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Suddenly Susan

Comedy by numbers
Enter scene. Two or more characters talk for a while. They say things which aren't funny. Background laughter. All present pause while the background laughter is on. Resume talking. Somebody will use a joke that was once funny in 1953. Background laughter again. Resume talking. Some physical bit of comedy will be used. Nobody will laugh at home. The audience will split their sides. Like before, everyone will pause for a nanosecond while the background laughter plays

Enter scene......

Diagnosis Murder: Diagnosis of Murder

Be careful
This is one of those shows which is only for the sort of person who takes great joy in watching a show where you can set your watch by the plot. If you loved Quincy, and went mad with joy when they repeated Dallas and the A-Team, then this is for you. Otherwise, it might be good for you to avoid this at all costs

Dick 'Yes, I can do a Cockney accent' Van Dyke plays a doctor (it's never actually made clear, at least in the episodes that I've watched, what he does whens he's a doctor). He seems to have been given his entire career off by a very caring boss who understands that its difficult to be a doctor and have a crime-fighting hobby at the same time.

Dick Van Dyke's moustache seems to play a separate character

The rest of the cast is basically constructed so that Dick can go about his caring-yet-stern crimefighting ways without it being too unbelievable. Mind you, with his 'son' in the program being the head of the LA homicide squad and his best friend being the county coroner, they really didn't put much effort into it

Like I said, if you like cheesy, over/underacted programs without much plotline, then this will be for you. Think of it as 'son of Quincy' and you'll have a pretty good idea

There's even an episode with Quincy in it, or so I'm told.......


One of the best things on British TV
Spooks, is quite frankly, bloody excellent. It seems to have learnt all the tricks that the best of American thrillers (e.g. '24') have picked up, and uses them to the best of their abilities. The acting, especially from McFadden, is likewise excellent (unlike many other similar programs, Spooks doesn't attempt to make the characters whiter-than-white. They're likeable, just not perfect). It also has the bravery to use storylines that are shocking, but are what make it the best.

My only criticism is that the characters from 'the government' are a bit too stereotypically slimey.

Otherwise 10 out of 10

Mondays, 9:00pm, BBC 1

Cruel Intentions

Fairly good
Overall, this movie is fairly good, but has little to write home about. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the most suprising thing (she is extremely good at being bad). But the angst between Phillipe and Witherspoon does get a bit boring at times, and the constant 'witty' dialogue can get slightly irritating.


And the guy from Dawson's Creek is disturbingly good as Valmont's gay friend

Quincy M.E.

The laws of 'Quincy'

1. No more than 5 minutes shall pass before Quincy yells 'Dammit!'

2. At least once an episode, Sam (Quincy's Asiatic sidekick) has to say 'I don't like it Quince'

3. Every woman, even if they are young enough to be his granddaughters, has to find Quincy unbearably attractive

4. No cop is allowed to point out that he is a pathologist, and investigating crimes is way outside the limits of his job

5. There shall never be a suprising death

6. Quincy's boss always has to object to his investigation at first, be won slowly round, and then appear, supporting, in the final denouncement

7. Not one person is allowed to point out that there are probably bodies rotting in the aisles, considering the amount of time he spends investigating just the one death

God I love this show......

Ali G Indahouse

An alright film, but nothing to write home about. The jokes are good, overall, and unlike several like films, it stays reasonably funny throughout. However, it lacks the sophistication that a film like American Pie has (basically, it fails to plaster over the holes in the plot). If you want to sit down and have a fairly good laugh, then go and see it. It's nothing to write home about though.

The Shawshank Redemption

An honour to watch
There a few films that I have ever felt honoured to watch, and the Shawshank Redemption is one of them. Freeman and Robbins give career-defining performances. Really, I can only say - go out and rent it now. This is a truly inspirational film

The Hallelujah Trail

Sublime brilliance
A little piece of sublime brilliance, with each of the characters perfectly played. Burt Lancaster is perfect as the cavalry Colonel slowly losing control over his entire command, and the exchanges between him and Lee Remick are superb. A little gem of a movie

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