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Star Trek: Discovery

This show has a lot of ups and downs
Depending on which season (or which episode) I'm watching, I might say that I love or hate the show.

A lot of people don't like the departure from the previous Star Trek shows. For me, many of the other shows were too sugar coated. The writers tried to create a perfect ending to an hour-long episode every week, but most of the time that left me rolling my eyes. I like the darker tones of Discovery. I like that it's not a "dilemma of the week" style show. However, some of the characters and plot lines along the way are annoying.

When Discovery jumped to an alternate universe, the show jumped the rails. I hate the "Emperor" (although I like Captain Georgiou and I like Michelle Yeoh). Unfortunately, they devoted WAY TOO MUCH time with the Emperor. Everyone was sad when she left. I was pretty pleased, except for the amount of time spent on her leaving.

The jump to the future could have been interesting (for a short while), but it's not. Its kind of like Voyager getting lost in the Delta Quadrant, but at least the Voyager crew (somewhat) tried to get home.

The way "Control" is presented is lame. Not much more to say on that.

I don't know a lot of the "main" characters' names or backstories; therefore, I don't care about them the way I should. It took Season 2 for Captain Pike to ask the bridge crew for their names before some of the characters were even known. When one of the bridge officers died, everyone was sad, but they barely introduced the character at all. I would have felt more emotion for the situation if the character would have been written and developed properly.

The Trill and her deceased boyfriend are very annoying. It's like the writers took the worst aspects of Wesley Crusher, Dr. Pulaski and Neelix and created two very unlikable characters.

Speaking of unlikable characters, the new engineer (Reno) is difficult to watch. Too many actors try to pull off the gruffness of "Bones" McCoy, but end up seeming like big a-holes in the process. Even though Bones was gruff, he was still likable. The character of Reno, on the other hand, is horrible.

Tilly as a temporary Captain was a stupid choice. I don't even think she was an Ensign at the beginning of Season 1. Thank the gods that she wasn't in command for long. Although, Burnham went from 2nd in command - to mutineer - to officer again - to Captian, so that ricochet progression is annoying.

The Klingons are annoying. Stop with the forced Klingon language. It sounds like a five year old trying to make up his/her own language. I don't remember the Klingon language being so forced in other Star Trek shows. Maybe that's because the writers only used it sparingly.

The best thing I can say about Discovery after watching three seasons is.... ...it's better than the Picard show (but that's not saying much).

Star Trek: Picard

Worst Star Trek-related Show Yet!
Ughh. I really liked Capt. Picard in ST:NG, but this show is a mess.

The story is all over the place. Picard gets disrespected at every turn.

I'm not looking forward to a second season.


Good, but way too LOOOOOOOOOOOONG
First, I have never seen the 1977 movie (or the spin offs) or any source material leading up to the 2018 movie. I went into this movie cold.

I wanted to watch it because I like Chloe Grace Moretz and Tilda Swinton. I can take or leave Dakota Johnson. CGM was barely in the movie and Tilda was in it too much.

Ms. Swinton is a fine actress, but she should NOT have played the doctor or Helena Markus. When the doctor first appeared on screen, I thought that someone did a really bad job with the makeup on the guy. The makeup took me out of the story every time the doctor was in a scene. Then, at some point, I realized that the doctor was being played by a woman. Why? (I know IMDB trivia gave some explanation, but the choice was stupid). Then, I realized that the doctor was actually Tilda Swinton. Obviously I spent more time thinking about the crappy makeup Tilda was wearing than the role she was playing.

The worse part of the movie was the unnecessary run time. (2 1/2 hours). There is a lot that could have been removed from the movie and still told the same story. (The political overtones could have been left out and still told the same story. The cops visiting the dance company was only useful to show the power that the witches had over "normal" people, but the scenes didn't serve any other point.).

The excessive dance numbers were also too long. I understand that the dance company was important to the plot, but the rehearsals, etc. took too much screen time).

There were characters that were barely introduced or explained, so devoting more time to them would have served the movie better. I don't mind a 2 1/2 hour movie, if all the scenes are necessary.

It seems like I need to watch this movie a few times to truly understand it. I won't do that for awhile, because of the long drawn out scenes and the poor makeup used on the doctor.

The Boys

Refreshing Super Hero Show
We're use to super heroes = good and villains = bad. This show changes that narrow perspective.

