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Bone Tomahawk

Eh..It's basically the hills have the west...with less action.
I think IMDb is usually pretty reliable when it comes to reviews. Lately though I'm beginning to wonder if I'm just not seeing good things in movies that others are or if its just coincidence. Either way I didn't agree with most on this film. It was decent, not horrible but just decent in my opinion. The movie felt a bit low budget but that's not were the criticism is. The acting was good, I wasn't really blown away by anyone's performance but the names involved certainly gave it some credit going in. They all did adequate jobs in this film, and to be fair there wasn't a whole lot to work with necessarily so that wasn't the issue either. I just thought this film lacked inspiration. People keep saying it's fresh and revolutionary or something along those lines but I gotta say I just don't see it. This movie had a few decent parts, a few brutal parts and that's essentially it. It was basically the Hills Have Eyes with cannibal Indians in the place of cannibal mutants. Bigger named actors and less action on a rehashed idea doesn't make a good film in my opinion. That's my thoughts anyway.


Not very punk, more like flunk...
I wasn't around the punk scene (although I love the music) and I'm not from New York, (or even the East coast for that matter) but I still know SH!T when I see it! This movie is SH!T!!! The film just comes across as so phony. Its trying to be cool and it's trying to be punk but it tries to damn hard and it just looks lame-o. The acting isn't great much of the time but the problem really stems from the lack of personality the characters were given in this film, that along with the squeaky clean studio sound of the "live performances" just doesn't ring true to me. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen but it might be the worst punk I've ever seen. You want a good punk movie watch Sid n Nancy or a documentary on the subject, that's my advice.

The Water Diviner

Meh, rather forgettable film.**** Mild spoilers.
First off I'll say that I don't understand why there are so many positive reviews of this film (9's and 10's). This movie was quite predictable, and seemed it lacked serious drama and emotion. I did like the feel of the movie as far as how it looked and felt like early 1900s era, world war 1 turkey. It also has some nice shots of the Hagia Sophia and some beautiful scenes in both Istanbul/Constantinople as well as elsewhere in Turkey and in Australia. Russell Crowe was OK in it but I really don't understand how he was able to find his sons bodies, I mean I realize he can find water with dowsing rods but he wasn't using any to find the bones of his sons and it never really explained that very well. Another minor thing is Olga Kurylanko is almost to beautiful, she is already a knockout but when she looks so flawless it takes some of the believability away from a film in my opinion. I don't mind looking at her as she is stunning but she's almost a distraction from the authenticity of the film. The biggest problem I have with this film is the character development, most notably the sons that went to war. I never felt any emotion or connection with their characters as they are not given much screen time but mostly just some flashback scenes and some minor clips of them at war. It was enough to let us viewers know what happened to them but not nearly enough time to make us care about them and what they go thru. Overall This is an OK film but I wasn't moved by it and it seemed very predictable. Although it tried to make u feel certain emotions or importance in many of it's scenes it didn't seem very organic, it felt forced. Like I said it's OK but I can't really say much more then that, it wasn't awful but it's nothing I'd recommend and I think it's rather forgettable as a film.

Making a Murderer

Wow...just wow. *Very mild spoilers*
This film is so disturbing, so strange and so amazingly outrageous it can barely be believed. The metaphor of an onion having layer upon layer and getting stinkier as each is peeled away is no more accurately used as in this documentary of our justice system abandoned for personal vedettes or quick convictions. The lawless and disturbed members of the local police force using their power, influence and seemingly any tactic available or conceived to get their way leaves one speechless in their depravity. The films show with cunning and unapologetic accuracy the injustice Stevan Avery and his family have endured because they chose to fight for what was right instead of backing down to the thugs that tried to push them around and cover their own asses when they were forced to admit they arrested the wrong man. I hope that these scumbag cops and everyone who has done wrong to the Avery family will be convicted of their crimes and punished severely for abusing the power and faith entrusted upon them by the people of their community. The Halbach family is another tragic victim, they have lost a beloved member of their family and yet they are unable to see past their grief and get to the truth. I'm not condemning them in anyway, for it is surely a difficult and horrible thing to deal with and I'm sure they only want justice and they truly feel they are doing the right thing by listening to what the police are telling them. The fact is they are being used themselves and they are only pawns in a sick game played by powerful people. These people think they have the power and the right to decide who lives and who dies, who is important and who is disposable in life. They are wrong, whether or not they're arrested, whether or not they' are convicted, whether or not anyone ever even knows what they did they are wrong! This film illustrates quite fairly and conclusively that something is amiss and innocent people are suffering for that.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

