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WWE No Mercy

Great PPV, Terrible Storylines
The problem with the WWE is that of three things: 1) Vince McMahon's persistant approval of terrible storylines created by... 2)the writers, mainly the highly criticized head writer Brian Gewirtz, and... 3)the backstage politics mainly instituted by Triple H and the Undertaker.

These are reasons for falling ratings and sup-par Pay per views. This was a pay-per view that was pretty good considering the horrible necrophilia angle and the Brock Lesnar's mind games with Sara (which I believed bombed the first time with DDP back in June 2001). Triple H also not wanting to even lose a match let alone a title results into a predictable outcome of a possible classic matchup. The highlight of the night was, without a doubt, the Hell in the Cell. It was great but it became more serious and realistic after Undertaker began bleeding profusely. It became evident that he was hurt and cut severely. It was unfortunate that he was actually hurt but this match should make the top 10 list of best matches in 2002.

WWF Vengeance

An uplifting pay-per view to end last year
It's almost been a year since the the Vengeance pay-per view that I first watched this when I bought the DVD. I'll tell you, that it was worth the money because the matches did not disappoint me. The best part of this PPV is that the WWE (or the WWF at the time) broke away from it's predictable nature by having the Undisputed Championship won by Chris Jericho`and not by Stone Cold or the Rock (the flagships of the WWF). Last year, no one expected Jericho to win, but after the matches he put on in this PPV, he is more than worthy to wear those straps.


Mediocre PPV due to mediocre booking
Summerslam 2002 suffered the same consequences as the previous pay per view suffered and that was the lack of creativity in the bookings.

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio was by far one of the most entertaining matches only because of the uniqueness of the match. Many of the other matches are bland and repetitive.

The Un-Americans in a great gimmick but they need a larger group than just three members to be an opposing threat and to be a credible force in the WWE.

Overall this pay per view is a 6 out of a possible 10. The crowd seemed dead throughout the event until the last two matches (thats what you get for giving a pay per view to Islanders fans)and the entrance stage was less then stellar. For being the second biggest event of the year, the stage should have been almost as stellar as that of Wrestlemania to create a grand atmosphere.

WWE really screwed up on a possibility to boost ratings.

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