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The Longest Yard

Great Film
Paul "Wrecking" Crewe is a former star pro football quarterback, who walks out on his wealthy girlfriend Melissa in Palm Beach, Florida. He takes her Maserati-engined Citroën SM without permission and leads police on a car chase. Crewe is eventually caught and sentenced to 18 months in Citrus State Prison.

The convicts disrespect Crewe because he was dismissed from the NFL for point shaving. The warden, Rudolph Hazen, is a football fanatic who manages a semi-pro team of prison guards. He wants Crewe to help coach the team and clinch a championship. Responding to pressure from the head guard and coach, Wilhelm Knauer, a reluctant Crewe eventually agrees to play in an exhibition game. Crewe forms a prison team that includes Samson, a former professional weightlifter, and Connie Shokner, a serial killer and martial arts expert.

Lots of fun! It is an adventure film as well as a comedy!

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Critics Reviewed the films budget and not the film
It has been 28 years between viewings for me on this film. Now I was a fan of the book and hated the changes the filmmakers did but after recently reading the book on the making of this film (The Devil's Candy) I decided to view this film once again and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the film.

Now this is not a masterpiece but the film does tell the story about how "Greed" does corrupt and and how many different types of"Greed" there is. Everybody wants something from someone. The film does however alter the "Sherman" character a tad too much but at the end of the day the film works.

I hope critics will re-evaluate their opinions of this film. Since its release the film seems to have been ahead of the curb on many issues!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Fire Higgins and get rid of the games
I have given this show plenty of chances to improve and it doesn't it get s worse. From the increasing annoying Steve (Greasy) Higgins and his stupid games its a chore to finish and most of the time when it goes into a commercial breaks in the 2nd half I fall asleep. If you watch the 2nd half there is a real long string of commercials. There is 5 minutes then a quick promo from Jimmy then another 5 minutes.

Will & Grace: The Pursuit of Happiness
Episode 12, Season 10

I never realized I am Will and that is not a bad thing
Last night there was an episode where Will is about to go out with a man who he really "Likes". Before Will and this man leave for a date he finds out the man has a husband and a baby and "Bails on the date". GOOD FOR HIM. I couldn't believe however I loved it because I did the same thing. I was Will. It was 1997. I just came out and met a guy named Ed and he was super cute.

When we were about to .... something told me to ask him "If he was living with someone"? He was honest and said "Yes". At the time Ed had been together for (according to him 20 years). Ed he was in town for a short time and this is the only night I ever saw him.

When I ended "The date" we continued to talk that night and I told him "I could not do this to someone" and in 20 years from now if I'm in this position someone would tell me the same thing. Well the falling year I met Steve.

Steve & I we have been together almost 21 years now. I never cheated on him and last nights episode of "Will & Grace" reminded me of that night in 1997 when I met Ed. A night I almost forgot about.

I don't know whatever happened to Ed but I still hope he is still with his bf/husband. I remember he told me about a book called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff".

I am glad I had a moral compass that night. I don't think Ed was looking for a quick hook up it was just something that almost happened. "It was one of those things". Lucky for me I had nothing to feel guilty of.

I think the universe rewarded for that night!

Up in the Air

One Scene Cost This Film Major Awards
This is a well made movie. It was released in 2009 during the start of the great rescission.

In this movie an idea from a young, new co-worker (Anna Kendrick) would put an end to the constant travel of corporate hatchet man Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), so he takes her on a tour to demonstrate the importance of face-to-face meetings with those they must fire. While mentoring his colleague, he arranges hookups with another frequent-flier (Vera Farmiga), and his developing feelings for the woman prompt him to see others in a new light.

There is a scene near the end that is not needed. Its a scene in the car with George Clooney on the phone. Its overkill and I think that is what caused this film to lose out on major awards.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Wow a better Version of this film is possible I know I made it
"Halloween 5" is the worse "Halloween" film according to many fans. Now this is not my favorite entry either. The worse sequel to me however is "Halloween Resurrection". In fact many fans don't know that "Halloween Resurrection" was filmed with 4 different endings but no matter what ending the studio would have picked that film will still be "terrible". However "Halloween 5" which was released 13 years before "Resurrection" had the most promising begging however they didn't go with a set up that the ending "Halloween 4" suggested and so we got this disappointing sequel. One of the major reason why this film is not fully loved/liked by fans is because the character of Tina is annoying and so is the characters of "Spitz" and the "Silly Cops" "The Man in Black" and "A Stupid Ending".

About a month ago I decided "What if" I re-edited the film. I cut out as much as "Tina" "The Cops" "Spitz" and eliminate "The Man Black Angle". I thought that maybe the film would work better and I went to work. After I was done editing the film it was 14 minutes shorter and plays much better.

In this film Jamie and Michael Psychic Link is cut down. The film opens that with Jamie waking up it somehow awakens Michael where he has been hiding. (The Hobo was eliminated)

The ending was re-worked. Jamie hears an explosion in the Sheriffs office and she sees all the police are dead and Michael is gone. "We don't know what happened as an audience" so its a mystery.