I either liked or disliked all of the main characters. That's a good thing. The writers/actors/directors did their job well.

Definitely intense for some viewers, but a good show if you're tired of recycled super hero movies and TV shows. Expect a lot of cursing, graphic violence and sexual situations during this show.

The VVitch: A New-England Folktale

Not your typical horror movie
I liked the fact that they used information from the period to construct the movie (otherwise I would have deducted a few stars).

Unfortunately, I wish the script writers would have made the family more likeable:

  • The twins were extremely annoying. I get it that small children can act obnoxiously. I get it that they communicated with the goat, so their actions were supposedly influenced by the creature. However, the twins were unbearable. Especially the boy. (If you can, watch the "making of" documentary to see how frustrating it was to get the boy to eat the bread. I would have found a different (much better) child actor after the sixth take).

  • The Father was OK (given his Puritan roots), but the part about covering up the sale of his wife's heirloom made me dislike him. Also, why was he dismissed from the church at the beginning? At some point, I'll rewatch the first part of the movie with the captions turned on. Maybe it will make sense. He also seemed pretty useless as the head of the household.

  • The Mother was annoying in nearly every scene. I understand that she's was mourning the loss of the baby and she wanted to go back to England, blah, blah, blah. She was a constant nag.

  • The older son was depicted as a perv as he lusted after his older sister. OK. I understand that they're in the middle of nowhere and the kid is starting to notice girls, but come on. The skeeze factor made me dislike the son.

  • The older daughter was OK. (I like her in most of her other movies). However, the script seemed to fall flat for her. Did her parents intend to sell her as a "maid" to a richer family or did they just want one less mouth to feed?

Overall, I didn't really care what happened to any character. This could have been a very good movie if the script (and some of the acting) was better. This is not a horrible movie, but turn on the closed captions from the very start if you want to make sense of any of it.

The New Mutants

Not great, but...
...not horribly bad either.

I found this movie middle of the road. I added an extra star for the hand puppet. It made me laugh EVERY TIME it was on screen (although I don't think that was the intention).

The accents (or the lack of reasonable accents) occasionally took me out of the movie.

This could have been better if it wasn't watered down by the Massive Disney Movie Dilution Machine.

The Snowman

Great talent, but...
...the story was a mess.

It seems that a lot of scenes were included unnecessarily, while some critical scenes were missing. This led to a nonsensical mess that the actors could not salvage.


Worth 99 cents...
...but I would have been upset had I paid more.

This movie has some fine actors, but I really didn't care (one way or another) for any of the characters.

The script let this movie down.

If you're looking for a typical run-of-the-mill assassin movie and you can rent this cheap (or free)....then,.........maybe.


Too many things wrong with this movie. Overrated!
This movie is......OK, but it's not as great as some say.

The narration is too excessive. I didn't mind it in Goodfellas, but it was annoying here.

I didn't like any of the characters (unlike Goodfellas).

I hated Stone's acting. Maybe that's why I disliked her character.

I wanted Stone and Woods characters placed in a hole in the desert, but it didn't happen. I would have liked the movie more if it had.

I liked De Niro's character until Ginger went off the deep end. He kept taking her back, no matter what. That made him look weak. Maybe that happened in real life, but it brought down the movie. When Sam found his daughter tied to the bed, he should had her killed Ginger (or at the very least cut off ties to her altogether).

Sam leaving the keys to the safe deposit box in a flimsy locked desk drawer was stupid.

Pesci's character is supposed to be smart and loyal, but allows Ginger to manipulate him.

I might of liked Don Rickles character...if he had more to say.

Too much ad-libbing from various characters and it showed.

Too long of a movie (especially without a real plot). This movie would have benefited from at least 45 minutes removed.

The actions of the top mob bosses seemed indecisive.

This could have been good, but it falls flat. See Goodfellas instead.

The Invisible Man

People complaining about people comparing about...
This movie has plot holes. Let's get past that. Some of them are forgivable. Some of them ruined the story. Although some people are saying that having the element of surprise could give a person enough leverage to lift an average sized grown woman (way) off the floor and toss her across the room like a rag doll.....I'm calling B.S. No offense to the main actress, but she was not a rake thin supermodel. (No disrespect. I'm just saying).

The main thing that ruined this movie for me is the (lack of) character development. I'm really suppose to hate the husband....right? But we mostly know about him through second hand accounts and actions of the wife. Obviously, she is terrified of him. OK. However, we don't really meet him before his "death" (with the exception of him putting his hand through the car to get to his wife). As a result, it was hard to truly feel bad for the wife.

