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Love, Honour and Obey

take it for what it is
The thing that killed this films with the critics was having two quite serious actors starring in a parodoxical view of British Gangsters. Jude Law got taken apart for his role in love honour as i get the feeling that bigger things were expected of him (and became, eg talented mr ripley and AI).

The film is bascially a satirical look at two rival london gangs;one headed by ray winstone, the other by Sean pertwee. Both actors play their parts well, pertwee - edgy, aggressive and acid tongued as is Winstone who is his usual foul mouthed, aggressive self played to a tee. Jude Law is also good in this film, he plays the part of Rays nephew brilliantly smart, charming - but in the end a totally different person.

In parts the storyline wears thin, and becomes a bit too tough to believe in, which is why Jonny lee miller failed somewhat in this film.

All in all this is a good film to watch as long as you take it for what it is - which is a comedy. the gangster theme is sent up well - from their outings and karaoke, to their dress, right down to the violence, especially with the fact that neither gang seems to be doing a great deal in the crime sense. If your expecting a british version of the godfather, then forget it, if you liked the final cut - a film by the same two directors before this, then you will love LHAO. I give it 7 out of ten

The Young Americans

great photography
I am a tad biased here when writing regarding this film, because I live in London myself.

I thought that TYA lacked a little in as far as character depth, but never the less I thought the acting was slick and to the point. The photography in this flick really captures parts of London that are rarely seen on film. The underground. The rave at the beginning. The market seen where christian is collecting his wages are so familiar. Keitel again was very good. I especially liked the way he acted around the London police - cool, calm with lack of visual emotion. I guess that at present TYA is quite ironic in some ways as london police are using NY methods to battle crime.

I liked this film alot, and would give it an eight out of ten based on photography, soundtrack and a cool storyline,

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