Trust me it plays better than it sounds and I loaned it to someone who had never seen it before and thought the film was "good". When I loaned him the original version he almost turned it off because he hated the film and found it boring. The first version he said "It kept moving".

I never told him which version was mine. He thought I took all the deleted scenes and added back into the film. SO he thought the theatrical cut was mine.

So at the end of the day if this film can be re-edited into a more enjoyable film then who's to say it can't become a great film if they release the deleted footage.

In case you didn't know this film has 15 minutes of footage that has never been scene by the public. The original beginning, Michael Stabbing Jamie's leg and him taking out 4 cops at the children's hospital. This is what is known to be shot. What else is collecting dust in a film vault is unknown to me

The Middle: A Heck of a Ride, Part One
Episode 23, Season 9

Patricia Heaton had too much control on this show. She did not do what was best for the show but "What was best for her". She did not really mature the children in this show. In fact the kids as they got older became more immature.

I stop watching this show years ago. I wanted to catch the last episode to see if it got better. Well the show did not get better. In fact the last episode was not very funny it was just stupid.

In the final episode the Heck's are on one final road trip as a family. They Heck's are dropping off Axel in Chicago for him to start his new job. What I can't see is Axel not holding any job because he is a brainless moron however, he would be Perfect for a job at the "The White House"

One Voice

Barbra First Public Concert in Years
This concert was held in the artist own backyard. It was her way to raise money for the Democrats. It was also her first public performance in years and to her fans they will not be disappointed. She sings most her hits here. Barry Gibb even shows up to sing 2 duets with her.

This concert originally aired on HBO. It was released on Home Video shortly there after. I think this is however not her best concert to be released on Home video. However she only comes in 2nd Best to only to herself.

The Christmas Ornament

Excellent Films
I love this film. It's a great romantic film that stars two adults over 40 and thats rare even for television.

In this film two people meet at a "Christmas Tree Lot". It is owned and operated by Tim and his nephew. One day on his lot he meets "Kathy" a very nice but reserved Bicycle shop owner who recently lost her husband and not looking for a relationship but she can't help falling for Tim. Tim however has baggage. He likes Kathy and is also not looking for a relationship. However he has a huge heart and the viewer really roots for these two.

If you are under 30 you might not like this film. However if you are afraid of having your heartbroken then you will understand Kathy's actions.

Great to watch anytime of the year


I watched this one night and then found out in the morning about Margot Kidder
To me there is no better comic book movie than "Superman". This film set the template and NO OTHER comic book film has come close. In fact most Big Budget Hollywood films never have half the charm as this 1978 film.

This film tells us everything about "Superman". His real parents and his trip to earth and his earth parents.

Once he arrives in Metropolis he lands a job at the "Daily Planet" as Clark Kent. He also happens to fall for Lois Lane. Just as quickly Lex Luthor hatches a plan to destroy California in order to monopolise the real estate market.

Movie magic at it's best! I want to point out that margot Kidder was the best Lois Lane. She made Lois a modern woman. She made us all fall in love with Superman. It also proves that "Behind Every Great Man Is A "Great Woman"


Still a magical film
This is by far my favorite "Disney" film. I was a small child when I first saw this at the Drive-in with my family in 1971. It is still one of my favorite childhood memories.

This film is about a puppet coming to life. He is aided by a cricket who is his conscience. If "Pinocchio" acts brave worthy and unselfish he will then become a real boy. His journey to become a real boy is feast for your "eyes and ears"

This film is a masterpiece. Any frame of the film you could blow up and hang as art.

There are not many "perfect" films however "Pinocchio" is one of the few that are perfect.


Holds Up
Mousy teen Carrie White may be ostracized, but she has the ability to move objects with her mind. When the high school "in crowd" torments her with a sick joke at the prom, she lashes out with devastating and deadly power.

This film is so well made that Hollywood should never ever had remade this. The actors in this are as good as it gets. It also has a vibe that could never be duplicated.

Both Piper Laurie and Sissy Spacek landed Academy Award nominations. The film has one memorable scene after another. Don't watch it alone!!

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Wow what a woman
Hedy Lamarr has a true story to tell you that it full of more drama than anything she ever did on screen.

Heddy was not only beautiful but smart. The film follows the life story of Lamarr from her youth as the daughter of assimilated Austrian Jews through her rise to fame, the Nazi onslaught, her departure for the United States, six marriages, her acting career, her landmark invention, decline, and finally her death at the age of 85 in 2000. The focus of the film is on her co-creation with George Antheil of the technology of frequency hopping.

This is a well made documentary about one remarkable woman! The film also has the benefit of using an audio interview of the famed actress as well as vintage interview she gave on Merv Griffin.


A Lost Treasure
This is not a sequel to "Sunset Blvd" however "Fedora" reunits the director of "Sunset Blvd" (Billy Wilder) and star William Holden.

