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Shawn Mendes: In Wonder

Lots of Style, Not Much Substance
I'm a big fan of Shawn's music but I was expecting more into his personal struggles and rise to fame. It was pretty standard music doc without anything real. I like Shawn but it actually made him sound pretentious. I get that's musically talented but the attempts to portray him as just a regular guy fell flat and made him seem a little arrogant.

It also glossed over his rise to fame and his MAGCON years. In one sentence they talked about how he went from doing Vines in his bedroom to becoming a superstar but without anything in between.

Also we were promised a raw look at Shawn, but didn't really see much. Yeah he likes relaxing with his girlfriend when he's not on tour and doing "regular" things. Who doesn't? What about his insecurities and anxieties he always talks about? Briefly superficially mentioned.

And the end climax where he has to cancel a show in Brazil because of his voice? Seen it before. Bieber's documentary and countless others have shown the same thing. And we know he's okay because he has a new album.

In the end it'll please only his hardcore fans but anyone else might find it boring.


The movie was entertaining but not Oscar-worthy
I found the movie entertaining. I was expecting more duplicity and schemes from the Kim family once they infiltrated the rich family. It moved slow at first but picked up pace towards the middle. While I was entertained, I was shocked that this movie won the 2019 Academy Award for Best Picture over the far superior 1917.

Pete Davidson: Alive from New York

Every 5th Word was Um and Uh. Not very funny
I like Pete on SNL, but I can see why he says they only put him in small doses. He's not funny for 45 minutes. His delivery doesn't land. Every fifth word is "um" "uh" "like" "whatever". He also appears to have ADD or something because he'll begin telling the set up for a joke, get distracted and talk about something else, then maybe come back five minutes to the joke he set up, but without any payoff. I think the audience laughs at Pete the celebrity, not Pete the stand-up. If he wasn't famous, nobody would think he was funny.

Jersey Girl

Suddenly single work-a-holic dad learns about life when he gives it up all to raise his daughter.
I actually enjoyed this movie somewhat, even though I didn't expect much. I had read the bad reviews and still watched it. The little girl was cute and the story was sweet BUT... some of the scenes seemed a little forced and contrived and overly sappy. I have a feeling women will prolly like this movie a lot more than dudes because they prolly think Ben's a hero for giving up a cush job to raise a little girl.

First off, while I liked the message about Ben Affleck being a work-a-holic who only learned to stop and smell the roses after his wife died and he was forced to raise his daughter alone, I think the whole debacle regarding his firing seemed forced. Okay, first he's this rising superstar (the youngest bada bada ever to...), then, in one fell swoop, he badmouths a client (i.e., "The Fresh Prince") and is banned from the entire industry for 7 years. That seemed a little far-fetched. While I could buy the premise that his own firm would can him, I think it a little too far fetched that he couldn't get a job anywhere... not even at a small firm and that 7 years later he would still be notorious in the industry for pulling a "Fresh Prince". Heck, if he was such a big shot, why didn't he start his own firm? Secondly, I assume that he must have had some sort of college education to become a publicist and for him to give that up to become a lowly paid city worker with his dad in Jersey seemed strange too. Even if he couldn't get another job in publicity, with a degree and experience, he surely would've been able to find some sort of work in a related field.

Also, I think it's strange that in 7 years, he didn't date or remarry and devoted his entire life to raising his daughter. No sex for 7 years (except for the solo action with his rented porno flicks)?? I suppose that happens, but for a young handsome single parent, especially an eligible dad, you'd think single women would be tripping over themselves for him.

Regarding the little girl, like I said she was cute, but some of her lines seemed way too forced and nothing at all that a real 7-year-old would every say, let alone think. For example, after Ben catches her playing "doctor" he makes a silly speech about "what are your intentions to my daughter." I guess that was supposed to be funny, but to 7-year-olds, that would totally go over their heads and they wouldn't know what they hell he was talking about. BUT to have the little girl repeat the same speech after she finds her father in the shower with Liv Tyler was completely unrealistic.

Also, the Sweeney Todd production number seemed a little too much for a first grade production, especially considering that none of the other performers had such elaborate background scenery or a stageful of actors.

Finally, the ending, while sweet, I think was totally off the mark. While Ben could've returned to NY and get a good playing job, he walked away from it just because his daughter didn't want to leave Jersey. C'mon, now. I know the message was about putting your kids first, but this was completely about letting your kids get their way all the time. For Christ's sake, he's the parent, he should make the decisions. She'll adjust, she'll make new friends. Plus, Ben made a good point. He's a grown man and shouldn't be living in his dad's house anymore. And while I understand George Carlin's sadness about them moving away, the others I didn't get at all. Liv Tyler wasn't even dating Ben. Plus, her character said she was working on a graduate degree, so likely she'd get a job and move away too once she graduated. Plus, the "uncles" in the bar wouldn't really have (and shouldn't really have) that much of a vested interest in that little girl (and if they did, that's creepy, man). They were just George Carlin's drinking buddies.

