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Dragged Across Concrete

Needs major editing
This movie would have been way better if the director had taken a different path in editing it. Good actors, relatively good story is wasted because it's two hours forty minutes, the length destroys the effectiveness of the plot

Honey Boy

Exceptionally well done
Why " Little Women" gets all the attention and not this film ? Because America loves the fairy tale of 150 years ago and doesn't want to face the reality of real people. Child abuse, addiction, broken homes and poverty are not sexy enough to attract the necessary attention to art work like this. Another question why La Beouf is not nominated for best actor ? After watching his amazing performance compare it to the list of this year and honestly answer if he really needs to be in there or not


Excellent film
I truly enjoyed this film, it's well done with all standards of film making, it's extremely honest in portraying this simple but complex story. Performances, music, editing and overall production are all well done


Highly recommended
Excellent acting by all actors, dealing with real issues that many women facing now a days. It feels like a play mostly for the great writing. More power to women directors for creating films like this

Berlin, I Love You

It's so bad that is good
Have you ever heard a film is so bad that is good ? Well this is the best example. It's all over the map. It's so confused on what it is what it's going to say that it becomes good in certain way

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

Amazing slice of American history through Dylan music
Just turn the subtitle on so you can read Bob Dylan's amazing poetry while he is performing

Doubles vies

Very disappointing film from a good director. First of all after twenty minutes you notice that all the discussions about the effects of internet on publishing industry is passé, characters conversations about ebooks versus paper books are repetitious and boring. All main characters are one dimensional and we don't learn anything about them expect that they all have affairs and husbands infidelities are surprisingly acceptable by their wives. There is no drama or plot to follow except affairs and talks about ebooks !!

Zimna wojna

Amazing triumph of film making
It's very interesting that how many people saying that they were frustrated at the relationship of the two main characters, probably they prefer " star is born" type of American simplified love story over a complex relationship of two lovers that starts right after the end of the war and it continuous over the year. Each of these two people fails on a critical stage of the love affair. Direction and editing is masterful, well derserved Oscar nominations on two important categories. I highly recommend viewing it on the big screen to appreciate all aspects of this masterpiece

The Last Laugh

Bad casting
Again men sit down and write wishful scripts, they cast 60 year old beautiful Andy MC Dowell with 75 year old Chavy Chase, why not an actress matching the age and the looks ? They don't even check how old was she suppose to be attending Woodstock ? Ten years old is the answer actually. Learn to deal older people with dignity and reality like European movies


Unusual brave comedy
I liked this film for its unusual story, it would have never been made in United States due to the subject matter and fear of political backlash. At it's heart it's a comedy dealing with class and love

Madame Hyde

Terrible film
How on earth Huppert agreed to do this film ? It's so bizarre and terrible that you really don't care after five minutes and you know you are wasting your time. Director tried to make a dark comedy but it turned out a disaster. You don't know what is it that you are watching, horror ? Social commentary to contemporary French society or a film goes wrong from the beginning

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