I can die a happy man, thank u Netflix...oh heart ahhh.
Just kidding I didn't actually die of a massive heart attack...or did I? I loved the WHAS movie and if u did too well then I guess we're buddies for life and since I'm your buddy I'm gonna let u in on a lil secret, come closer to the screen we don't want any dorks to find out ya know what I mean...dorks...pfft. Anyway now that were alone I can tell you that Netflix managed to get the ENTIRE cast back together as well as adding some hilarious cameos from todays biggest Hollywood stars (like the kid that plays Peter Pan in that Geico commercial). How f-ing cool is that right? I mean that kid probably has his pick of top quality scripts in Hollywood and he took his time to do this show, wow. The humor is wackier then ever and although the camp councilors may look a bit older (and some a bit fatter) they won't let that stop them from playing slightly younger versions of the characters that made them major Hollywood players and taught a generation of kids that you don't have to be ashamed to hump a fridge or have a bottle of dick cream, it's about being who you are. And isn't that what life's really all about?

Six Feet Under

Absolutely Beautiful
HBO has one so many great projects. From comedy to drama, documentaries etc. and yet I still believe this is the best thing they have ever produced. That doesn't mean that what they are making currently isn't of excellent quality, it just speaks of the rarified air that this series touches and manages to stay aloft in. It's about a family run funeral home which may sound depressing or sad, and it can be at times.Yet the bright side of life can also be seen, the funny side, the curious side and all the other sides of life we experience. Six Feet Under is amazing, inspiring, tragic and deep and it's just something you should watch for yourself because it will bring you joy and I truly believe that. Beautifully crafted television, beautiful work of art.

Hostel: Part II

The deuce is loose, let the bloodbath begin!
It appears that I'm in the minority but I think this was a pretty good answer to the first film (which by the way I also found to be pretty entertaining). We learn a bit more about shadowy syndicate that runs the snuf factory and see that their reach and power mirrors that of the fabled Illuminati or something. This time it's some American girls who are the prey and we are also treated to a few would be killer business men (also American) who believe this "bonding experience" will bring them a new found "power" or "killer instinct" in their professional and personal lives. There are some interesting twists and turns along the way that worked in my opinion, that coupled with plenty of blood and guts, gratuitous violence and interesting yet horrific new ways to turn pretty people into well...ugly ones! I also laughed my a$$ off at the final scene. I won't give it away but those damn kids are incorrigible. Lol. I sure hope we see a third one at some point, MORE GORE, MORE GORE!!!

Scream Queens

If u don't think this show is funny then I just feel sorry for you.
Let me just say I think this show is outrageously smart, amazingly well acted, slightly creepy and downright hilarious! I had seen a few things about this show and began watching it last night. Now I hoped for the best but I didn't really have any expectations necessarily so I just went in with an open mind and I laughed my ass off. The show is basically a parody/satire of slasher films like "Scream" or "I know what you did last summer" that many of us enjoyed watching in the 90's but with a modern twist and a bit of a social commentary on the generation of young adults today, but in a playful and heavily stereotyped way that really works. Now I'm a 36 year old male so I really didn't expect this show to be something I would really enjoy necessarily but i got to say I think it's one of the best shows on TV right now and I'm hooked. For all of you out there who are slamming this show and saying it's bad or unfunny I just gotta say "What the Hell do u think IS funny exactly?" if u haven't seen this show don't listen to these poor bastards who have obviously at some point woke up in a bathtub full of ice in a shady Mexican hotel only to discover they have had their sense of humor forcibly removed and left only with a jagged scar to remind them of where it once was. Sad so so sad. Just check this show out and appreciate it for it's brilliance. Peace I'm outta here!