Well, putting all that aside, I did like the movie better than I thought I would. So, if you can suspend all the disbelief I mentioned, you might like it too.

Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork

Good to be back on the ranch
"Dallas" was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. I started watching as a kid a year after the whole "Who Shot J.R.?" hysteria and continued watching until the show went off the air. It was wonderful seeing the original cast all together again, reminiscing about the show and their own personal memories. I was really happy that almost all the original cast was involved, especially Victoria Principal who has shied away from a return to the show after she left and didn't participate in the series' final episode or the two subsequent reunion movies. Seeing Victoria back together with the cast, especially Patrick Duffy was awesome, especially when she and Patrick reminisced about whole special Pam and Bobby's relationship was. Bobby & Pam truly were the Romeo & Juliet of Dallas and their chemistry was still present some 26 years later. The added bonus of Mary Crosby was really cool too. Although there were a lot of other "Dallas" castmembers who could have been included, Mary Crosby fit right in with the original cast and her presence felt justified considering it was her character that shot J.R. and literally catapulted the show into a phenomenon. Although it was sad that Howard Keel passed away the same day the special aired and Barbara Bel Geddes, who's retired chose not to participate, I think the special felt complete, especially when the cast remembered the late Jim Davis and also Barbara, who sent a lovely telegram. I will always love "Dallas" and this was a great special that honored that show. Hopefully, a new generation of fans will come to love the show as much as I do now that it's available on DVD and reruns continue to air on cable.

Port Charles

Show Keeps Getting Better and Better
Ever since the show adapted its "book" format, the show has improved dramatically, both in writing, acting and quality. No longer the little stepsister of "General Hospital," the show has molded its own image by creating daring, supernatural plots that engage viewers. And the book format allows the plots to move at a fast pace, as opposed to the slow payoff for other daytime shows. The best book by far has been "Tainted Love" which introduced Michael Easton as vampire Caleb, but not Easton's back in the new book, "Naked Eyes," which so far looks promising. If you haven't checked out this show yet, I dare you to watch for week and not get hooked!


It's easy to see why this movie made in 1999 was never released in theaters and then was released straight to video. Aside from the cameos by pop stars, this movie has nothing to offer. The plot (and I say that loosely) was so thrown together, I wasn't sure what type of movie I was watching- teen comedy, romantic drama, espionage thriller, etc. Trust me, this movie was so bad, it made an episode of "Baywatch" seem like "Masterpiece Theatre." Obviously a vanity project from Lou Pearlman, the guy behind "Backstreet Boys" and "NSync" because he even shows up in the film as cop no less. Luckily, I watched this film on the Family Channel, because I would have kicked myself has I paid any money to watch this thing.

Mr. Deeds

Typical Sandler fare, few laughs
Hmm... it seems I've seen this movie already, not because its a remake of an old Frank Capra movie, but because it's basically the same old Adam Sandler schtick for 2 hours. The only difference is this time it isn't very funny. Basically, a variation on a Sandler plot- idiot savant gets filthy rich but maintains his goofy (and humorless) innocence. The Sandler persona wears thin about 5 minutes into the movie and basically that's it. You're stuck with a mediocre movie that a chimp could have produced. The one I truly feel sorry for is Winona- first her shoplifting debacle and now this. My Personal Opinion: Avoid this movie at all costs.

The Cosby Show

Not the greatest
To me it seems, "The Cosby Show" is different things to different people, depending on what you want to believe. To some people, this show was more like a new-found religion, that preached family values and other wholesome messages, blah, blah, blah. To me, it was a ridiculously mediocre family sitcom that was WAY overrated. To be fair, the show was a hit at the time, ranking #1 in the ratings for a few years. But, does good ratings necessarily mean quality. I mean "Laverne & Shirley" was the #1 rated show at one point too. My point it, take an objective look at this show now (reruns air on "Nick at Nite") and decide for yourself if this show is funny without believing all the hype. I for one don't find the least bit of humor in this program, despite (or maybe in spite) all the mugging Cosby does for the camera. This show was nothing but an updated 80's version of the Brady Bunch, a rather bland family stuck into corny (and often unrealisitic) situations.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

It was okay, but somewhat disappointing
As a kid, I was a huge "Star Wars" fan and was thoroughly looking for to seeing "Attack of the Clones." That said, after seeing the movie, I can honestly say I was somewhat disappointed. While the movie was an improvement over "Phantom of Menace," as a film overall, it was not very enjoyable. This latest chapter seemed to focus more on a set up for the original trilogy, rather than telling a story. The romance between Amidala and Anikan seemed force, and Obi-Wan was made to look like a nagging shrew, harping on Anikan's every fault. No doubt the movie will make tons of money and the truly devout "Star Wars" fans will see it over and over. But for the general movie going public, here's my review- it okay, but somewhat disappointing.

Get Over It

Mediocre teen fare
Typical teen movie, nothing original whatsoever. Not even appearances by Martin Short, Carmen Electra or Sisqo could save this flick. And what's with the cheesy musical beginning and ending? Avoid this movie if you can.

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