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Swamp Thing

canceling a show that could bring a war between the flesh, the rotten and the green.STOOPID
How dispointed i am to see how these producers are empty in their heads and full in their pockets...Swamp thing could lead to lots of season with all the material, and beautiful stories, scarry story about the rotten. We could have seen Animal man, it could have been of the most important show of this years because we ALSO NEED A HERO FOR THE EARTH AND FOR PROTECTIING OUR PLANET. They are so stoopid... I love the comics, with Len Wein on board i could have love the show too and i would have bought the dvds because swamp thing is my favourite hero with characters like man thing, or Dr Strange, anyway, too bad See ya all and make some noise to bring back the show damn it !!!!

Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Revelations
Episode 12, Season 1

The Heat of Rebellion
In this essential episode, all the actors, and the people making this modern and generous show, are delivering the best, and while watching everything happening like you would have loved it to happen, you only dream of this team work keeping this quality and getting even better and better because to my taste, i must admit i was afraid when i saw the first episode, copycat of "300" with poor drama performance, love story with poor acting and an ugly kind of digital backgrounds that makes you regret old mate painting process (still working pretty well in the 80's i remember those in Nightmare on elm street 4, one this movie from my Teenage years that made me learn some stuff about films make up and special fx) Anyway, Blood and Sand is not only better and better, it's COOL ! you know, i like it more and more, i get hooked up, because these characters are like a cake in the fire ! The dough gets harder as it gets hotter, and it takes form, and its like that, they are cooking rebellion with passion & the patch leading to rebellion is long but never boring, impressive and sexy for both gays and heteros ! You wonder if all this violence, sensuality, Gory fights, sex orgies and murders for power will stay ON for the channel execs ! I mean, come on, i sometimes feel like a roman watching this show, i wants blood they give me blood, i'd like to hate this guy for the hero to hate him too, and everything tries to please us, when sometimes you think, now they won't go there, they can't show this or inflict this man such treatment, and yes they do it ! Maybe they will go easy on the next epidode and no they don't ! Now with this episode they succeed is surprising us with some unexpected revelations, and the man are now tired of being chess pieces and the rebellion can start ! Can't wait for the the announcement of a second season !


nice but empty,boring and pretentious
how this movie can attract so much people ? I still don"t get it, i know the work of gus van sant and i love drugtore cowboy and even the call girls get the blues, and i hate his psycho's remake, because it's just empty, as empty as elephant...It's so ridiculous when one of the two murderer take a laptop and start playing a first person shooting game, you know in advance, exactly what is tryin to say...and when they kill in the school, they're not feeling anything, and he drink a soda quietly sit with dead bodies all over him, pfff man, it really sucks ! I mean what is this 2 cents morality script ? i am so dumb ? that i will say " ho ! great , i love the scene with the nice piano tune and and boys playing football, with the girls behind, ouah, and the different perspectives waouh " but i'm not that stupid, i will say gus van sant is a good cheater this time, this movie his just empty.


a great thing for every "A class b-movie" fan
i'm so happy to watch this show because each ingredients are mixed in a dark style but with an action-science-fiction point of view. I mean the script have incredibles absurd details and it's too much to seems true BUT what you see on the screen is a delicious receipt including kung fu, Spy movies gimmick and stuff, Prophecy, Science fiction, Adventure (discovering a lot of countries), drama, thriller and it shows a good actor direction, good lights, good sfx, a very nice heroïne and so...What do you need more ? Go and watch it then enjoy following it.


lots of funny idea but very bad actors direction
this movie is a manga before being a film and things working in a comic book,or anime are hard to copy in a live movie. the naive silly drama scenes are awful ! you must laugh to enjoy it so maybe it's the purpose i don't know, almost as stupid as the south park's creators film " orgazmo " !!!! and i don't know if actors are bad or if it's the directors way for reproducing the manga feeling, but the two main character are just too flat.

it's a good movie per moments, you have beautiful photography, nice shots and modern cuts, old school sfx, sometimes very ugly but funny, and you have some scarry scenes too.

i think it's for hardcore manga live fans/freaks.


better and not
compared to the original " ringu ", it has better lights, better direction, better acting maybe and scenes are very beautiful but to my mind the original movie is the better because it's more frightening, sound is more important and stick to your fear, and the more important " ringu" is a movie where picture is dirty and wicked, " the ring virus " is just a very well directed movie and i think hollywood will be very interested by this korean version of " ringu " .


anarchy metal chaos !
i have many reasons to love this movie : the black and white picture is very intense, the industrial music and the action are in a perfect hardcore synchronisation and the various electric sounds too ! the scenario is about revolution of the whole world into a piece of boiling metal. its seems to be a cronenberg cyber punk movie ! a must for all the electronic freak fans and weird movies aficionados. it's the eraserhead of the 90's !

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