Eh...really that was it? Not all that "Sinister" in my opinion.
Its been a little while since I saw this movie. I saw there's a sequel coming out soon so I looked up the original (on IMDb) first and saw a lot of "Greatest horror film in the last decade" or "Scariest movie I've seen this year" reviews and other statements along those lines, but I gotta say I don't remember it being that at all. First off I will not be tearing this movie a new one an saying it was horrible but I honestly had to watch the trailer again to even remember if I had seen this movie before or if it was another film I was thinking of. Since it was this film that I had seen combined with the fact that I could barely remember it seemed to me that this was not a good sign. A good movie (horror or otherwise) should leave an impression on you, and even an OK movie should at least be remembered a bit, unfortunately "Sinister" did neither. to me "Sinister" was just another run of the mill horror movie with a few creepy scenes, a few cheap jump scares and a very forgettable story. The acting was OK from what I remembered and it started off OK but it was nothing to write home about and certainly wasn't anything that gave me nightmares or even a second thought. Sorry "Sinister" maybe your sequel will be a little more memorable.


WRONG!!! Disney just crapped out another live action turd.
I had to write a review of this movie to tell all of u out in IMDb land how terrifically horrendous this so called "re-boot" of the classic Disney fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" is. The original beloved film, created in the golden age of the studios animation department is basically told to shut the Hell up and not get in the way of this new "touchy feely" version of every kid gets a trophy style movie making. This of course is supposed to appeal to as many people as possible while not scaring one child (cus ya know how fragile our youth are today, God forbid) while at the same time not showing any creativity, accuracy or entertainment, not even slightly. Now I'm not trying to say that this new film couldn't or shouldn't have the right to change a few things. After all it's a live action film and many decades have passed since the original was released. We would expect a few new or different things story wise and perhaps character wise but what we got was a totally different and in my opinion bland, heartless shell of the original film that at no point in the two hours I sat watching thought it added anything to the "Sleeping Beauty" story nor did it honor the Maleficent that we all loved to hate in the classic film. Jolie looks the part at least but the way the writers absolutely robbed the title character of her dastardly ways, and turned her from the evil sorcerous we came to love into some misunderstood fairy that lost her wings, this was just reaching too far for me. Losing her wings made her mad but never at any point slightly turned her to the dark side, wtf? The three fairies in the original film are not as magically gifted as Maleficent but are able minded and capable of some pretty nifty tricks when they need them and most importantly they are caring surrogate parents who deeply love Rose (Princess Aurora) like their own daughter. The new film makes them out to be idiots who have little reason for even being there. The creators also replace the fairies tender and loving relationship with a guilt ridden Maleficent who steps in as the one who cares for Rose, once again, wtf? Lastly King Stefan is not the caring and kind father of Princess Aurora who reluctantly gave his daughter up to hopefully spare her life and avoid Maleficent's evil birthday curse of death. The curse that one of the fairies finds a loophole for with her blessing of eternal sleep that can be lifted with a kiss of true love and which gives Aurora a sliver of a chance if she were to prick her finger on the spinning wheel as Maleficent had hoped. Every good character in this new film is changed to make them look incompetent, mean spirited, greedy or all of the above. This is to make Maleficent look like a victim of circumstance and more likable. The thing is she's not supposed to be likable, she's the villain remember? Bad job by Disney's live action department again (John Carter, The Lone Ranger, Alice in Wonderland, etc) and a bad movie is the outcome...again. Chances are its been a while since you've seen the original so please just go watch that and don't bother with this new "installment." Sometimes Disney has no shame when it comes to defiling the landmark pictures and characters that built their mighty empire. It seems that nothing is sacred and cheapening the great stories of their past is often dismissed or completely ignored as long as it makes a profit while doing so. It's not global famine or the end of the world of course but I think they should treat the works of their forefathers with a lot more respect and I find it a bit sad.

