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The Reflecting Skin

"I'm sorry, it's just sometimes you're ..... not wanted"
That line spoken by Cameron to brother Seth pretty much sums up the entire movie. 10-year-old Seth Dove has an over-active imagination, but who wouldn't in his situation where nothing new ever happens in a dull and lifeless midwest town? A life not condusive for a growing child. SPOILER I wonder why it's not even thought of that the boy could have "fell" into the well. Why assume he was murdered?

I thought Viggo Mortenson's performance was very good. I really enjoyed this movie and give it a 8 out of 10.

Annie Get Your Gun

It's greeeat!
I watched this film after much coaxing from a co-worker. I had just began watching old films and musicals and this one didn't appeal to me in the least. Finally, I broke down and watched it AND LOVE IT! It is one of my favorite musicals. It is fun and the musical numbers are very memorable. Of course, without Betty Hutton in the title role, it would have been just ordinary. She added so much energy and excitement to her role. After watching AGYG, I immediately went out and bought it along with several other Betty Hutton movies.

To those naysayers who complain about the treatment of American Indians in this movie - COME ON! I have friends who are Indians and they think the scenes with the Indians are funny and are not a bit offended. Every race has been made fun of in movies, not to be mean and vindictive, but in jest. I didn't lose respect for Indians after seeing this movie. Come on people! If you don't like something, just don't watch it!

Cash McCall

I watched this solely because James Garner was in it and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Natalie Wood was beautiful! I thought the plot was somewhat hard to swallow - but it shows how much you would do for love! If you like this movie, rent "Wheeler-Dealers" with Mr. Garner and Lee Remick. It is hilarious!

Make Haste to Live

Started out good.
I expected "Sleeping with the Enemy" but this wasn't it. The tension wasn't there. I just wasn't afraid for the good guys or scared of the bad guy. I had hoped that the bottomless pit shown in the opening scene would play a bigger part, but it didn't - and it would have made a grand finale! But the ending was very disappointing!

The Love Letter

How did the letter get there in the first place?
I wouldn't say this movie was bad, but could have been much better. The characters needed more depth. I couldn't like Kate Capshaw's charachter for some reason. Maybe because everyone else was so ga-ga over her! And she seemed rather distant and snooty. I was glad she got her come-uppance from her friend Janet (Ellen Degeneres). The plot was good, but it wasn't developed enough. I wondered how the letter got at the bookstore in the first place? As far as I know, that was never explained. The scenery was beautiful however. The little town was quaint. I want to live there!

God's Little Acre

Why was this movie banned?
I watched this movie on DVD, which contained both the censored and uncensored versions. Of course I watched the uncensored one. I honestly can't understand why this movie was banned! I thought maybe it was that Tina Louise's cleaveage was a bit too much so I watched some of the censored version , only to discover the scenes seemed the same where it showed the cleavage. Other than that, I didn't see anything that was too erotic to indicate a ban. Of course, I realize back in the 50's, it didn't take much to cause an uproar, but I didn't see any problems here. Love with the Proper Stranger was much more risque in my opinion.

Nevertheless, the premise of the movie seemed overused, with the married woman in love with a married man who is also in love with her. Seen in many a Douglas Sirk film.

Robert Ryan as patriarch Ty Ty was a joy to watch and of course Buddy Hackett can't help but be a riot! Look for Michael Landon as the "albino". He gives an especially good performance. Tina Louise was stiff to say the least, except in the watermelon scene, which I thought was especially funny. Nothing like her flamboyant charachter in Gilligan's Island.

All in all, I would give this movie a 5 out of 10.

All I Desire

One of the first of the Sirk sudsers
Barbara Stanwyck seemed a little haggard but still managed a fine performance in this Douglas Sirk-directed sudser which preceded his other more famous movies such as "Imitation of Life", "All That Heaven Allows" and "Written on the Wind", among others.

The movie was good, although I thought the only charachters with any life to them were Barbara, Richard Long and Lori Nelson, who portrayed her overly-eager daughter Lily. The other charachters were rather drab, although this is due in large part to the material they were given.

A special added treat to watch for is when Barbara and Richard Long (later playing mother and son in "Big Valley") dance the "Bunny Hug".

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