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Desperately Underrated
I have absolutely NO idea why this movie was such an apparent flop, as it certainly deserves more praise than it does criticism.

It is witty, hilarious, and intelligent...probably the 3 things that you would LEAST associate with Sly Stallone normally, yet here you can positively see him revel in them while sending up his own tough guy image every chance he gets. Yet through all this he never makes me cringe as i do when i see Ahh-Nuld in one of his "comedys". Here Stallone really does shine, and seeing him actually enjoying himself is worth the rental alone.

Perhaps its just because audiences couldnt buy Stallone in a comedy movie without machismo and violence, perhaps it was poor marketing, but there is no excuse for this film to be as forgotten or as ignored as it is. If you love the classic Stage-Style comedy parodies (and i believe this is based upon one) this will be a rare treat.

Charming, intelligent, energetic, and funny, it deserves a decent viewing, so give it a go.

Sitting Target

Gritty and Tough
Excellent old revenge movie from a time when Britain still made movies that didn't involve period costumes or floppy haired smiles!

Ian "Lovejoy" McShane and the Late Oliver Reed bust out of prison, with the sole purpose of killing Reeds Wife (Jill St John) who wants a divorce. The film is relentless in its portrayal of Reed as a cold blooded man with a single deadly purpose, yet still shows him simmering with a pent up violent rage that cant wait to explode into violence at any time.

I have heard many call this movie a poor-mans version of "Get Carter", but that tag does it a serious injustice. Gritty, Dark, Bleak and Brutal (for its time) something about this movie keeps me watching it 30+ years after its release.

Stylish, Original, and highly recommended, especially if you are sick of "Feel Good" cliches.

Get Carter

Oh Man, what can i possibly say about "Get Carter" that hasnt already been said a hundred times over?

"Landmark", "Groundbreaking", "Stylish", "Violent", all have been overused when describing this film, yet all remain accurate and true.

A lot of modern day criticism has been levelled at this movie, and its true that it has dated in some ways, but at the time of its release it was totally unique and in many ways contributed to pushing back what was "acceptable" at the time, and this movie as much as the near-mythical "Clockwork Orange" was responsible for ushering in the grittiness that was to become a 70s hallmark for both British and American films.

A completely unglamorous location, Michael Caine, a total lack of cardboard cut-out morals, and some vicious arse kicking to boot...


Our Mother's House

Very spooky and genuinely disturbing film, that completely avoids all the stereotypical "shock values" in favor of a purely psychological chiller that relies on its script and actors to get over instead. Of particular note are the children in this film, all of whom lack the pre-groomed and pre-prepared feel of some child actors and instead give a superbly realistic performance. Dirk Bogarde is surprisingly good in his role as a gold-digger, and his unforced interaction with the kids only adds more depth.

Another of this movies strong points is that it provokes thought more from insinuation than actions, leaving a lot open to the interpretation of the viewer. Different people will see different "things" when viewing this! Highly Recommended old classic that deserves a viewing.

Mystery Men

Flawed but still a great and original laugh.
Honestly i loved this, helped by the fact i saw it without any knowledge or warning of what it was like.

Right from the Batman-esque opening scene, i knew this was something a bit different to the norm and i wasnt disappointed. Ok so its not perfect, but i couldnt help laughing repeatedly as the wannabe heroes tripped and stumbled through one mess up to another.

Recommended, specially if you are a little tired of some of the overrated comedy hyped to the heavens these days. This one at least doesnt suffer from that problem. After some of the dross that "serious" superhero movies have become lately, it was great to see something that openly mocked both them, the commercialism surrounding them, AND itself without a single iota of shame!

Try it, just remember that it is purposefully cheesy, and you might be surprised ;)

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Man this movie had me busting up with laughter, and even when the obligatory "feel good" factor kicked in at the end i never once got bored. Truly very funny, even if it may be a bit "bad taste" for some. Recommended, and far superior to any of the hyped "big" comedies of the same year.


Its hard to be too objective about this "classic", and people far better than me have given far superior reviews/details of this movie here, so i will simply sum up my opinion by saying "Crap!".

What a waste of space and money this junk is, and as for winning so many Oscars...

Return of the Living Dead III

Not bad at all.
In fact i was pretty impressed, low budget sequels to low budget originals dont usually "do it" for me, but this (pleasantly) surprised me.

I was a little disappointed with the heavy romantic overtones dominating through the story, (hey it IS a zombie flick, not Gone with the Wind!) but this was a definite improvement over Part 2.

The first Return of the Living will always be one of my all-time tongue in cheek favorites, and this does nothing to embarrass itself or the original. Nice!


Maybe i need more of a life
In fact, i KNOW i need more of a life, but i seriously enjoyed this installment of the bug-bashing saga.

To be honest, it is near impossible for ANYTHING to surpass the gung-ho action of Aliens, or the groundbreaking creepiness of Alien, but i cannot see anything truly bad about this movie, or anything that warrants it being labelled as "bad".

Biased Aliens fan that i am, i can honestly rate this as good. Not many films get to Number 3 and still remain as enjoyable as this. I cant help feeling a lot of critics bashed this solely on the basis of it being "yet another sequel" Very worthy IMO.

Highlander II: The Quickening

Generally this sucks the big one.
Yep, even as a fan i have to admit this is a dog. Recently saw the Renegade version on DVD and i have to say i honestly enjoyed it about 1000 times more than the "regular" Highlander 2.

Its still far from perfect, but is a hell of a lot more enjoyable, and IMO, better than the even-lamer sequels that followed. Do yourself a favour and see the Renegade version, it still isnt close to great but at least it doesnt p*** all over the first one so blatantly.

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