Intolerable Cruelty

Right up there with "The Big Lebowski" and that's saying something cus I F-ing love the B.L.
I remember the first time I saw this movie, I was at my Mother's home for a visit. I was surprised to see that it was done by the Coen Bros. because at first glance the DVDs cover just makes it look like some Rom-Com chick flick which was probably why my Mother had rented it I would guess. Well it wasn't exactly her cup of tea but I thought it was down right side splitting, and humor that only the Coe-bros. can dream up and bring to life on the big screen. The more I watch it the better it gets. To me (and many others of course) the Coen Bros. can simply do no wrong and this one is another shining example of why we hold that opinion and why we have been such big fans of this dynamic duo of film making. The acting is superb throughout, the directing and editing are equally perfect and the story is interesting and totally unique, you're not gonna find a romantic comedy with so many great characters and such fast paced dialog. The subtle tongue in cheek jokes come one after the other. For me it's just a great example of how talented the Coen's are and how every movie they give us should be something to celebrate as movie fans. I love the "Big Lebowski" and it's one of my all time favorite films (not just Coen films) but "Intolerable Cruelty" is right up there with the cult classic and what makes them both so great is that they are both films that can get better every time you watch them. Even if u know damn near every line u will find something new with each viewing. To me that's what often makes a great movie and what makes "Intolerable Cruelty" exactly that. Bravo Coen's, Bravo! You truly are the best in the business.

Serial Mom

Please be kind and rewind...or DIE!!!
It's been years since I had seen this movie so I remembered a little bit but I guess I didn't fully appreciate the genius of Jon Waters at that tender age of whatever the hell age I was in 94 (I don't feel like doin' math and I'm too busy doin' this bad ass review for all of u to be destracted by time consuming stuff like addition and numbers and all that jazz. How great is jazz, right? I mean Kenny G sucks ass but he's not even jazz in my opinion...wait I'm getting off topic, sorry back to the review). So Kathleen Turner is the quintessential 50's type Mom who can prepare and carve the perfect turkey dinner and then carve up some good ole fashioned murderin'. You know the kind Mom used to do? The rest of the family is just swell but even they begin to wonder whether there seemingly perfect matriarch is more Charles Manson then Betty Crocker. Turner cuts and slashes her way thru the little town they call home and slowly reduces the population one or two at a time with Johnny Law watching her every move. The use of satire and the way Water pisses all over the "perfect nuclear American family" is just plain fun for anyone who doesn't have a stick up their ass and enjoys a dark comedy and a savagely original film. The laughs are frequent and Waters unapologetic way of using the bizarre and macabre to amuse us is something that has to be appreciated by the people that don't like to follow the status quo and can take a joke. If you like anti heroes, dark comedy and you have a bit of a twisted sense of humor then watch this movie...after all it's based on a true story and Serial Mom is due for parole anytime.


