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Repo! The Genetic Opera

A truly amazing film.
I was introduced to this film the fall of 2008 by one of my best friends. She watched it and automatically knew I would love it and she was right.

From the first scene, I was intrigued. The characters, the plot, the music.... it all captured my heart. I found myself being able to relate to the character Shilo in some ways. I was hesitant when I learned that Paris Hilton was in the movie, but after seeing it I grew to like her just because of her role in the film. She did an amazing job. Anthony Stewart Head is an amazing actor and has a fantastic voice (those of you who watched Buffy should remember this from the musical episode). His character is just amazing... And Alexa Vega... I grew up watching her in Spy Kids and she has always been an excellent actress. She shines in this role. If you like musicals or gory horror films, you will love it. The songs were stuck in my head after the first time I watched it and honestly, they still are. The creators of this film are genius. If you watch this and decided you like it, I highly suggest you research their new movie The Devil's Carnival which will be released in just a few days. It even has a few of the same actors from Repo!

Happily Ever After

Magic still exists, not only in Disney.
I can still remember the day I got this movie. I was five years old and at my grandmother's house when my mom and my older cousin, Shane, came to pick me up. My favorite cousin had a present for me, Happily Ever After. He knew I loved fairy tales && that I was a Princess.

The movie instantly became a favorite of mine. I admit, I watched it way more that the original Snow White. True, its not Disney in any way, but it still is magical. So what if the animation isn't top-notch? When you're a child, none of that matters. The songs are amazing. I still remember the lyrics to the song that plays as the credits start:

""You can do magic with your own two hands You can touch the clouds right where you stand You can see a rainbow every place you turn Deep in the night a flame still burns Total original You're one of a kind You got the heart and you got the mind No, it wont be easy But u give it a try Reach for the power way deep inside Love is the reason and love is the light So keep on believing all through the night The suns always shining bright just above the rain Your dreams will have wings and they'll fly And love is the reason Love is the reason Love is the reason why"

Most movies of fairy tales show you the struggles to reach the happy ending, but always leave you wondering about what happens during the happily ever after. The same-named movie, shows you what happens. Once you find the prince, its not always easy, you still have to fight for love sometimes.

I really enjoyed the characters. Thunderella && Scowl were my favorite. And I really love that Snow White had longer hair. =]

I'm 19 years old now, almost 20; to this day I still own and love Happily Ever After.

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