Actually, I started to feel bad for the wife, but after the illogical nonsense of the script, I gave up. As the story slogged on, I was hoping that the wife would either win or lose. Pick one and end the movie.

The science seemed wacky, but since we never properly saw a backstory of the husband, I guess the scriptwriter just slapped in whatever it took to fill the page count quota.

Ugh. This could have been better.


Peele please stop. Just STOP!
I'm not a fan of Peele's comedy. Now, I'm really not a fan of his writing and directing "talents" either.

The premise for Us isn't bad, but it was poorly written and executed.

The main (adult) characters make stupid decisions at every turn. The kids were more sensible than their parents.

The whole reason for the "duplicate" family was eye rolling at best.

I could have given this movie a few more stars if it wasn't for the stupid ending twist. Hint: don't make a twist that has more plot holes the the other 98% of the movie. Learn how to tell a story without creating a ridiculous twist at the end. (I'm also looking at you M. Night Shyamalan)!

Don't waste your time on this. I'll probably skip Peele's future works from this point forward.

The Italian Job

The remake is much better
The 1969 version:

Too long and drawn out (with little to no action or payoff).

Too silly.

Much of the plan was stupid.

The getaway was ridiculous.

The getaway driver was an idiot.

The "ending" pi$$ed me off.

Watch the remake instead. The heists are better. The action is better. The movie actually makes sense.

Europa Report

Poorly written and executed space movie.

The ending is eye rolling!

Another Life

Good idea that's ruined by...
...the characters and the script.

Who put this crew together? They're awful. They're constantly arguing over....well, everything! It looks like some of the crew just graduated High School and they act like it too. How were chosen to save the world? Only a few crew members are remotely likable.

The writing is poor. Supposed scientific people are constantly doing very non-scientific things.

The space story is less interesting than what's happening on Earth. I don't think that was the intent of the show.

This could have been interesting, but it's not!

Ray Donovan

The Ray Donovan Drinking Game...
Take a shot if a character says:

  • What?
  • Sure
  • It doesn't matter
  • Get in the car

If you really want to raise the stakes, take a half shot every time a character says:

  • F. you
  • Go F. yourself

You may want to have medical professionals standing by for the last two.

This show started off great. It got boring during the middle seasons, but season 6 was very good. I have mixed emotions about season 7. They provided a lot of interesting back story for a few characters, but they left a lot of loose threads at the end.

The whole series showed way too much of Ray's daughter. She got somewhat interesting in Season 6, but then I, once again, lost interest in her during season 7.

I'm glad Ray's son wasn't shown much during the last few seasons. He was an annoying character from the beginning.

Overall, it's a good show if you can stick with the boring bits.

Apollo 18

Alien meets the Blair Witch Project
How did "found footage" become found if the astronauts never came back to Earth? This is one of many problems with this boringly stupid movie.


This should be a Saturday morning TV show for kids under 10 years old
Most of DC movies and TV shows are pretty cheesy, even for a comic book show, but Stargirl is really, really, really bad.

First, I do not like any of the characters. Stargirl is bratty. Her step-brother is obnoxious. Her step-dad is worthless. Her side kicks are casted/written/acted poorly. All the villains are ridiculous and/or annoying. The only one that I don't completely dislike is the mom, but she's not in the show too often. I truly do not care what happens to any of the characters.

Even for a comic book show, this is way too cartoonish. Maybe it appeals to young kids, but DC seems to miss out on the older audience that could enjoy the show.

I gave this show a chance. A big chance. I watched the first six episodes, which is five and a half more than it deserves.

It would be nice if DC got it's act together and created movies and shows that weren't so slapstick.

The 5th Wave

Started off good...
...but the middle got bad and the end fell off the cliff.

Only one parent is going to complain about being separated from their children??? Really???

Then, the main character's parent allows his two children to go with the army by themselves. Only a minor concern is raised.

The army tells the adults that the aliens can look like anyone. Doesn't anyone question if the army people are actually aliens?

"Too much eye makeup emo girl" is all tough, but she's the first one to bail out. Ugh!

So...how do the aliens tell themselves from humans? How can humans (really) tell who is an alien? What happened to most of the kids? Why did the army guy disregard the kids at the end? How is a small squad of kids expected to defeat the aliens. Too many questions. I suppose they left it open for a sequel.

