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The Wicked Lady

A campy good time.
Not the best period movie ever made, but it does have some good qualities: Great music by Tony Banks, great sets, and lavish costumes. The "look" of the movie is rich with detail. The acting is campy, but doesn't take itself too seriously. One thing that really annoys me about this film, however, is the abundance of gratuitous nudity.

When the Cradle Falls

Baby Robbing Bandits!
Baby thieves steal infants from happy families and sell them to rich, infertile couples. What should be a serious topic ends up being campy. The first indication not to take this movie seriously is the fact that the title is spelled incorrectly. "When the CRADDLE Falls" should be "When the CRADLE Falls." It doesn't get much better after that.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

A fun fantasy thrill-ride across a galaxy far, far away...
Awesome in scope and breathtaking in execution, ATTACK OF THE CLONES leaves you wanting more! The story of STAR WARS is coming together, characters become more developed, and the suspense mounts for the conclusion of the prequel trilogy.

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