No cones about it, this is some funny a$$ $hit!!!
The Coneheads is one of the best SNL films that have been made so far. Although i have read quite a few positive reviews I also read a lot of hateful, negative ones and I gotta say I just don't get why. The story of Beldar and Prymaat crash landing while on a scouting mission of our primitive planet and getting marooned here lead to some good times and a lot of laughs. The interesting thing about this film is that it also has heart and it shows us that even if ur an illegal immigrant from the planet Remulak u can still have a piece of the American dream. It's about family (a rather odd family sure) but one that sticks together and cares for one another becoming Americans in the process. You should enjoy some great cameos from past SNL members along with quite of few other well known comedians, each one adding their own charm and talents to the project. All in all it's tough to make a five minute comedy sketch into a feature length film and that's why many of the SNL movies aren't all that great or memorable even. Coneheads is different, it has some good lines and brilliant comedians sure, but it also has.a story that adds depth and character to the seemingly robot like, pointy headed out of towners we knew from the 70s ground breaking sketch comedy icon known as Saturday Night Live.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Not just my favorite Wes Andersen film but one of my favorites...period.
I'm not sure how many times I've seen this movie, it really doesn't matter I guess. The only thing I know is the more I watch it the more I love it and the more I notice all the little details and quirks that make it so special and unique. It's dry humor and beautiful story telling may not be for everyone but if u don't like it I guess u just don't appreciate good film making and u suck so there! The cast is top notch, the style is artsy and ingenious but not in a way that should be intimidating or confusing to a novice film watcher and the characters are memorable and interesting. I am a big Wes Andersen fan but there is something about The Royal Tenenbaums that makes it my far anyway. If u enjoy Wes Andersen's films but u haven't seen this one then do what ever u have to do to get yourself a copy of it and find a working DVD player or if needed a VHS player (yes it's available on VHS, I know this because I have one-lol). Get yourself in front of a TV and make it snappy and then just kick back, relax and enjoy the magic of a really finely crafted work of art. You will be greeted by the regal voice of Alec Baldwin. He'll introduce u to the Tenebaum family and tell u all u need to know about why they are the way they are and why they have strayed so far from their potential and one another. I hope u will watch the Royal Tenenbaums and I hope u will enjoy it's charm, if u don't well...I guess ur just a loser who should go watch Transformers or something with lots of explosions or shiny flickering images.

The Samaritan

Really great, kept my interest...until the last 1/4 of the movie where it lost all it's momentum.
I am a pretty big fan of Samuel L but who isn't right? So when I saw that he was the executive producer I was thinking this could have potential and figured ole Sam had a project he really liked and believed in, but to me it lost it's edge near it's end. I really liked the acting, that wasn't the problem at all. I found Ruth Negga's performance quite good, I had not seen her in anything but she is a very beautiful and talented women so I look forward to seeing her in other films. Tom wilkinson was great as always, he's done so many good movies and I have really come to enjoy his range and talent as an actor over the years, I just wished he had a larger role in this film) Luke Kirby was great as well, he really plays the guy u love to hate well, I thought his character was a cocky, no good, slimy piece of dog excrement and believe me that is a complement to him and his performance (although it doesn't sound like it does it? Oh well). And Samuel L was fantastic as usual. The problem was either with the writing or the adaptation of it onto celluloid in my opinion. The movie starts off interesting enough and I actually found it to be picking up momentum as it went along and it also had a twist, a twisted twist if u will that was pretty off-putting but made the story more compelling and worked well. I really thought this movie was going to be great but near the end (and thats what is so disappointing) the movie just seemed kinda sloppy and confused on where it wanted to go. It's really a shame because it had a lot of potential but just couldn't quite seal the deal in my opinion. This wasn't an awful movie by any standards but it also wasn't great and will most likely be forgotten within a short amount time, oh well I guess u could say that about most movies huh?

Like Father, Like Son

When the slug hits your eye from a colt .45 that's amore...
Just saw this movie and I gotta say it was a pretty fun hour and a half of goomba gore and senseless mafia shananagins. And although it's a little incoherent at times, overall it's not a bad B movie. It's a Grindhouse feature and it's straight out of the "exploitation" genre so its got all the guilty pleasures that you would expect (eg: naked women, Afros, bloody violence and lots of political incorrectness). If you're looking for an Oscar winning mafia film like the "Godfather", "Casino" or "Goodfellas" then "Fah git about it" but if you enjoy movies that inspired writers and directors like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez to make their own films then you'll dig this one. After all who doesn't enjoy a senselessly violent B movie with questionable acting and naked broads once in a while...I know I do.