A Hollywood legend is being seeked out by a down and out film producer who needs "Fedora" in order to get his film made. However "Fedora" is now reclusive. She walked off of her last film. She is now a shadow of her former self however a producer is bound and detrimen to get her back in front of the cameras. When in pursuit of "Fedora" he stumbles upon one thing after another.

This film is well worth watching! Seek it out!

Dog Years

Nice Film
Burt Reynolds plays a version of himself (he even interacts with his old movies) and the film delivers not only huge laughs but also has an emotional center that at times make you hate then love the main character in the span of a few seconds.

In this film an older actor is invited to a film festival to pick up his life achievement award. This prompts him to do some serious soul searching. Along the way he realizes how lucky he was and most of see the errors of his life.

Well worth seeing.


Too Violent For Me to Finish
Listen I love horror movies. There is however a limit of which I can take as a viewer. I love the "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" films but this film has more in common with "Saw" and "Hostel" and those films are nightmare inducing to me.

Based on a character from the cult anthology, Art the Clown sets his sights on terrorizing two girls and anyone else that gets in his way.

This film is very violent and not for everyone. I watched 1/2 and that was enough for me


A Culture Phenomenon
Watching this film screams 1980's. However this film to me is just as entertaining now as when it was first released in 1983.

Alex is a welder by day and dancer by night. Her dream is to be able to enter a dance academy but she is afraid of not only getting in but even applying freaks her out. Alex at times is very mature for her age but at times she acts very immature.

The dance sequences in this film along with a great characters and great original soundtrack made this film a huge hit.

I am shocked that this film never got a sequel. Even more shocking is hasn't ( as of 2018) there has not been a remake.

The Commuter

A former policeman is 60 years old. He also sold life insurance, In one day he loses his job, when he is on train with a wanted witness.

Lots of action but don't think too hard about the plot when your watching.

Modern Family: Royal Visit
Episode 17, Season 9

The show is becoming too stupid to watch. I would blame the weakness of this episode of the Dunfey storyline but the episode was just bad.

What is worse is that Ariel Winter has decided to deforn herself with lip injection and now she looks like a Kardashian searching for stalking an NBA bus.

It is hard to listen to Nolan Gould now because he sounds like he is talking underwater.

There was not one LOL moments. Time to call it a day!!

Mom: Esta Loca and a Little Klingon
Episode 15, Season 5

Still a huge fan of the show
Christy and Bonnie seem to keep dropping everything because their friend and fellow alcoholic keep needing them because after being sober for years she can no longer stay sober. She has a day or so and starts drinking again.

My problem with this episode is that Jill calls Christy and Bonnie after she is drunk. Her friends are almost enablers. i have been sober for years. If a fellow alcoholic "Calls me me drunk" while I am on a date I would honestly tell them "Listen Don't Worry I'm Still Your Friend". But "I will talk to you in the morning".

Jill was already drunk and there is nothing nobody can do at that moment.

Still a fan of the show!

White Christmas

Better Than Most
Hallmark makes about 30 Christmas movies a year. None of them captures the magic this film has but then again, the talent in front of and behind the camera can never be matched.

This film 4 singers find themselves in Vermont at Christmas ready to put on a show to save a resort.

Not much of a story but it is lots of fun and has lots funny scenes and great singing and dancing.

The older you are the more you will enjoy!

Pieces of April

An Underrated Film
April is the eldest daughter of a middle class family. She however is now dead broke living with her boyfriend in New York. She invites her family however for Thanksgiving. She is however out to make sure the dinner gets well. However her family has reservations about going.

While April prepares her dinner "Anything That Can Go Wrong Does".

This is a heartwarming film that is really a Modern Day Thanksgiving and how all of us need each other. Rather it be family or neighbors.

A Must See

Dressed to Kill

The First Remake of "Psycho"
Brain DePalma channels Alfred Hitchcock and delivers a thriller about sexual repression and murder.

Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson) is a sexually frustrated housewife who is in therapy with New York City psychiatrist Dr. Robert Elliott (Michael Caine). During an appointment, Kate attempts to seduce him, but Elliott rejects her advances.

The rejection sends Kate into a tailspin in which puts the viewer on journey of darkest part of the human experience.

Not a great film but worth watching but its RATED R for a reason

The Man Who Invented Christmas

A backdoor re-telling of the often told story
This is a film based on the events that drove Charles Dickens to write one of the most popular books of all time.

The film is well made and it seem authentic. The problem is we know this "gamble" will pay off. No suspense but otherwise a good film

The Big Bang Theory: The Gates Excitation
Episode 18, Season 11

Not a good episode
When Penny has to give a tour to Bill Gates leonard gets jealous and wants Penny to bring him along.

Bernadette and Amy have lunch together and all Amy seems to talk about is her children.

Not that good of an episode. I also think Penny would have brought Leonard to help her with the Bill Gates tour.

This episode seemed lazy and everyone seemed to be phoning it in.

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