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Passion Play

Is Megan Fox an actress? Oh, yes!
After watching this film, never, ever, judge a movie by the cover, or the actors, or the actresses, I said to myself. Any given day I wouldn't give a film with Megan Fox in a lead role a chance, because her performance in the Transformers movies is nowhere close to her performance in this film. Mickey Rourke is all in as the trumpet player, and Bill Murray is showing a new character-twist in his role, fresh and astonishing as always. Megan Fox's character has in an astonishing way similarities to the one in the movie Barbarella, they both are grounded by evil persons and freed after-wards by their helpers to make it to the sky again. Megan Fox is giving a splendid performance in her role, the agony of her character is mind-blowing. And notice Kelly Lynch and Rhys Infans in their roles. The twist ending was the only solution acceptable to me. Looking at the minuses, I feel that the cinematography is a drawback, it is too much focused on faces instead of a larger angle, thus showing too little of the surroundings of the character, as in the scene where Lily Lust is in agony in her trailer, showing too little of her surroundings, and the scene is too short, too. And also showing too little of landscape, which for me plays a big role in the story. Director Mitch Glazer has done a great job with this script, getting the actors to do their best. You should watch this one, or, at least, give it a chance.

Englar alheimsins

How can you and your family and friends cope with this kind of illness?
This film is based on a true story. The author of the novel bearing the same title, Einar Már Guðmundsson, had a brother, who turned mentally ill. I found this film very moving, following the main character's path down into illness, to see how he tries to cope with life after diagnosis, and how he makes friends at the mental institution, it all is very convincing. There are quite a few splendidly funny incidents also in the manuscript. The title of it gives nothing away concerning the story. You must watch it to understand ... and listen to the music, which is twisting and turning your heart and soul upside down and back as the film moves on. A must-see for everyone.


Dorks are good people too
Not expecting much of anything when going to the cinema to watch the film Astropia, or Dorks & Damsels, I truly thought I was going to see some kind of a dorky female Schwarzenegger action hero. I was more than slightly overwhelmed by the imagination of the writers. How the world of reality is overtaken by the fantasy of role playing games works quite well. The film is low budget and stands no comparison to Hollywood action films, so don't expect any high-tech computerised scenes. But the love of the actors for this film is obvious, it shines through and that made me happy watching the film. The filmmakers do an excellent job and so do all the actors. Just go see it and have an enjoyable time.

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