Evil Dead

EVIL DEAD-Big fan of the originals and big fan of this new reboot.
Well it's been a long time since we've had a new addition to this series but I believe it was worth the wait in most respects. They're certainly are those that will cling to the classic and swear up and down that this film doesn't measure up but I found this movie much more entertaining then the likes of the new "Halloween", "Friday the 13th" or the dreaded "Nightmare on Elm street" remakes. Now I do admit that being the shiniest turd in the cat box doesn't make something "good" but I think this movie is superior in almost every way to those stinkers and many of the modern horror movies we see today. Evil Dead (2013) sticks to the original for the most part which is important and gives us a modern touch that the younger generation, who may not have seen the original (yet) can relate to and get them interested in the series. Overall this movie is well directed, the acting is not Oscar worthy but it's pretty well done and the overall feel is one of a creepy, demented, spine tingling place that you certainly wouldn't want to spend your vacation at with the wife and kids. My advice if your a fan of the original is to just give this film a chance and try not to ridicule it every time you see a difference in the two. After all they did make a new one for a reason and sometimes change can be a good thing. Happy Haunting.


Wow, even more relevant today...sadly.
I can't say enough about this film, it's spectacular. it's use of satire and it's unbelievable foresight are amazing stuff to watch. To think that this movie was made in 1976 makes it truly Orwellian in a way that few can compare. The Internet has pushed us further and faster toward this ultimate "One World Order" brought to you by Mcdonald's, Walmart and Starbucks where Corporations are truly king, nothing is sacred and everything is for sale. Even the news has a profit margin and the facts are replaced by opinion and whatever else will bump the ratings up the highest for the stock holders. This is a film I wish every person going into the TV business would watch before they sell out for the almighty dollar. Not that it would matter I suppose but maybe they'd get mad and realize they weren't gonna take it anymore too!!!

Don's Party

Great Aussie film, funny, real and very fun to watch.
Just watched a "classic" that i had admittedly never heard of but was lucky enough to come across on TCM. I was really glad that I did. The film is about..well..Don's Party naturally, which is centered around a new election and the ousting of a perceivably disliked politician In 1960's Australia. At first the patrons are all well dressed and well behaved but as the booze flows and the music starts to play things begin to take a turn into a sexually charged, haymaker throwing, insult swapping disintegration reminiscent of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff". The acting is fantastic, the characters a beautiful concoction of different social types that you my find in this world. The film is more of a window into what it may have been like in Australia in those times during the sexual revolution, some characters embracing it fully while others still grasping on to the more conservative values of the past. All in all this movie does have something to say and I found it a very fun couple of hours. Enjoy.

The Hunter

Sad tale but heartfelt and uplifting at the same time.
I just finished this film and found it to be a good watch, it's a slow moving film but a viewer with some patience should find it quite emotionally satisfying. Defoe is once again magnificent and plays a hunter out on the trail of possibly the last Tasmanian tiger left in existence. He comes into a place where he is not wanted by the locals and his only sanctuary is with a mother and her two children who's husband/father was lost mysteriously while tracking the very same animal. The two children play very different parts, the girl a precocious little chatterbox and the young boy very possibly scarred by his fathers disappearance and left speechless. Both children are terrific little actors and even though the boy does not have much to say verbally he still expresses himself quite clearly and Defoe's character seems to speak his language. Overall this movie is very unique and beautifully shot, It's minimal dialogue and picturesque surroundings leave your mind to ponder what is around the bend and what the story's characters may find in each other. if you need a movie with a fast pace and a typical storyline then this may not be what you're looking for but to me it's a very good indie and shouldn't be missed.

Six Days Seven Nights

So it's predictable...who cares it's fun and that's what counts!
I've seen this movie quit a few times before but it's still got charm and I still really enjoy watching it. Ford and Heche show real chemistry and they also show good comedic ability in their roles. Schwimmer pretty much renews his ole role of "friends" Ross but it works here and Obradors adds a certain Je ne sais quoi if ya get my drift. Overall this movie has a lot going for it, I guess you would call it a romantic comedy but it's got good action, good humor, Danny Trejo as a no lines saying pirate (not one line, really people? Sorry Danny) and a good story that works well for what it is...a fun movie. This is a great film to watch with a date as it really caters to both sexes and should be entertaining to most who watch, so sit back and kick yer feet up and just enjoy the ride people.

