himself, but WOW!

There are some funny bits in the movie, Furlong is on the giving end of those. His bit in the nightclub is very good. The rest of the cast is just over doing it to the point of going out of charachtor.

It's good to see Joe Flarety in a small role. Shannon Tweed is sexy as ever and so is The Hedgehog himself: Rockin' Ron Jeremy!

The film has it's good spots but they are far and few in between. I know some over obsessed fans like the "Trip" fella. They need help. It's good to rock and roll all nite, but some people take it too far.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone cause it's a fan's only movie. There aren't many of us left either. I hope the next movie about the band (there's supposed to be a movie about the begining of the band's existance) is done with some respect to the fans.

This was worse than the teenage sex romps that are the rage nowadays. We should have gotten better. A lot better. Ciao

Dr. No

Rough, Tough & Ready!
For the first of the long running series it's not a bad movie by any standards. It's got the first gentleman secret agent. It's a very beautifly filmed movie too. The location is tropical and warm. Ursula Andress just adds to the heat of this rough around the edges spy movie.

Thanks to director Terence Young, we got a slightly polished Sean Connery. He brought a very much needed bit of brashness to the role and Young taught him to be debonair as well.

Connery works his charm and machismo as well and makes this one of the most honest of all the Bond films. There's very little gadgets here and he relies on his own wits through out the movie.

A very sinister villian portrayed by Joseph Wiseman. Graceful and sleek, he's a villain who doesn't get verbal, he just does it. He's so calm and quiet, you get an erie feeling just when he's looking at you.

But this is the one that started it all. They only get better from here, so set aside a weekend and start here and work your way to the end. It's Bond time baby! I give it 10 stars. It's basic Bond and it's AWESOME! Ciao

3000 Miles to Graceland

It's fun to kill everyone once and a while!
Hey! If these guys can't make a movie where they get to ham it up a bit and say the "F" word in every line and shoot a lot of guns and kill anyone in their way, then they would go crazy. They gotta let off some steam once and a while too ya know! Not every movie has to be serious, let's have some fun and watch a good shoot 'em up movie. Blood, swearing, sex and violence! Yes! This is a great picture!

It's good to see a mix of old western and modern day casino heist film with an MTV twist to it. If the only movies to come out of Hollywood were pictures where everyone lived and there was nothing but happy endings all the time, what would be the point? It's a MOVIE!!! Lighten up folks! It's a fun drive in type of film that reminds me of some of the crap I saw in the 70's. But, it was still a decent flick.

Kurt Russell is his usual self. A fine actor playing the bad guy with a soft spot. He gives the movie a few laughs but, it's Kevin Costner who makes the film. He plays the bad guy who doesn't care about anyone or anything. It's good to see a bad guy who gets his way now and then. He just looks evil on the screen. The use of music behind him is perfect. He hates the world and he means it. He's psychotic, he's mean and nasty and it's just what we needed to see on the big screen.

The whole movie plays like a long play music video and that's what makes it work. It reminds me a little of "Natural Born Killers". I think director Demian Lichtenstein must have been influenced by Oliver Stone, but that's another story.

Don't rent this one, just buy it and add it to your collection. Then when you're in a rowdy mood put it on and sip some Jack. Grow some sideburns and give the world a little attitude back in it's face!

If you want a happy movie, watch "The Lion King" again and stay out of the bad guys way. I thank you. xoxox

Slap Shot

"Who own the Chiefs?" "Owns. Owns."
If you like some good cussin', some good fightin', black eyes and stitched up lips and one of the nicest pair of... well you get the idea. Then this movie has you all over it!

All the way back in 1977, this little film came out and had everyone talking. They still talk about it. I met the fellas who play the "Hansons" in Kenosha, Wis. They play a lot of hockey for chairity nowadays. They even get Jerry Houser to play once and a while. He came to Kenosha that night also.

It is a cult film. But it's one of those movies that is also very commercial. It's just not a really pretty picture. It takes place in hockey arenas, locker rooms and those aren't the most picturesque places to make movies. The story carries it. "Killer, Mo, Oggie and Jeff, Steve & Jack Hanson" are just some of the players you run into in this slapstick sports parody.

So stick 'em, pop 'em, bleed all over them and let them know you're there!!

Then get out the popcorn, some pizza, or some brats, put on a helmet, some pads, sharpin your skates and your stick... and don't forget the FOIL!! One heck of a movie! You may feel "Shame".


It'll turn your teeth, snow white!
This film makes me laugh with every viewing. The extreme attention to detail of hygene and costumes is excellent. I have it on DVD and it's the only way to see it. Listen to Terry Gilliam's commentary with Michael Palin and it gives you a whole new outlook to the hardships of making these kinds of movies. And it tells you about some of the short cuts they used and they still are displeased with to this day. Gilliam's "Diamond Man" steals both scenes he's in. This is a forgotten movie. I don't know too many people who remember it, but everyone I've told to rent it, have told me they really liked it. It's not a Python movie, but it's got the Python humour and a couple of Python cameos. Look for them. It's a very funny movie and it's a blast to watch. A real gem from Gilliam and company.

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