This was an OK movie that could have been a lot better!

The Mist

This should have been a cartoon
Most of the characters were cartoonish and overly stereotypical.

William Sadler was unusually "out of character" for his role in this movie. However, surprisingly, I really liked Toby Jones' character.

The next door neighbor was beyond ridiculous.

The dialog was cringe worthy.

The choices that many of the characters made were blatantly stupid.

The best part of this movie is when a particularly annoying character (and there were a lot of them) was shot. Another good aspect of the movie (which some people hated) was the ending. I'm glad they didn't go for a fairytale, feel good ending, but I wish a little more time passed to see the twist reveal.

This could have been a really good movie if they toned down the ridiculousness of several characters and wrote better dialog for them.

Silent House

This was mostly a down the blouse movie for 90 minutes
This is a half step up from most "found footage" movies.

The plot was boring. There was no proper tension built up.

The acting, especially from the male actors, was horrible. It seemed like all the dialogue was (poorly) improvised on the spot.

The camera work was amateurish...and that's disrespecting a lot of amateurs out there.

The lightning was dismal. The video quality in low light scenes made a lot of the film look like a home movie.

I get that the creators of this movie was trying to achieve a specific style. Unfortunately, the style that we saw was on par with a grade school A/V project.

Not to be rude, but the constant cleavage shots were the most interesting parts of this movie.

I find that reviews with a rating of 1 or 10 are generally bogus, so I refrain from assigning those grades, but my two stars is a generous rating.


Evil Dead

Not good
I didn't care for any character. They could have all died and it wouldn't have mattered.

Eric was a cardboard cutout.

"Baby" was worthless during 75% of the movie.

The book clearly says not to speak it or write it. What does Eric do??? (Speaks it and makes a lot of notes and drawings). I think there was a third thing that you weren't supposed to do, but I stopped paying attention.

How could anyone stay in the cabinet with all the rotting/rotten animals in the cellar? Plus, the smell (which most of them didn't even notice at first), the bugs and rodents that were drawn to the dead animals, etc.

This missed the mark.

Don't Breathe

Not great.
This is a movie filled with plot holes, cliches and very improbable circumstances.

I didn't care for any major character in this movie.

Some of the tension was good, but it was overshadowed by the stupidity of the script.


Much better than I thought..
...for this type of movie.

The cops, unfortunately, were stupid cardboard cutouts.

The ending should have been eliminated or done better.

Overall, this movie was better than most I've seen lately.

Angel Has Fallen

Better than the London movie...
...but that's not saying much.

If you really, really liked the first two "something" has fallen movies, I guess you'll like this one.

The plot was ridiculous, of course.

I truly hate Jada Pickett Smith. She is a horrible actor. How does she get work? She ruins everything she's in.

I only saw this because I saw the last movie. I only saw that because I saw the first movie. Please stop making these movies!

Had I realized JPS was in this movie, I probably would have skipped it.

Wild Card

Seemed long...
...for a 90 minute movie.

The scene where Nick was winning a lot of money seemed to drag.

Was I supposed to care about Nick? At the beginning, he's portrayed as a con man. Then, he's paid money for making a hot girl (S.V.) fall in love with a dumpy bald guy. (He let the bald guy "beat him up" in front of the hot girl). Nick doesn't take all the money, yet he's day dreaming about getting enough money to leave Las Vegas. Ugh.

What was the point of Nick finding the bad guy only to tell Holly he didn't find him...then later dealing with him?

Nick was an ahole to his perspective client. You would think that someone wanting to make money to leave town would take on as many reasonable clients as he could get. The job seemed like easy money.

It seemed everyone in town knew Nick and liked him, but he was an a$$ to customers???

Amazing, Nick can cause a lot of damage, hurt/kill people with no consequences.

Was I supposed to care about Holly? Actually, she had a really good reason for wanting revenge, but her acting skills didn't pull off the emotion properly. When she gets revenge, she only takes money from the guy who abused her. Sure, she made the guy squirm, but she should have given him more of a punishment. Maybe not hedge clipper punishment, but...

The fight scenes were good, but there's too much crap between the fight scenes. The non-fight scene time should have been used for better character development, but that's where the movie fell flat. We really didn't know enough about the characters to properly care.

This movie is OK, if you're bored and need something to watch.

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