Hamburger Hill

My favorite movie about Vietnam.
I remember my Father making me watch "Platoon" when I was younger to show me and a friend of mine that war was not a good thing or a "cool" thing. I believe he got his point across quite effectively as it shows what war is like to a certain degree. Although I find "Platoon" a great movie I still much prefer "Hamburger Hill" for some reason, I have never been to war and hope I never do but to hear vets say that this movie gets it right where so many others haven't is a statement I would agree with whole heartedly. Like I said I've never been but the realism and the insanity of war oozes out in this film and it seems more genuine then the rest. The scenes of friendly fire and the men slipping down the muddy hill, so close to victory and yet so far from the end are especially powerful to me and although it's just a movie it seem very real and leaves you cringing and uncomfortable in some moments and laughing and smiling in others. It seems absolutely crazy to lose so many good men to gain one muddy hill out in the middle of Vietnam, but when they do it makes you feel like that was them and to the ones who never made it to the top.

The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond The Pines-A movie about decisions, acts and consequences of life.
This movie is very unique and really leaves you wondering where it will go as it's something that most films we see don't do very often. "A Place Beyond The Pines" ends some characters story and begins a new with the next for the most part succeeding in doing so. All the performances were very well done in my opinion and this film required that (especially from the leads) to be affective, mainly because we latch onto a new lead character at the halfway point of the film. It's a tale of situations we don't want to be in, consequences we must deal with (whether seen or unseen) and the actions that lead us there. In many ways it's similar to a movie like "Crash" where you have multiple characters affecting each others lives along with the guilt, the shame, the anger or revenge and maybe the redemption or the forgiveness we all hope will come from it. Unlike "Crash" it's more of a half, half story following two families from different sides of the tracks but showing the similarities and the domino affect that will tragically bring them together inu a ballet of karma and coincidence. "A Place Beyond The Pines" may not be for everyone. It starts off as an action packed thrill ride and ends in a very different place then you might expect. If you give it a shot you may find it an interesting and thought provoking film with something to say. I did.

Caddyshack II

I actually like this movie...let me tell ya why.
OK first off I'm not gonna say I like this film more then the original, that would be crazy and completely absurd. That being said I think "Caddyshack 2" gets a lot of undeserved hatred and ridicule. I must admit when I was a kid I saw "Caddyshack 2" way before I saw the original so I think I had the luxury of not comparing the two films to each other and experiencing it as a stand alone movie. I have since watched the original many times and it's one of my all time favorite comedies. So many great quotable lines from so many great comedians make it a classic and far superior, but the sequel has some pretty damn funny parts if you give it a chance. The characters in the sequel don't go by the same names but are quasi-replacements of the original characters (except for Chevy Chase). Now this is a good thing and a bad thing as at first it seems very weird to do such a thing, but I think they made the right choice. To replace the actors and keep the same named characters would have been a much bigger mistake and would have been sacrilegious so they made the best of a bad situation and made that decision. Robert Stack, Dan Aykroyd, Randy Quaid and Jacky Mason aren't Ted Knight, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield but they're not chopped liver either and that's my case for the sequel. While it's not the original it has it's moments so give it a swing and see if it's a hole in one, a bogey or just above par.

The Brady Bunch Movie

The Brady's aren't in in the joke.... and it's wonderful!
This movie was really one of the first spoof movies that took an old show and put it into the modern age while at the same time lampooning it's more innocent and serious namesake. The movie is of course aboutt the Bradys, the 70's favorite family. The one bathroom sharing, wood paneled station wagon driving, ahh shucks and golly saying clan are looked at by modern society as harmless, yet out of their minds or completely oblivious of their own out of date style and personalities. This coupled with the cameos from former members of the original show along with other stars makes for some pretty entertaining laughs. All in all the comedy is often taking a stab at the cheesiness of the original but at the same time letting the Bradys have the last laugh and showing our modern day society's flaws in the meantime. If you haven't seen the first movie it's also pretty funny but the stories don't connect so it's not important which u see first. If you enjoy films such as "Starsky and Hutch" or "Charlie's Angels" then u will probably dig this. Check it out for yourself and Alice will set a place at the table for ya.

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